Gigs 1969

A selective, but fairly exhaustive list of who played where and when in Bournemouth and the surrounding area in 1969

The list is prefixed with a brief summary of some of the artists who made an impression in the UK music charts that year

1969 was the year Fleetwood Mac allegedly outsold The Beatles and Rolling Stones combined and although that statistic has never been proven, they were certainly huge that year with “Albatross”, “Man of the World” and “Oh Well” all charting. New artists included Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg, Peter Starstedt, Marmalade, Thunderclap Newman, Clodagh Rogers, Jethro Tull and Humble Pie. Desmond Dekker and the Aces, the Harry J All-Stars, The Upsetters, Max Romeo and Jimmy Cliff brought ska and reggae to a wider audience. The American act The Archies weighed in with the biggest selling single of the year with “Sugar Sugar” and strong showings from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash proved the old guard weren’t giving up without a fight. Bobbie Gentry, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Zager and Evans and Kenny Rogers and the First Edition all made chart debuts while Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Smokey Robison and the Miracles, Junior Walker and the All Stars and Booker T and the MG’s all guaranteed that money rolled into the coffers of Tamla Motown.       


Friday 3rd January: Jethro Tull The Ritz

Friday 3rd January: The Room Ferndown Youth Club

Friday 3rd January: Syd Fay and His Big Band + The Fortunes Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 4th January: Young Blood The Ritz

Saturday 4th January: Sinnermen and Sara + Gerry Brown Jazz Men YMCA

Saturday 4th January: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Gold Dust ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 4th January: The Axis White Buck, Burley

Sunday 5th January: The Sky Parley Sports Club

Sunday 5th January: The Zoo Linden Sports Club

Wednesday 8th January: The Nightriders Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Thursday 9th January: Wild Honey Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Friday 10th January: The Ides of March White Buck, Burley

Friday 10th January: The Sound Casters The Ritz

Saturday 11th January: The Embers White Buck, Burley

Saturday 11th January: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Actress ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 11th January: The Buttonhole Band The Ritz

Saturday 11th January: Tetrad Chords Club, Lymington

Saturday 11th January: Samuel Peeps Diary Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Sunday 12th January: John L. Watson and The Web Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 12th January: Bunkers Brain Parley Sports Club

Sunday 12th January: The Elite + Modern Mixture Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Sunday 12th January: Cherry Smash Linden Sports Club

Monday 13th January: Transit Sound Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Monday 13th January: The Zoo Rendezvous Club, Highcliff Hotel

Friday 17th January: Mrs Gillespie’s Refrigerator White Buck, Burley

Saturday 18th January: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Froot ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 18th January: The Disturbance White Buck, Burley

Sunday 19th January: John L. Watson and The Web Linden Sports Club

Sunday 19th January: The Actress Parley Sports Club

Monday 20th January: Ten Years After The Ritz

Monday 20th January: The Push Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Friday 24th January: Glass Menagerie The Ritz

Friday 24th January: The Sky White Buck, Burley

Saturday 25th January: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Late ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 25th January: Pandora’s Box East Cliff Youth Club

Saturday 25th January: Mystic Tangent White Buck, Burley

Saturday 25th January: Young Blood The Ritz

Sunday 26th January: The John Gary Group Parley Sports Club

Sunday 26th January: Art Movement Linden Sports Club

Sunday 26th January: Spooky Tooth + Nite People + Village Magicians Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 29th January: The Sidewinders Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Friday 31st January: Rainbow Ffolly The Ritz

Friday 31st January: The Ides of March White Buck, Burley


Saturday 1st February: Yes The Ritz

Saturday 1st February: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Disturbance ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 2nd February: John L. Watson and The Web Parley Sports Club

Sunday 2nd February: The Cymboline Linden Sports Club

Monday 3rd February: Mrs Gillespie’s Refrigerator Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Wednesday 5th February: The Nightriders Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Thursday 6th February: Martin Carthy + Dave Swarbrick Antelope Hotel, Wareham

Friday 7th February: The Jigsaw White Buck, Burley

Saturday 8th February: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Evil ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 8th February: Ram Buck Shush The Ritz

Saturday 8th February: Empty Vessels Chords Club, Lymington

Saturday 8th February: Grant’s Tomb + The Hour White Buck, Burley

Sunday 9th February: The Onyx Parley Sports Club

Sunday 9th February: The John Gary Group Linden Sports Club

Monday 10th February: Transit Sound Parley Sports Club

Thursday 13th February: The Zoo Station Hotel, Poole

Thursday 13th February: Love Sculpture + Blossom Toes + Eire Apparent ‘Valentines Dance’ Royal Ballrooms

Friday 14th February: The Timebox ‘Valentines Dance’ The Ritz

Friday 14th February: Spice + The Zoo Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 15th February: Toad Chords Club, Lymington

Saturday 15th February: Ray Williams and The Grenades The Ritz

Saturday 15th February: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Violin Shoppe ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 15th February: Prayer of Hades St. Saviours Church Hall

Saturday 15th February: The Zoo Station Hotel, Poole

Saturday 15th February: Teak and The Smokey St. Aldhelms Hall, Branksome

Sunday 16th February: Heaven Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 16th February: John L. Watson and The Web Linden Sports Club

Sunday 16th February: The John Gary Group Parley Sports Club

Monday 17th February: The Zoo Rendezvous Club, Highcliff Hotel

Monday 17th February: The Push Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Thursday 20th February: Pete Franklin White Buck, Burley

Friday 21st February: Chicken Shack The Ritz

Friday 21st February: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Saturday 22nd February: Sinnermen and Sara + Karpaty Polish Dancers Winter Gardens

Saturday 22nd February: The Time White Buck, Burley

Saturday 22nd February: Rosemary Chords Club, Lymington

Saturday 22nd February: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Wrong Direction ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 22nd February: Johnny Carr and The Cadillacs The Ritz

Sunday 23rd February: The Embers Parley Sports Club

Sunday 23rd February: Hopscotch Linden Sports Club

Tuesday 25th February: Fleetwood Mac The Ritz

Friday 28th February: Teak and The Smokey White Buck, Burley

Friday 28th February: The Outsiders The Ritz


Saturday 1st March: John Lee Hooker + The Groundhogs + Derek James Show The Ritz

Saturday 1st March: Marian Montgomery + Humphrey Littleton and His Band Winter Gardens

Saturday 1st March: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The John Gary Group ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 1st March: Freedom Village Chords Club, Lymington

Saturday 1st March: Rubber Soul Canford Cliffs Village Hall

Saturday 1st March: The Axis White Buck, Burley

Sunday 2nd March: The Evil Parley Sports Club

Tuesday 4th March: The Pretty Things + Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera Poole College

Wednesday 5th March: The Elite Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Friday 7th March: The John Dummer Blues Band The Ritz

Saturday 8th March: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Sheet Rain ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 8th March: The Evil Parley Sports Club

Saturday 8th March: Brother Bung + The Holding Company Chords Club, Lymington

Saturday 8th March: The Flares + Dereck James Show The Ritz

Sunday 9th March: Spectrum Linden Sports Club

Sunday 9th March: Hopscotch + The Conclusion Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 9th March: Wrong Direction Parley Sports Club

Monday 10th March: The Nightriders Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Wednesday 12th March: The James Royal Set Samantha’s

Friday 14th March: Bakerloo Blues Line The Ritz

Friday 14th March: John Walker of The Walker Brothers White Buck, Burley

Saturday 15th March: Orange Bicycle The Ritz

Saturday 15th March: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Late ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 15th March: Chalk Farm + Mrs Gillespie’s Refrigerator Chords Club, Lymington

Saturday 15th March: The John Gary Group Magnet Bowl, Branksome

Saturday 15th March: Bunkers Brain White Buck, Burley

Saturday 15th March: Englebert Humperdink + Mary Hopkin + Ted Rogers Winter Gardens

Sunday 16th March: Jason Cord and The First Chapter Linden Sports Club

Sunday 16th March: The Toast Parley Sports Club

Monday 17th March: The Zoo Rendezvous Club, Highcliff Hotel

Thursday 20th March: East of Eden + Inter-State Road Show ‘Easter Dance’ The Ritz

Thursday 20th March: Wild Honey Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Friday 21st March: The Embers White Buck, Burley

Friday 21st March: The Onyx + Mystic Tangent Globetrotters Club, Poole

Friday 21st March: Blodwyn Pig The Ritz

Saturday 22nd March: Spectrum The Ritz

Saturday 22nd March: Sinnermen and Sara + Gerry Brown Jazz Men YMCA

Saturday 22nd March: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Rainbow Ffolly ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 22nd March: Prayer of Hades Corpus Christi Guild Hall

Saturday 22nd March: Jon Martyn Combo Globetrotters Club, Poole

Sunday 23rd March: John L. Watson and The Web + The Fresh Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 23rd March: Art Movement Linden Sports Club

Sunday 23rd March: Image Parley Sports Club

Monday 24th March: The Searchers + Tyme Regal, Ringwood

Monday 24th March: The Nightriders Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Wednesday 26th March: The Edgar Broughton Band + Simplicity Soul + Blues Condition + Finnias Fogg Poole College

Wednesday 26th March: Sinnermen and Sara Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Thursday 27th March: Nana Mouskouri and The Athenians Winter Gardens

Friday 28th March: Taste The Ritz

Friday 28th March: Shy Limbs Globetrotters Club, Poole

Friday 28th March: Renaissance Faire + Prayer of Hades + Liz Biddle + Richard & Helen Swinging Clink

Friday 28th March: The Nascent Void Richmond Hill Youth Club

Friday 28th March: The Trifle Samantha’s

Saturday 29th March: The Sweet The Ritz

Saturday 29th March: Wrong Direction Globetrotters Club, Poole

Saturday 29th March: Heaven Chords Club, Lymington

Saturday 29th March: The Actress Swinging Clink

Saturday 29th March: Mystic Tangent East Howe Congregational Church Hall

Saturday 29th March: 1984 East Howe Youth Club

Saturday 29th March: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Uranus ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 30th March: Tony Blackburn + Shy Limbs ‘Radio 1 Club’ Afternoon Session, Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 30th March: Jam Sandwich + Coconut Mushroom ‘Radio 1 Club Evening Session’Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 30th March: The Onyx Parley Sports Club

Sunday 30th March: The Cymboline Linden Sports Club

Monday 31st March: Tim Hart + MaddyPrior Poole College


Tuesday 1st April: The Elite Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Wednesday 2nd April: The Who + Third Ear Band + The Embers ‘Rag Ball’ Pavilion Ballroom

Thursday 3rd April: State Organisation The Ritz

Friday 4th April: The Mojo’s Globetrotters Club, Poole

Saturday 5th April: Babylon The Ritz

Saturday 5th April: Uranus Globetrotters Club, Poole

Saturday 5th April: Brew Chords Club, Lymington

Saturday 5th April: The Crazy Paving White Buck, Burley

Saturday 5th April: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Bunkers Brain ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 5th April: Killing Floor + Rubber Soul Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 6th April: Bunkers Brain Chords Club, Lymington

Sunday 6th April: Sir Percy Quintet Linden Sports Club

Sunday 6th April: Breakthru + Wrong Direction Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 6th April: John L. Watson and The Web Parley Sports Club

Monday 7th April: The Zoo Swinging Clink, Boscombe 

Monday 7th April: Nite People Globetrotters Club, Poole

Monday 7th April: The Flares The Ritz

Monday 7th April: Mystic Tangent Halfway Hotel, Parkstone

Monday 7th April: The Jigsaw White Buck, Burley

Friday 11th April: The Coalition Swinging Clink

Friday 11th April: Rainbow Ffolly Globetrotters Club, Poole

Friday 11th April: McKenna Mendelson Mainline The Ritz

Saturday12th April: The Metropolitan Boot Swinging Clink 

Saturday 12th April: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Blow Up ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 12th April: The Nashville Teens + The Rick ‘n’ Beckers The Ritz

Saturday 12th April: Whiskey River Chords Club, Lymington

Saturday 12th April: The Actress Globetrotters Club, Poole

Sunday 13th April: The Combustion Parley Sports Club

Sunday 13th April: The Information Linden Sports Club

Sunday 13th April: Heaven Pavilion Ballroom

Monday 14th April: Mystic Tangent Halfway Hotel, Parkstone

Tuesday 15th April: The Elite Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Friday 18th April: Earth The Ritz

Friday 18th April: Rubber Soul Swinging Clink

Friday 18th April: Johnny Carr and The Cadillacs Globetrotters Club, Poole

Friday 18th April: Pete Franklin Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Saturday 19th April: Brother Bung Swinging Clink

Saturday 19th April: Finnias Fogg Globetrotters Club, Poole

Saturday 19th April: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Froot ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 19th April: Moujik Chords Club, Lymington

Saturday 19th April: Prayer of Hades St. Saviours Church Hall

Saturday 19th April: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Saturday 19th April: Rubber Soul East Howe Youth Club

Saturday 19th April: The Fortunes The Ritz

Saturday 19th April: Herman’s Hermits + The Love Affair + Dave Berry and The Sponge + The Parking Lot + Compere Johnnie Walker Winter Gardens

Sunday 20th April: Room Globetrotters Club, Poole

Sunday 20th April: The Embers Parley Sports Club

Sunday 20th April: Jo Grundy Linden Sports Club

Tuesday 22nd April: Mrs Gillespie’s Refrigerator Swinging Clink

Tuesday 22nd April: John Peel + Hard Meat The Ritz

Friday 25th April: Room The Ritz

Friday 25th April: Mystic Tangent Swinging Clink

Friday 25th April: Mud Globetrotters Club, Poole

Saturday 26th April: Archimedes Principle East Howe Congregational Church Hall

Saturday 26th April: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Actress ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 26th April: The Flares The Ritz

Saturday 26th April: Elijah and The Goat Chords Club, Lymington

Saturday 26th April: Freedom Village Swinging Clink

Sunday 27th April: State Express + Freedom Village Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 27th April: Shy Limbs Parley Sports Club

Sunday 27th April: Sunday St. Petersburg The Hole, Poole

Sunday 27th April: Katch 22 Linden Sports Club

Monday 28th April: Renaissance Faire Globetrotters Club, Poole

Monday 28th April: Simon Dupree and The Big Sound + The Cavaliers Regal, Ringwood

Tuesday 29th April: The Elite Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers


Thursday 1st May: The Cavaliers Echo Social Club

Friday 2nd May: Room The Ritz

Friday 2nd May: The Nascent Void Swinging Clink

Friday 2nd May: Nite People Globetrotters Club, Poole

Saturday 3rd May: Cliff Bennett and His Band The Ritz

Saturday 3rd May: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Violin Shoppe ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 3rd May: Mystic Tangent Swinging Clink

Saturday 3rd May: Rubber Soul Canford Cliffs Village Hall

Saturday 3rd May: The Switch Chords Club, Lymington

Saturday 3rd May: Simplicity Soul Globetrotters Club, Poole

Saturday 3rd May: The Vision White Buck, Burley

Sunday 4th May: Shy Limbs Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 4th May: Sunday St. Petersburg The Hole, Poole

Sunday 4th May: Joe Grundy Parley Sports Club

Sunday 4th May: The Toast Linden Sports Club

Monday 5th May: Boanerges Swinging Clink

Tuesday 6th May: Mary Wells The Ritz

Friday 9th May: Chicken Shack + Nite People Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 9th May: The Mojo’s Globetrotters Club, Poole

Friday 9th May: Mrs Gillespie’s Refrigerator Swinging Clink

Friday 9th May: Terry Reid The Ritz

Friday 9th May: Wishful Thinking + The John Gary Group White Buck, Burley

Saturday 10th May: Desmond Decker and The Aces + The In-Formation The Ritz

Saturday 10th May: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Baloons ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 10th May: The Metropolitan Boot Swinging Clink

Saturday 10th May: Freedom Village Globetrotters Club, Poole

Saturday 10th May: Gold Dust Chords Club, Lymington

Sunday 11th May: Room The Hole, Poole

Sunday 11th May: The Lace Parley Sports Club

Tuesday 13th May: Third Stone From The Sun Swinging Clink

Tuesday 13th May: The Elite Chequers Inn, Lychett Matravers

Tuesday 13th May: Bob and Earl + The Storm The Ritz

Thursday 15th May: The Equals + The Alan Bown + Blossom Toes Royal Ballrooms 

Friday 16th May: Jon Hiseman’s Colosseum The Ritz

Friday 16th May: Rubber Soul Swinging Clink

Friday 16th May: The Time White Buck, Burley

Friday 16th May: The John Gary Group St. John’s Hall

Saturday 17th May: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Jigsaw ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 17th May: Girl Talk The Ritz

Saturday 17th May: Finnias Fogg Globetrotters Club, Poole

Saturday 17th May: Mystic Tangent Swinging Clink

Sunday 18th May: Paradox + Coconut Mushroom Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 18th May: John L. Watson and The Web Parley Sports Club

Sunday 18th May: Hopscotch Linden Sports Club

Sunday 18th May: Sunday St. Petersburg The Hole, Poole

Friday 23rd May: Dr Browns Blues Band The Ritz

Friday 23rd May: The Mojos Globetrotters Club, Poole

Friday 23rd May: Third Stone From The Stone Swinging Clink

Friday 23rd May: The Embers White Buck, Burley

Saturday 24th May: Spice Chords Club, Lymington

Saturday 24th May: The World of Oz + The Dereck James Show The Ritz

Saturday 24th May: High Tension + Finnias Fogg Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 24th May: Simplicity Soul Globetrotters Club, Poole

Saturday 24th May: Spangles Swinging Clink

Saturday 24th May: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Wrong Direction ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 24th May: The Onyx + The Embers White Buck, Burley

Sunday 25th May: Status Quo + Green Steam Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 25th May: State Express Linden Sports Club

Sunday 25th May: The Jigsaw Parley Sports Club

Sunday 25th May: Sunday St. Petersburg The Hole, Poole

Sunday 25th May: Room Magnet Bowl, Poole

Monday 26th May: The Baloons Globetrotters Club, Poole

Monday 26th May: Mystic Tangent Swinging Clink

Monday 26th May: The Sketch The Ritz

Friday 30th May: Howlin’ Wolf + The John Dummer Blues Band + Room The Ritz

Friday 30th May: Spangles Swinging Clink

Friday 30th May: Rubber Soul Globetrotters Club, Poole

Friday 30th May: The Jigsaw White Buck, Burley

Saturday 31st May: Marmaduke Maize The Ritz

Saturday 31st May: Mowye Swinging Clink

Saturday 31st May: The She Trinity White Buck, Burley

Saturday 31st May: Newgate Calendar Globetrotters Club, Poole

Saturday 31st May: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Froot ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 31st May: Eire Apparent with Jimi Hendrix Chords Club, Lymington


Sunday 1st June: Room The Hole, Poole

Sunday 1st June: Milton’s Fingers Parley Sports Club

Sunday 1st June: The Playground Linden Sports Club

Monday 2nd June: Chris Shakespeare and The Globe Show Pebbles

Monday 2nd June: Orange Bicycle + Wedgewood Wing Regal, Ringwood

Tuesday 3rd June: Hopscotch Pebbles

Thursday 5th June: The John Gary Group White Buck, Burley

Thursday 5th June: Garments Pebbles

Friday 6th June: Black Cat Bones The Ritz

Friday 6th June: Rubber Soul Swinging Clink

Friday 6th June: State Express Globetrotters Club, Poole

Friday 6th June: The Ray Mandeville Group White Buck, Burley

Saturday 7th June: Young Blood The Ritz

Saturday 7th June: The Wild Angels White Buck, Burley

Saturday 7th June: Paper Chords Club, Lymington

Saturday 7th June: The Zoo Swinging Clink

Saturday 7th June: Sasperella + Pandora’s Box Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 7th June: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Green Steam ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 8th June: The Embers Parley Sports Club

Sunday 8th June: Wishful Thinking Linden Sports Club

Sunday 8th June: Room The Hole, Poole

Monday 9th June: Mystic Tangent Halfway Hotel, Parkstone

Thursday 12th June: Wedgewood Wing White Buck, Burley

Friday 13th June: John Lee Hooker + The John Dummer Blues Band The Ritz 

Friday 13th June: Mystic Tangent Swinging Clink 

Friday 13th June: Green Steam Globetrotters Club, Poole

Friday 13th June: Joe Grundy White Buck, Burley

Saturday 14th June: Shy Limbs The Ritz

Saturday 14th June: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Gold Dust ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 14th June: The Squires White Buck, Burley

Saturday 14th June: Simplicity Soul Globetrotters Club, Poole

Saturday 14th June: Mowye Swinging Clink 

Saturday 14th June: Rubber Soul Canford Cliffs Village Hall

Sunday 15th June: Gun + The Baloons Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 15th June: Spectrum Linden Sports Club

Sunday 15th June: Room The Hole, Poole

Wednesday 18th June: Eden Roc + Emperor Rosko The Ritz

Wednesday 18th June: White Room Swinging Clink 

Friday 20th June: Freddie King + Killing Floor + Eden Roc The Ritz

Friday 20th June: Shy Limbs Globetrotters Club, Poole

Friday 20th June: The Sky White Buck, Burley

Friday 20th June: Mystic Tangent Swinging Clink 

Saturday 21st June: Pete Kelly’s Solution + Jo Jo Gunn + Finnias Fogg Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 21st June: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Violin Shoppe ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 21st June: White Room Swinging Clink 

Saturday 21st June: Mowye Globetrotters Club, Poole

Saturday 21st June: Audience The Ritz

Sunday 22nd June: The Lace Parley Sports Club 

Sunday 22nd June: Blinkers + Wanted Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 22nd June: The Cavaliers Linden Sports Club

Sunday 22nd June: Sunday St. Petersburg The Hole, Poole

Monday 23rd June: Mystic Tangent The Ritz

Tuesday 24th June: Rubber Soul Swinging Clink 

Wednesday 25th June: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Bunkers Brain ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Wednesday 25th June: The Easybeats + Room The Ritz

Thursday 26th June: Fleetwood Mac + Room The Ritz

Friday 27th June: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Newgate Calendar ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Friday 27th June: Rubber Soul Globetrotters Club, Poole

Friday 27th June: Otis Spann + Steamhammer The Ritz

Friday 27th June: The Zoo Catacomb, Sacred Heart Church Hall

Friday 27th June: Third Stone From The Sun Swinging Clink 

Friday 27th June: Canterbury Tales White Buck, Burley

Saturday 28th June: Peaceful Smith Globetrotters Club, Poole

Saturday 28th June: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Baloons ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 28th June: The John Gary Group Magnet Bowl, Poole

Saturday 28th June: The Ritual The Ritz

Saturday 28th June: Justin Martyr + Spangles Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 28th June: Prayer of Hades Swinging Clink 

Sunday 29th June: Nite People Parley Sports Club

Sunday 29th June: The Furze Swinging Clink 

Sunday 29th June: Simplicity Soul Linden Sports Club

Sunday 29th June: Sunday St Petersburg The Hole, Poole

Monday 30th June: Heatwave The Ritz

Monday 30th June: The Herd + Transit Sound Regal Cinema, Ringwood


Tuesday 1st July: Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich + Finnias Fogg + Joe Grundy Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 2nd July: Sinnermen and Sara Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 2nd July: Room Swinging Clink

Wednesday 2nd July: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Green Ice ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Thursday 3rd July: Liverpool Scene + Sam Gopal ‘Rag Dance’ Pavilion Ballroom

Thursday 3rd July: The Actress Echo Social Club

Friday 4th July: The Troggs + The Hour White Buck, Burley

Friday 4th July: The Embers Globetrotters Club, Poole

Friday 4th July: Finnias Fogg Swinging Clink

Friday 4th July: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Honeydew Melon ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 5th July: Heatwave + Prayer of Hades The Ritz

Saturday 5th July: Simplicity Soul Globetrotters Club, Poole

Saturday 5th July: Room Showboat

Saturday 5th July: Outward Bound + The Violin Shoppe Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 5th July: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The John Gary Group ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 6th July: Art Movement Linden Sports Club

Sunday 6th July: Rubber Soul Parley Sports Club

Monday 7th July: Dusk Soul The Ritz

Tuesday 8th July: Room Swinging Clink

Tuesday 8th July: Marmalade + Shy Limbs + Heaven ‘Rag Ball’ Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 9th July: Finnias Fog Swinging Clink

Friday 11th July: Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band The Ritz

Friday 11th July: Simon Dupree and the Big Sound + The Froot + Joe Grundy Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 11th July: The Wild Angels + The Embers White Buck, Burley

Friday 11th July: Spangles Globetrotters Club, Poole

Saturday 12th July: Dusk Soul + The John Gary Group The Ritz

Saturday 12th July: Latent Image The Shipwrights, Poole

Saturday 12th July: Prayer of Hades Globetrotters Club, Poole

Saturday 12th July: White Room Swinging Clink

Saturday 12th July: Directory of Soul + Finnias Fogg Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 13th July: Spangles Parley Sports Club

Sunday 13th July: The Consortium Linden Sports Club

Monday 14th July: Cupids Inspiration + Solid State Regal, Ringwood

Tuesday 15th July: The Equals The Ritz

Tuesday15th July: Finnias Fogg + Mystic Tangent Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 16th July: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Thursday 17th July: Bubbly Hum The Ritz

Friday 18th July: Jon Hiseman’s Colosseum The Ritz

Friday 18th July: Shy Limbs Globetrotters Club, Poole

Friday 18th July: Room Pier Ballroom

Friday 18th July: The Love Affair + Newgate Calendar + Joe Grundy Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 19th July: Concrete Trousers Swinging Clink

Saturday 19th July: Chris Shakespeare and The Globe Show + Simplicity Soul Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 19th July: Newgate Calendar Globetrotters Club, Poole

Saturday 19th July: Finnias Fogg Showboat

Saturday 19th July: The Mindbenders The Ritz

Saturday 19th July: The Onyx + The Hour White Buck, Burley

Sunday 20th July: John L. Watson and The Web Parley Sports Club

Sunday 20th July: Room Swinging Clink

Sunday 20th July: The Candy Choir Linden Sports Club

Tuesday 22nd July: The Move + Finnias Fogg + Joe Grundy Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 25th July: The Nice The Ritz

Friday 25th July: Simplicity Soul Globetrotters Club, Poole

Friday 25th July: Finnias Fogg Pier Ballroom

Friday 25th July: Shy Limbs + Rubber Soul Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 26th July: White Room Swinging Clink

Saturday 26th July: Immediate Pleasure + Blow Up Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 26th July: The Onyx + The John Gary Group White Buck, Burley

Saturday 26th July: Eureka Globetrotters Club, Poole

Sunday 27th July: Sir Percy Quintet Linden Sports Club

Monday 28th July: Status Quo + Fascination Regal, Ringwood

Tuesday 29th July: Finnias Fogg + The John Gary Group Pavilion Ballroom

Thursday 31st July: The Alan Price Set The Ritz


Friday 1st August: The Herd + Joe Grundy Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 1st August: The John Gary Group Globetrotters, Poole

Saturday 2nd August: Image + Rubber Soul Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 2nd August: Room Showboat

Saturday 2nd August: Mystic Tangent Globetrotters, Poole

Sunday 3rd August: Mowye Swinging Clink

Sunday 3rd August: Ace Kefford Linden Sports Club

Sunday 3rd August: The Playground Parley Sports Club

Monday 4th August: The Rag Dolls White Buck, Burley

Tuesday 5th August: Finnias Fogg + Mystic Tangent Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 6th August: Jimmy James and The Vagabonds The Ritz

Wednesday 6th August: Concrete Trousers Swinging Clink

Thursday 7th August: The Cavaliers Echo Social Club

Friday 8th August: The Kinks + Room + Joe Grundy Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 8th August: Blodwyn Pig The Ritz

Saturday 9th August: The Violin Shoppe Globetrotters, Poole

Saturday 9th August: The Track Swinging Clink

Saturday 9th August: The John Gary Group White Buck, Burley

Saturday 9th August: Justin Martyr + Marshall Hammond Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 10th August: The Embers Parley Sports Club

Sunday 10th August: The New Formula Pebbles

Sunday 10th August: Mowye Globetrotters, Poole

Sunday 10th August: The Life Linden Sports Club

Tuesday 12th August: Finnias Fogg + The Zoo Pavilion Ballroom

Thursday 14th August: The Move The Ritz

Friday 15th August: Vanity Fair White Buck, Burley

Friday 15th August: Simon Dupree and The Big Sound + Joe Grundy + Spangles Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 15th August: White Room Swinging Clink

Saturday 16th August: Edgar Broughton Band The Ritz

Saturday 16th August: White Room (Winners) + Finnias Fogg (Runners Up) + Utopium + Transit Sound + Furze + The Marzipan Lawn Mower + Prayer of Hades + Boanerges + The Edgar Broughton Band (Surprise appearance by Edgar after their gig at the Ritz) ‘Bournemouth Regatta Beat Contest‘, West Beach

Saturday 16th August: Concrete Trousers Parley Sports Club

Saturday 16th August: David White Buck, Burley

Saturday 16th August: The Copper Spoon Globetrotters, Poole

Saturday 16th August: Roy Gee and the 2nd City Road Show + Gold Dust Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 16th August: Room Showboat

Sunday 17th August: The Lace Parley Sports Club

Sunday 17th August: State Express Linden Sports Club

Tuesday 19th August: Max Romeo The Ritz

Tuesday 19th August: David + Finnias Fogg Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 20th August: Thunderclap Newman The Ritz

Friday 22nd August: Archimedes Principle Swinging Clink

Friday 22nd August: Marmalade + Joe Grundy + Gold Dust Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 22nd August: The Groundhogs The Ritz

Friday 22nd August: Mowye Globetrotters, Poole

Saturday 23rd August: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Wanted ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 23rd August: Spangles Globetrotters, Poole

Saturday 23rd August: White Room Swinging Clink

Saturday 23rd August: Immediate Pleasure + Simplicity Soul Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 24th August: Black Velvet Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 24th August: Jason Crest Linden Sports Club

Sunday 24th August: The Onyx Parley Sports Club 

Monday 25th August: The Foundations The Ritz

Tuesday 26th August: Newgate Calendar + Finnias Fogg Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 27th August: Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich + Embers + Coconut Mushroom The Big Top, Poole Park

Wednesday 27th August: Concrete Trousers Swinging Clink

Thursday 28th August: Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames The Ritz

Thursday 28th August: Don Partridge + Transit Sound White Buck, Burley

Friday 29th August: Pete Brown and His Battered Ornaments The Ritz

Friday 29th August: The Cavaliers Globetrotters, Poole

Friday 29th August: Archimedes Principle Swinging Clink

Saturday 30th August: The Who + Bram Stoker Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 30th August: Utopium Swinging Clink

Saturday 30th August: White Room Globetrotters, Poole

Saturday 30th August: The Dandelions The Ritz

Saturday 30th August: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Prayer of Hades ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 31st August: Wedgewood Wing Swinging Clink

Sunday 31st August: The Cavaliers Linden Sports Club

Sunday 31st August: Killing Floor + The Image Pavilion Ballroom


Monday 1st September: Chris Shakespeare and The Globe Show The Ritz

Monday 1st September: Concrete Trousers Swinging Clink

Monday 1st September: Wild Honey Neptune Bar

Tuesday 2nd September: Finnias Fogg + Room Pavilion Ballroom

Thursday 4th September: Mystic Tangent The Ritz

Thursday 4th September: The Embers White Buck, Burley

Thursday 4th September: Finnias Fogg Echo Social Club

Friday 5th September: Coconut Mushroom Globetrotters, Poole

Friday 5th September: Liverpool Scene + Room The Ritz

Friday 5th September: The Alan Bown + Joe Grundy + Spangles Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 6th September: Archimedes Principal Swinging Clink

Saturday 6th September: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Violin Shoppe ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 6th September: Newgate Calendar Globetrotters, Poole

Saturday 6th September: Coconut Mushroom + The Cavaliers Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 6th September: The Joyce Bond Revue The Ritz

Sunday 7th September: The Playground Linden Sports Club

Sunday 7th September: Nite People Parley Sports Club 

Sunday 7th September: Sir Percy Quintet + Room Pavilion Ballroom

Monday 8th September: Concrete Trousers Swinging Clink 

Friday 12th September: Clouds + Room The Ritz

Friday 12th September: The John Gary Group Globetrotters, Poole

Friday 12th September: The Searchers + Joe Grundy + Almanac Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 12th September: Wedgewood Wing White Buck, Burley

Friday 12th September: Prayer of Hades Swinging Clink 

Saturday 13th September: Utopium Fletcher’s Club

Saturday 13th September: The Onyx + The John Gary Group White Buck, Burley

Saturday 13th September: Poet and The One Man Band The Ritz

Saturday 13th September: Loose Change Swinging Clink 

Saturday 13th September: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Cavaliers ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 14th September: Utopium Swinging Clink 

Sunday 14th September: Clearwater + The Violin Shoppe Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 14th September: Milton’s Fingers Parley Sports Club 

Sunday 14th September: Katch 22 Linden Sports Club

Wednesday 17th September: The Elite Chequers, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 19th September: Hard Meat + Room The Ritz

Friday 19th September: Mowye Globetrotters, Poole

Friday 19th September: Transit Sound White Buck, Burley

Saturday 20th September: The Track Swinging Clink

Saturday 20th September: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Mystic Tangent ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 20th September: King Size Keen Show The Ritz

Saturday 20th September: The Froot Globetrotters, Poole

Saturday 20th September: Katch 22 + Third Stone From The Sun White Buck, Burley

Sunday 21st September: Fire + David Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 21st September: Art Movement Linden Sports Club

Wednesday 24th September: Utopium Swinging Clink

Friday 26th September: The Embers Globetrotters, Poole

Friday 26th September: Village + Room The Ritz

Friday 26th September: Archimedes Principle Swinging Clink

Saturday 27th September: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Baloons ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 27th September: Time Dynasty Globetrotters, Poole

Saturday 27th September: The Ray Williams Band The Ritz

Sunday 28th September: The Onyx Parley Sports Club 

Monday 29th September: Joe Grundy Neptune Bar


Thursday 2nd October: Alabama Shoestring The Ritz

Thursday 2nd October: The Embers Echo Social Club

Friday 3rd October: Third Ear Band + Room The Ritz

Friday 3rd October: The John Gary Group Globetrotters, Poole

Friday 3rd October: Wishful Thinking + The Reasons Why White Buck, Burley

Friday 3rd October: Honeydew Melon Neptune Bar

Saturday 4th October: Fantastic Evils Globetrotters, Poole

Saturday 4th October: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Lotions ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 4th October: Spangles East Cliff Youth Club

Sunday 5th October: John L. Watson and The Web + Brain Child + The Cavaliers Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 5th October: Trapeze Linden Sports Club

Sunday 5th October: Spangles Parley Sports Club

Tuesday 7th October: Moody Blues + Inflatable Toy + Heaven Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 8th October: Wiz Jones Starlight Folk Club, Jumpers

Wednesday 8th October: Finnias Fogg Old Harry, Poole

Thursday 9th October: Prince Buster The Ritz

Friday 10th October: Joe Grundy Globetrotters, Poole

Friday 10th October: Pete Brown and Piblokto + Room The Ritz

Friday 10th October: Consortium + Loose Change White Buck, Burley

Friday 10th October: Dishly Grange Neptune Bar

Saturday 11th October: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Newgate Calendar ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 11th October: Simon K and The Meantimers The Ritz

Saturday 11th October: Concrete Trousers Globetrotters, Poole

Sunday 12th October: Black Velvet + Elias Hulk Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 12th October: The Playground Parley Sports Club 

Sunday 12th October: Spencer Mac Linden Sports Club

Monday 13th October: Joe Grundy Neptune Bar

Tuesday 14th October: Edgar Broughton Band + Caravan + Prayer of Hades Poole College

Wednesday 15th October: Emperor Rosko + Nite People ‘Radio 1 Club’, Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 15th October: Latent Image Chequers, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 17th October: Gypsy + Room The Ritz

Friday 17th October: Newgate Calendar Globetrotters, Poole

Friday 17th October: Mystic Tangent Neptune Bar

Friday 17th October: The John Gary Group Annunciation Hall

Saturday 18th October: Stone the Crows The Ritz

Saturday 18th October: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Spangles ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 19th October: Nite People + The Cavaliers Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 19th October: Brain Child Parley Sports Club 

Sunday 19th October: The Californians Linden Sports Club

Monday 20th October: Unique Sounds Neptune Bar

Friday 24th October: Jody Grind + Room The Ritz

Friday 24th October: Dozy Beeky Mick & Tich + Transit Sound White Buck, Burley

Friday 24th October: Mystic Tangent Neptune Bar

Saturday 25th October: Transit Sound White Buck, Burley

Saturday 25th October: Sonority The Ritz

Saturday 25th October: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The John Gary Group ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 26th October: Image + Paper Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 26th October: The Lace Parley Sports Club 

Sunday 26th October: Consortium Linden Sports Club

Monday 27th October: Crimson Season Neptune Bar

Friday 31st October: Juniors Eyes + Room The Ritz

Friday 31st October: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Froot ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms


Saturday 1st November: Dave Smith and the Pylots The Ritz

Saturday 1st November: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Joe Grundy ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 2nd November: Zoot Money + Newgate Calendar Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 2nd November: The Embers Parley Sports Club 

Sunday 2nd November: State Express Linden Sports Club

Monday 3rd November: Dishly Grange Neptune Bar

Wednesday 5th November: Spencer Mac Le Kilt

Thursday 6th November: The Cavaliers Echo Social Club

Friday 7th November: The Strawbs + Room The Ritz

Friday 7th November: Joe Grundy Neptune Bar

Friday 7th November: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Saturday 8th November: The Humbug White Buck, Burley

Saturday 8th November: Cool Combination The Ritz

Saturday 8th November: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Violin Shoppe ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 9th November: John L. Watson and The Web Parley Sports Club 

Sunday 9th November: Cats Eyes Linden Sports Club

Sunday 9th November: Demon Fuzz + Room Pavilion Ballroom

Monday 10th November: Wedgewood Wing Neptune Bar

Thursday 13th November: Image + Room The Ritz

Friday 14th November: Griffin + Room The Ritz

Friday 14th November: Sir Percy Quintet + The Honeybunch White Buck, Burley

Saturday 15th November: Finnias Fog Neptune Bar

Saturday 15th November: The Flares The Ritz

Saturday 15th November: Utopia +The Honeybunch White Buck, Burley

Saturday 15th November: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Crazy Paving ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 16th November: Slade + Room Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 16th November: Katch 22 Linden Sports Club

Wednesday 19th November: Latent Image Chequers, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 21st November: Edgar Broughton Band + Room The Ritz

Friday 21st November: National Grid Neptune Bar

Friday 21st November: The Sky + The John Gary Group White Buck, Burley

Saturday 22nd November: John Mayall + Duster Bennett Winter Gardens

Saturday 22nd November: The Elite Chequers, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 22nd November: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Sketch ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 22nd November: Orange Rainbow The Ritz

Sunday 23rd November: The Baloons Parley Sports Club 

Sunday 23rd November: Sons & Lovers Linden Sports Club

Sunday 23rd November: Sasparilla Pavilion Ballroom

Monday 24th November: Mystic Tangent Neptune Bar

Friday 28th November: The Greatest Show on Earth + Room The Ritz

Friday 28th November: Mowye White Buck, Burley

Friday 28th November: Dishly Grange Neptune Bar

Friday 28th November: Wiz Jones + Andy Fernbach Poole College

Saturday 29th November: The Crew The Ritz

Saturday 29th November: The Cavaliers White Buck, Burley

Saturday 29th November: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Honeysuckle ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 30th November: The Elite Fairway Club

Sunday 30th November: Nite People Parley Sports Club 

Sunday 30th November: The Ivey’s Linden Sports Club

Sunday 30th November: Duke Ellington and His Orchestra Winter Gardens


Monday 1st December: Newgate Calendar Neptune Bar

Wednesday 3rd December: Heatwave Le Kilt

Friday 5th December: Van Der Graaf Generator The Ritz

Friday 5th December: Joe Grundy Neptune Bar

Saturday 6th December: The Jamaican All Stars The Ritz

Saturday 6th December: Wishful Thinking White Buck, Burley

Saturday 6th December: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Ray Mandeville Group ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 7th December: The Cavaliers Parley Sports Club 

Sunday 7th December: Heatwave Linden Sports Club

Monday 8th December: Mystic Tangent Neptune Bar

Wednesday 10th December: The Room + Esta’s Tom Cat + The Feet + Concrete Trousers + Coconut Mushroom + Wanted + Long Grey Mare ‘Melody Maker Beat Contest‘, The Ritz

Thursday 11th December: Deep Purple + The Idle Race + Side Glade ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms

Friday 12th December: Jon Hiseman’s Colosseum The Ritz

Friday 12th December: Spangles Neptune Bar

Friday 12th December: The Embers White Buck, Burley

Friday 12th December: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Magic Alice ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 13th December: Mrs Gillespie’s Refrigerator St Saviours Church Hall

Saturday 13th December: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Froot ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 13th December: The Honeysuckle White Buck, Burley

Sunday 14th December: The Lace Parley Sports Club 

Sunday 14th December: Art Movement Linden Sports Club

Sunday 14th December: Smiling Hard + The Upsetters Pavilion Ballroom

Monday 15th December: Peaceful Smith Neptune Bar

Tuesday 16th December: The Keef Hartley Band + White Trash Poole College

Friday 19th December: Manfred Mann Chapter Three The Ritz

Friday 19th December: Dishly Grange Neptune Bar

Saturday 20th December: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Newgate Calendar ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 20th December: The Pioneers The Ritz

Sunday 21st December: The Upsetters + The Violin Shoppe Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 21st December: Heatwave Linden Sports Club

Sunday 21st December: The John Gary Group Parley Sports Club 

Monday 22nd December: Mystic Tangent Neptune Bar

Wednesday 24th December: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Spangles ‘Beat Room’ ‘Christmas Eve’ Royal Ballrooms

Wednesday 24th December: Finnias Fogg + Joe Grundy ‘Christmas Eve’ Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 26th December: Principal Edwards Magic Theatre ‘Boxing Day’ The Ritz

Friday 26th December: The Violin Shoppe ‘Boxing Day’ Neptune Bar

Friday 26th December: Image + Green Steam ‘Boxing Day’ Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 26th December: Newgate Calendar ‘Boxing Day’ Domingo Club

Saturday 27th December: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Joe Grundy ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 27th December: The Mojos The Ritz

Sunday 28th December: The Candy Choir Linden Sports Club

Sunday 28th December: The Embers Parley Sports Club 

Monday 29th December: The Widow Neptune Bar

Tuesday 30th December: Spencer Mac Le Kilt

Wednesday 31st December: Latent Image ‘New Year’s Eve’ Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 31st December: Finnias Fogg + Joe Grundy ‘New Year’s Eve’ Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 31st December: The Blow Up ‘New Year’s Eve’ Neptune Bar

Wednesday 31st December: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The John Gary Group ‘Beat Room’ ‘New Year’s Eve’ Royal Ballrooms