Gigs 1970

A selective, but fairly exhaustive list of who played where and when in Bournemouth and the surrounding area in 1970

The list is prefixed with a brief summary of some of the artists who made an impression in the UK music charts that year

1970, the year The Beatles bowed out with “Let it Be” and rock in the shape of Deep Purple’s “Black Night”, Free’s “All right Now”, Ten Years After’s “Love Like a Man”, Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Chile” and Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” cracked the charts. During the summer months you couldn’t escape Mungo Jerry’s “In the Summertime”. Chart newbies included T Rex, Dave Edmunds, Mathew’s Southern Comfort, McGuiness Flint and Badfinger but the emphasis was on MoR pop with Edison Lighthouse, White Plains, The Pipkins, Dana and Hotlegs all dragging down the quality. Elvis had the biggest selling single with “The Wonder of You” and Lee Marvin, Andy Williams, Peter Paul and Mary, Glen Campbell, Neil Diamond, Christie, Kenny Rogers, Bread, Ray Stevens, The Carpenters and The Cuff Links kept it corny while Simon and Garfunkel, Chicago, Joni Mitchell, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, the Four Tops, Edwin Starr, The Supremes and Three Dog Night added some decorum.


Friday 2nd January: Zoot Money and The Mike Cotton Sound The Ritz

Friday 2nd January: Joe Grundy Neptune Bar

Friday 2nd January: Simon Dupree and The Big Sound + Syd Fay Orchestra Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 3rd January: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Honey Bunch ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 4th January: John L. Watson and The Web Parley Sports Club

Sunday 4th January: Sir Percy Quintet Linden Sports Club

Wednesday 7th January: Latent Image Chequers, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 9th January: Andromeda The Ritz

Friday 9th January: Joe Grundy Annunciation Church Hall

Friday 9th January: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Friday 9th January: Newgate Calendar Neptune Bar

Saturday 10th January: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Aquarius ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 10th January: Chicksagogo The Ritz

Saturday 10th January: The Violin Shoppe YMCA

Sunday 11th January: Wishful Thinking Linden Sports Club

Monday 12th January: Spencer Mac Rendezvous Room, Highcliff Hotel

Wednesday 14th January: Mustard Pot Chequers, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 16th January: The Spirit of John Morgan The Ritz

Friday 16th January: Steamhammer Neptune Bar

Saturday 17th January: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Newgate Calendar ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 17th January: Dishly Grange YMCA

Sunday 18th January: Spangles Parley Sports Club

Sunday 18th January: The Playground Linden Sports Club

Monday 19th January: Red Hat Chequers, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 21st January: The Beachcombers Chequers, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 23rd January: The John Gary Group Neptune Bar

Friday 23rd January: The Embers White Buck, Burley

Friday 23rd January: The Edgar Broughton Band The Ritz

Friday 23rd January: Pete Franklin Chequers, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 24th January: Canned Heat + Renaissance Winter Gardens

Saturday 24th January: The Ray King Soul Band The Ritz

Saturday 24th January: Elias Hulk YMCA

Saturday 24th January: Reformation Halfway Hotel, Parkstone

Saturday 24th January: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Spangles ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 25th January: Love Children Linden Sports Club

Sunday 25th January: The Cavaliers Parley Sports Club

Monday 26th January: Sound Explosion Neptune Bar

Monday 26th January: Finnias Fogg Le Kilt

Thursday 29th January: Joe Grundy Cat & Fiddle, Hinton Admiral

Friday 30th January: Dishly Grange Neptune Bar

Friday 30th January: Estas Tom Cat + Room The Ritz

Saturday 31st January: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Five Degrees ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 31st January: Reflections YMCA

Saturday 31st January: Newgate Calendar + Crimson Season The Ritz


Sunday 1st February: Heatwave Linden Sports Club

Sunday 1st February: Chimera Parley Sports Club

Monday 2nd February: Finnias Fogg Neptune Bar

Wednesday 4th February: The Beachcombers Chequers, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 5th February: Surfins Dream Cat & Fiddle, Hinton Admiral

Thursday 5th February: Joe Grundy Echo Social Club

Friday 6th February: Plough The Ritz

Friday 6th February: The Nice Winter Gardens

Friday 6th February: Chimera White Buck, Burley

Saturday 7th February: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Utopium ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 7th February: The Embers White Buck, Burley

Saturday 7th February: Mowye East Cliff Youth Club

Saturday 7th February: West Coast Music Company YMCA

Saturday 7th February: Sound City + Ruby Spoon The Ritz

Sunday 8th February: Katch 22 Linden Sports Club

Monday 9th February: Mystic Tangent Neptune Bar

Friday 13th February: Graham Bond Initiation The Ritz

Friday 13th February: Shore Road White Buck, Burley

Friday 13th February: Joe Grundy Annunciation Church Hall

Friday 13th February: The Respect Neptune Bar

Saturday 14th February: The Tension YMCA

Saturday 14th February: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Newgate Calendar ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 14th February: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Sunday 15th February: Edison Lighthouse Linden Sports Club

Sunday 15th February: Sound Explosion Parley Sports Club

Sunday 15th February: The New Seekers Winter Gardens

Sunday 15th February: The Honey Bunch + Peace Full The Ritz

Monday 16th February: Ruby Spoon Neptune Bar

Wednesday 18th February: Coconut Mushroom Le Kilt

Thursday 19th February: Finnias Fogg Cat & Fiddle, Hinton Admiral

Friday 20th February: The Embers Parley Sports Club

Friday 20th February: Magic Children Neptune Bar

Friday 20th February: Newgate Calendar YMCA

Saturday 21st February: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Violin Shoppe ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 21st February: Sir Percy Quintet + Fringe Benefit White Buck, Burley

Sunday 22nd February: Sons and Lovers Linden Sports Club

Sunday 22nd February: The Violin Shoppe Parley Sports Club

Tuesday 24th February: Juicy Lucy Poole College

Thursday 26th February: Sir Percy Quintet Cat & Fiddle, Hinton Admiral

Saturday 28th February: The Honey Bunch YMCA

Saturday 28th February: The Sky White Buck, Burley

Saturday 28th February: The Question Mark Parley Sports Club

Saturday 28th February: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Mowye ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms


Sunday 1st March: The Elite Fairway Club

Sunday 1st March: The John Gary Group Parley Sports Club

Sunday 1st March: Badfinger Linden Sporting Club

Monday 2nd March: Taurus Chequers, Lytchett Matravers

Monday 2nd March: The Tension Neptune Bar

Wednesday 4th March: The Beachcombers Chequers, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 5th March: The Cavaliers Echo Social Club

Thursday 5th March: Spencer Mac Cat & Fiddle, Hinton Admiral

Friday 6th March: Love Children White Buck, Burley

Friday 6th March: Fringe Benefit Neptune Bar

Saturday 7th March: Utopium Fairway Club

Saturday 7th March: Gold Dust White Buck, Burley

Saturday 7th March: Clearwater Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 7th March: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Tension ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 8th March: Joe Grundy Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 8th March: The Embers White Buck, Burley

Friday 13th March: Wiz Jones Starlight Club, Jumpers

Friday 13th March: Love Children Cat & Fiddle, Hinton Admiral

Friday 13th March: The Tension Annunciation Church Hall

Friday 13th March: Elijah’s Goat Neptune Bar

Saturday 14th March: The Elite Fairway Club

Saturday 14th March: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Green Steam ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 14th March: Heatwave White Buck, Burley

Sunday 15th March: Newgate Calendar Parley Sports Club

Sunday 15th March: The Candy Choir Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 15th March: The Edwin Hawkin Singers Winter Gardens

Monday 16th March: Taurus Chequers, Lytchett Matravers

Monday 16th March: Ruby Spoon Neptune Bar

Wednesday 18th March: Gypsy + Finnius Fogg + Plough Poole College

Thursday 19th March: Shallow Grave Cat & Fiddle, Hinton Admiral

Thursday 19th March: Davy Graham + Stefan Grossman Poole College

Friday 20th March: Wishful Thinking White Buck, Burley

Friday 20th March: Finnias Fogg Neptune Bar

Saturday 21st March: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Genevieve ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 22nd March: The Beachcombers Fairway Club

Sunday 22nd March: The Cavaliers Linden Sporting Club

Tuesday 24th March: Chicken Shack + The Groundhogs + Acid Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 25th March: Sinnermen and Sara Regal, Ringwood

Thursday 26th March: Heatwave Cat & Fiddle, Hinton Admiral

Thursday 26th March: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Friday 27th March: Yellow Pages Neptune Bar

Saturday 28th March: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Aquarius ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 28th March: Clearwater Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 28th March: Chimera White Buck, Burley

Saturday 28th March: The Image Show Pebbles

Sunday 29th March: Sasperella Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 29th March: Cupid’s Inspiration Linden Sporting Club

Monday 30th March: Team Dokus Chequers, Lytchett Matravers

Monday 30th March: Aquarius Neptune Bar

Tuesday 31st March: Sinnermen and Sara White Buck, Burley


Wednesday 1st April: The Beachcombers Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 1st April: Sinnermen and Sara Regal, Ringwood

Friday 3rd April: The Tension Neptune Bar

Friday 3rd April: The Intro White Buck, Burley

Friday 3rd April: The Question Mark Parley Sports Club

Saturday 4th April: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Ruby Spoon ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 5th April: Remedy Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 5th April: Don Partridge + Reformation Cat & Fiddle, Hinton Admiral

Sunday 5th April: Aquarius Parley Sports Club

Monday 6th April: Sebastian Neptune Bar

Friday 10th April: Tim Hart + Maddy Prior Express Folk Club, Pembroke Arms

Friday 10th April: Dishly Grange Neptune Bar

Saturday 11th April: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Mystic Tangent ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 12th April: Gene Pitney + Badfinger + Johnny Hackett + Satisfaction + Clodagh Rodgers Winter Gardens

Sunday 12th April: The Cavaliers Parley Sports Club

Sunday 12th April: Jason Cord Linden Sporting Club

Monday 13th April: Joe Grundy Neptune Bar

Monday 13th April: Team Dokus Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 17th April: Ruby Spoon Neptune Bar

Friday 17th April: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Saturday 18th April: The Flock + The Spirit of John Morgan Winter Gardens

Saturday 18th April: The Cavaliers White Buck, Burley

Saturday 18th April: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Generation ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 19th April: The Candy Choir Linden Sporting Club

Monday 20th April: The Five Degrees Neptune Bar

Tuesday 21st April: Latent Image Shipwright Arms, Poole

Friday 24th April: Jon Hiseman’s Colosseum Royal Ballrooms

Friday 24th April: The John Gary Group Neptune Bar

Friday 24th April: The Embers White Buck, Burley

Saturday 25th April: Billy Fury + The Tension White Buck, Burley

Saturday 25th April: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Joe Grundy ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 26th April: Spencer Mac Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 26th April: The Baloons Parley Sports Club

Monday 27th April: The Tension Neptune Bar

Monday 27th April: The Generation Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 29th April: Sinnermen and Sara White Buck, Burley

Thursday 30th April: The Hour Cat & Fiddle, Hinton Admiral


Friday 1st May: Wishful Thinking White Buck, Burley

Saturday 2nd May: Taj Mahal + Rare Bird Winter Gardens

Saturday 2nd May: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Utopium ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 2nd May: Paper Dolls White Buck, Burley

Sunday 3rd May: The Embers Parley Sports Club

Sunday 3rd May: Sir Percy Quintet Linden Sporting Club

Monday 4th May: Sound Explosion Neptune Bar

Tuesday 5th May: The Generation Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 8th May: Elijah’s Ghost Neptune Bar

Friday 8th May: Heatwave White Buck, Burley

Saturday 9th May: The Paper Dolls + The Tension White Buck, Burley

Saturday 9th May: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Horizon ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 10th May: 67 Park Lane Linden Sporting Club

Monday 11th May: Ruby Spoon Neptune Bar

Wednesday 13th May: Johnny Cash Winter Gardens

Saturday 16th May: John Mayall + Duster Bennett Winter Gardens

Saturday 16th May: Springfield Park The Hive

Saturday 16th May: Western Express Parley Sports Club

Saturday 16th May: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Tension ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 17th May: Roy Orbison + Karen Young + Arrival + The Art Movement + Jimmy Marshall Winter Gardens

Sunday 17th May: Body and Soul Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 17th May: Joe Grundy Parley Sports Club

Monday 18th May: The John Gary Group Neptune Bar

Friday 22nd May: The Pebbles The Hive

Friday 22nd May: Wild Country + Shallow Grave Henry Brown Social Club

Friday 22nd May: The Tension White Buck, Burley

Friday 22nd May: Peacewave Neptune Bar

Saturday 23rd May: Tom Paxton Winter Gardens

Saturday 23rd May: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Newgate Calendar ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 23rd May: The Greatest Show on Earth Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 23rd May: The Crew The Hive

Sunday 24th May: Slade Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 24th May: The Royalty Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 24th May: Brownhills Stamp Duty Parley Sports Club

Monday 25th May: Mankey Cat Regal, Ringwood

Monday 25th May: Aquarius Neptune Bar

Monday 25th May: The John Gary Group White Buck, Burley

Wednesday 27th May: The Beachcombers Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 29th May: The Sweet The Hive

Friday 29th May: Dipsy Halfway Hotel, Parkstone

Friday 29th May: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Sunday 31st May: Cats Eyes Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 31st May: Jimmy James and The Vagabonds Pavilion Ballroom


Monday 1st June: Elias Hulk Neptune Bar

Thursday 4th June: Juicy Lucy + Upstairs Basement The Hive

Friday 5th June: The Keef Hartley Big Band Winter Gardens

Friday 5th June: Wedgewood Wing White Buck, Burley

Saturday 6th June: The Question Mark Parley Sports Club

Saturday 6th June: Springfield Park The Hive

Saturday 6th June: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Mowye ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 6th June: Sir Percy Quintet White Buck, Burley

Sunday 7th June: Rinky Dink Rock ‘n’ Roll Show Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 7th June: Love Children Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 7th June: Aquarius Parley Sports Club

Monday 8th June: The Horizon Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Monday 8th June: Joe Grundy Neptune Bar

Tuesday 9th June: Spencer Mac Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 10th June: The Beachcombers Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 11th June: Black Sabbath The Hive

Friday 12th June: Dave Dee + David White Buck, Burley

Saturday 13th June: Napoleon The Hive

Saturday 13th June: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Blakeney Point ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 14th June: Heatwave Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 14th June: The Question Mark Parley Sports Club

Monday 15th June: Finnias Fogg Neptune Bar

Tuesday 16th June: Spencer Mac Pavilion Ballroom

Thursday 18th June: Jon Hiseman’s Colosseum The Hive

Friday 19th June: Mankey Cat The Hive

Friday 19th June: The John Gary Group White Buck, Burley

Saturday 20th June: The Rockin’ Berries + The Tension White Buck, Burley

Saturday 20th June: The Bagge The Hive

Saturday 20th June: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Ruby Spoon ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 21st June: Newgate Calendar Parley Sports Club

Sunday 21st June: Spencer Mac Linden Sporting Club

Monday 22nd June: Aquarius Neptune Bar

Monday 22nd June: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 26th June: Katch 22 The Hive

Friday 26th June: The Mohawks Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 26th June: Billy Fury White Buck, Burley

Saturday 27th June: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Fringe Benefit ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 27th June: Heatwave White Buck, Burley

Saturday 27th June: The Wild Angels Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 28th June: McArthur Park Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 28th June: The Baloons Parley Sports Club

Monday 29th June: The John Gary Group Neptune Bar


Thursday 2nd July: Aquarius Echo Social Club

Friday 3rd July: Marmalade + The Tension Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 4th July: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Tension ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 4th July: Cupid’s Inspiration The Hive

Saturday 4th July: Clearwater Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 5th July: Lucas and The Soul Sound Parley Sports Club

Sunday 5th July: Sons and Lovers Linden Sporting Club

Monday 6th July: Aquarius Neptune Bar

Monday 6th July: Fringe Benefit Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 8th July: Christie The Hive

Thursday 9th July: Room + Goodrat Cat and Fiddle, Hinton Admiral

Thursday 9th July: Dave & Toni Arthur + The Yetties + Dave Kelly Poole College

Friday 10th July: Wishful Thinking White Buck, Burley

Friday 10th July: Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich + The Pretty Things Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 11th July: The Mowhawks The Hive

Saturday 11th July: Marty Wilde White Buck, Burley

Sunday 12th July: Orange Bicycle Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 12th July: Heatwave Parley Sports Club

Monday 13th July: Elias Hulk Neptune Bar

Tuesday 14th July: Spencer Mac Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 15th July: The Beachcombers Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 15th July: Edison Lighthouse The Hive

Friday 17th July: Desmond Dekker and The Aces + The Tension Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 17th July: Billy J. Kramer + The Late + The Spice White Buck, Burley

Friday 17th July: Skid Row The Hive

Friday 17th July: Martin Carthy Express Folk Club, Pembroke Arms

Saturday 18th July: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The John Gary Group ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 18th July: Copper Spoon White Buck, Burley

Saturday 18th July: The Reformation The Hive

Sunday 19th July: Portrait Parley Sports Club

Sunday 19th July: Sir Percy Quintet Linden Sporting Club

Monday 20th July: The Tension Neptune Bar

Wednesday 22nd July: Mr Bloe The Hive

Thursday 23rd July: Principal Edwards Magic Theatre The Hive

Friday 24th July: Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band + The Tension Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 25th July: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Joe Grundy ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 25th July: Status Quo The Hive

Sunday 26th July: The Move Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 26th July: The Art Movement Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 26th July: The Embers Parley Sports Club

Monday 27th July: Joe Grundy Neptune Bar

Thursday 30th July: Black Widow The Hive

Friday 31st July: Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames + The Tension Pavilion Ballroom


Saturday 1st August: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Porridge ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 1st August: Laurel Aitken Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 2nd August: Clearwater Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 2nd August: McArthur Park Linden Sporting Club

Monday 3rd August: Elias Hulk Neptune Bar

Tuesday 4th August: Spencer Mac Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 5th August: Love Affair The Hive

Friday 7th August: The Move + The Tension Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 8th August: Sinnermen and Sara YMCA

Saturday 8th August: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The John Gary Group ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 9th August: Rainbow People Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 9th August: Silent Pattern Parley Sports Club

Sunday 9th August: Jimmy James and The Vagabonds Pavilion Ballroom

Monday 10th August: Joe Grundy Neptune Bar

Monday 10th August: Crystal Box Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 11th August: Free + Spencer Mac and Gary Rice Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 12th August: Picketty Witch The Hive

Friday 14th August: The Tremeloes + The Tension Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 15th August: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Blakeney Point ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 15th August: The Tremeloes + The Tension Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 16th August: Mowye Parley Sports Club

Sunday 16th August: Millie Small Linden Sporting Club

Monday 17th August: Aquarius Neptune Bar

Tuesday 18th August: Derek and The Dominos + Spencer Mac and Gary Rice Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 19th August: White Plains The Hive

Friday 21st August: The Foundations + The Tension Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 21st August: The Spice White Buck, Burley

Saturday 22nd August: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Bethany ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 22nd August: Magnum Opus The Whincroft, Ferndown

Saturday 22nd August: Sounds of Time White Buck, Burley

Sunday 23rd August: Body and Soul Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 23rd August: Trampoline Parley Sports Club

Monday 24th August: The Tension Neptune Bar

Tuesday 25th August: Spencer Mac Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 26th August: Dozy Beaky Mick & Titch The Hive

Friday 28th August: The Embers White Buck, Burley

Friday 28th August: The Kinks + The Tension Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 29th August: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Mowye ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 29th August: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Saturday 29th August: The Beachcombers The Whincroft, Ferndown

Saturday 29th August: Madrigal The Hive

Sunday 30th August: Heatwave Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 30th August: Three Wheeled Apple Parley Sports Club

Sunday 30th August: The Mohawks Pavilion Ballroom

Monday 31st August: Mankey Cat Neptune Bar


Wednesday 2nd September: Spencer Mac Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 5th September: Yellow Tricycle Road Show The Hive

Saturday 5th September: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Tension ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 5th September: Taurus The Whincroft, Ferndown

Sunday 6th September: Aquarius Parley Sports Club

Sunday 6th September: The Candy Choir Linden Sporting Club

Monday 7th September: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Monday 7th September: Barnabus Neptune Bar

Friday 11th September: Shirley Collins Express Folk Club, Pembroke Arms

Saturday 12th September: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Calendar ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 12th September: Mankey Cat The Whincroft, Ferndown

Sunday 13th September: Rinki Dink Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 13th September: Spencer Mac Parley Sports Club

Monday 14th September: Mrs Gillespie’s Refrigerator Neptune Bar

Wednesday 16th September: The Beachcombers Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 19th September: The Five Degrees The Whincroft, Ferndown

Saturday 19th September: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + West Coast Music Company ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 19th September: The Information The Hive

Sunday 20th September: Johnny Johnson and The Bandwagon Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 20th September: Lady Jane and The Royalty Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 20th September: Honeysuckle Parley Sports Club

Monday 21st September: The Tension Trident Room, Neptune Bar

Wednesday 23rd September: Mustard Pot Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 25th September: Sounds of Time White Buck, Burley

Saturday 26th September: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + The Tension ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 26th September: Marty Wilde + The Weather White Buck, Burley

Saturday 26th September: Apricot Brandy The Hive

Saturday 26th September: The Beachcombers The Whincroft, Ferndown

Sunday 27th September: Nite People Barbarella’s

Sunday 27th September: Portrait Parley Sports Club

Sunday 27th September: The Love Children Linden Sporting Club

Monday 28th September: Aquarius Trident Room, Neptune Bar

Tuesday 29th September: Pete Franklin Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers


Thursday 1st October: The Tension Echo Social Club

Friday 2nd October: Edison Lighthouse White Buck, Burley

Saturday 3rd October: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Green Steam‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 3rd October: The Information The Hive

Sunday 4th October: John L. Watson and The Web Parley Sports Club

Sunday 4th October: Magnum Opus The Whincroft, Ferndown

Sunday 4th October: Sinnermen and Sara YMCA

Sunday 4th October: The Playground Linden Sporting Club  

Tuesday 6th October: Principal Edwards Magic Theatre + Gypsy Poole College

Wednesday 7th October: Derek and The Dominos + Bret Marvin and The Thunderbolts Winter Gardens

Wednesday 7th October: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 10th October: Bill Collins Band ‘Ballroom’ + Dishley Grange ‘Beat Room’ Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 10th October: Black Love The Hive

Saturday 10th October: Goodrat The Whincroft, Ferndown

Sunday 11th October: Sons and Lovers Linden Sporting Club  

Sunday 11th October: Nite People Parley Sports Club

Saturday 17th October: Wedgewood Wing The Whincroft, Ferndown

Saturday 17th October: Chancery Lane The Hive

Sunday 18th October: The Baloons Parley Sports Club

Sunday 18th October: Delroy Williams Linden Sporting Club  

Tuesday 20th October: Emerson Lake and Palmer + Spontaneous Combustion Winter Gardens

Friday 23rd October: The Spice White Buck, Burley

Saturday 24th October: Windmill The Hive

Saturday 24th October: Wishfull Thinking + The Hood White Buck, Burley

Sunday 25th October: Black Sabbath + The Actress + Gary Rice Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 25th October: Adge Cutler and The Wurzels Winter Gardens

Sunday 25th October: Magic Roundabout Linden Sporting Club  

Sunday 25th October: The Embers Parley Sports Club

Monday 26th October: Shore Road Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 27th October: Cat Stevens + Affinity + Blakeney Point ‘Rag Ball’ Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 30th October: Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee + Sister Rosetta Tharpe + Bukka White + Champion Jack Dupree + Willie Dixon’s Chicago Blues All-Stars with Shakey Horton, Lafayette Leak, Clifton James and Lee Jackson ‘The American Folk, Blues & Gospel Festival ’70Winter Gardens

Friday 30th October: The John Gary Group White Buck, Burley

Saturday 31st October: Orange Hair The Hive

Saturday 31st October: The Generation White Buck, Burley


Sunday 1st November: Ten Years After Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 1st November: The Beachcombers Fairway Club

Sunday 1st November: Body and Soul Linden Sporting Club  

Wednesday 4th November: Ginger Baker’s Air Force Winter Gardens

Wednesday 4th November: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 5th November: Trampoline + Taurus Tralee Hotel

Friday 6th November: Deep Purple Winter Gardens

Friday 6th November: Mad Apple White Buck, Burley

Friday 6th November: Portrait Parley Sports Club

Saturday 7th November: Orange Box Fairway Club

Saturday 7th November: The Love Children White Buck, Burley

Saturday 7th November: Magnum Opus The Whincroft, Ferndown

Saturday 7th November: Katch 22 The Hive

Sunday 8th November: The Sidewinders Fairway Club

Sunday 8th November: The Onyx Linden Sporting Club  

Sunday 8th November: Black Widow + Gary Rice Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 11th November: Michael Chapman + Bridget St. John + Gerry Lockran + Derek Brimstone ‘Folk Night’ Poole College  

Friday 13th November: The Night Riders The Whincroft, Ferndown

Saturday 14th November: Cupids Inspiration White Buck, Burley

Saturday 14th November: The Highway Fairway Club

Saturday 14th November: Western Express Parley Sports Club

Saturday 14th November: Brownhills Stamp Duty Parley Sports Club

Sunday 15th November: Tony Williams Lifetime with Jack Bruce, John McLaughlin and Larry Young + The Greatest Show on Earth Winter Gardens

Sunday 15th November: The Beachcombers Fairway Club

Sunday 15th November: Freedom Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 15th November: The Playground Parley Sports Club

Sunday 15th November: The Crazy Paving Linden Sporting Club  

Friday 20th November: Marmalade Chelsea Village

Friday 20th November: Cliff Richard + Marvin, Welch & Farrar Winter Gardens

Friday 20th November: Spoonful Trinity Hall

Saturday 21st November: The Stairway Fairway Club

Saturday 21st November: Family Winter Gardens

Monday 22nd November: Portrait Linden Sporting Club  

Monday 22nd November: Spirit of John Morgan Ocean Room Pavilion

Thursday 26th November: The Embers Chelsea Village

Friday 27th November: Tyrannosaurus Rex Winter Gardens

Friday 27th November: The Dream Police The Courtyard, Ferndown

Saturday 28th November: Western Express Parley Sports Club

Saturday 28th November: Slim Gypsy Fairway Club

Saturday 28th November: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Sunday 29th November: The Late Parley Sports Club

Sunday 29th November: The Love Children Linden Sporting Club  

Sunday 29th November: Honey Dew Melon Fairway Club


Wednesday 2nd December: Englebert Humperdink Winter Gardens

Thursday 3rd December: The Sidewinders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 4th December: The Beachcombers Fairway Club

Friday 4th December: The Roy Young Band Chelsea Village

Saturday 5th December: The Question Mark Parley Sports Club

Sunday 6th December: The Onyx Parley Sports Club

Sunday 6th December: The Gang The Palmerston

Sunday 6th December: Spoonful Fairway Club

Sunday 6th December: Wishful Thinking Linden Sporting Club 

Monday 7th December: Osibisa Chelsea Village

Monday 7th December: Taurus Starlight Club, Jumpers

Tuesday 8th December: Room + Taurus The Hive

Tuesday 8th December: Satisfaction Chelsea Village

Tuesday 8th December: Bert Weedon White Buck, Burley

Wednesday 9th December: Crazy Mabel Chelsea Village

Saturday 12th December: The Beach Boys + The Flame Winter Gardens

Saturday 12th December: Western Express Parley Sports Club

Sunday 13th December: Kansas Hoot Linden Sporting Club 

Sunday 13th December: Trampoline Parley Sports Club

Monday 14th December: The Tremeloes Chelsea Village

Tuesday 15th December: Cupids Inspiration Chelsea Village

Tuesday 15th December: The Sidewinders Old Harry, Poole

Tuesday 15th December: Sinnermen and Sara Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 16th December: The Onyx Chelsea Village

Wednesday 16th December: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 16th December: The Edgar Broughton Band + High Tide + Marble Orchard Poole College

Thursday 17th December: Patrick Dayne and the Frontline Chelsea Village

Saturday 19th December: Magnum Opus Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Sunday 20th December: Joe Grundy Fairway Club

Sunday 20th December: Aquarius Parley Sports Club

Sunday 20th December: The Candy Choir Linden Sporting Club

Wednesday 23rd December: Nite People East Howe Youth Club

Thursday 24th December: The Beachcombers + The Sidewinders ‘Christmas Eve’ Fairway Club

Thursday 24th December: The Question Mark ‘Christmas Eve’ Parley Sports Club

Saturday 26th December: The Peddlers ‘Boxing Day’ Chelsea Village

Saturday 26th December: Wishful Thinking ‘Boxing Day’ White Buck, Burley

Saturday 26th December: Room + The Tension ‘Boxing Day’ Ocean Room, Pavilion

Sunday 27th December: The Embers Parley Sports Club

Tuesday 29th December: Salamander Chelsea Village

Wednesday 30th December: S.O.D. Chelsea Village

Thursday 31st December: Spoonful ‘New Year’s Eve’ White Buck, Burley

Thursday 31st December: Aquarius + The Tension ‘New Year’s Eve’ Ocean Room, Pavilion

Thursday 31st December: Harmony Grass ‘New Year’s Eve’ Chelsea Village