Gigs 1971

A selective, but fairly exhaustive list of who played where and when in Bournemouth and the surrounding area in 1971

Each list is prefixed with a brief summary of some of the artists who made an impression in the UK music charts that year

1971 saw the first glimmer of glam rock in the charts with T Rex, Slade and The Sweet all making a sizable mark, plus a solo Rod Stewart and Elton John were embarking on long, extremely successful careers. In a parallel universe hard rock and progressive rock bands were selling out concert halls up and down the land and some even managed to crash into the charts, Family, East of Eden, Atomic Rooster, Curved Air, Free and Deep Purple all looked totally out of place miming to their hits on Top of the Pops. Otherwise it was business as usual with Clive Dunn, Tony Christie, The Mixtures, Lobo, Benny Hill, Middle of the Road, Shirley Bassey, Olivia Newton-John and The Piglets all assaulting our ears. There was no relief from across the pond either as they foisted Dawn, Lyn Anderson, Perry Como, Tami Lyn, Ray Stevens, Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood and Neil Diamond on us. Thank God then for The Supremes, the Four Tops and The Temptations.


Friday 1st January: Joe Grundy Fairway Club

Friday 1st January: The Spice White Buck, Burley

Saturday 2nd January: The Intro Fairway Club

Saturday 2nd January: The Question Mark Parley Sports Club

Sunday 3rd January: The Beachcombers Fairway Club

Sunday 3rd January: Nite People Parley Sports Club

Sunday 3rd January: The Embers Linden Sporting Club

Monday 4th January: Mustard Pot Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 8th January: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Saturday 9th January: Joe Grundy Parley Sports Club

Saturday 9th January: Spoonful White Buck, Burley

Sunday 10th January: Honey Dew Melon Fairway Club

Sunday 10th January: Portrait Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 10th January: Mad Manah Parley Sports Club

Tuesday 12th January: Sinnermen and Sara Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 13th January: Spencer Mac Le Kilt

Wednesday 13th January: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 16th January: Time Slide White Buck, Burley

Sunday 17th January: Madrigal Chelsea Village

Sunday 17th January: The Beachcombers Fairway Club

Sunday 17th January: Wishful Thinking Linden Sporting Club

Thursday 21st January: Marjorine Chelsea Village

Friday 22nd January: The Sidewinders Mudgees Place, Whincroft, Ferndown

Friday 22nd January: Taurus White Buck, Burley

Saturday 23rd January: Genevive White Buck, Burley

Sunday 24th January: The Onyx Chelsea Village

Sunday 24th January: Magnum Opus Fairway Club

Sunday 24th January: McArthur Park Linden Sporting Club

Thursday 28th January: Rufus Thomas Chelsea Village

Friday 29th January: Wishful Thinking + Spoonful White Buck, Burley

Friday 29th January: Edwin Starr Chelsea Village

Saturday 30th January: Julie Felix with Danny Thompson Winter Gardens

Saturday 30th January: The Tension Old Harry, Poole

Sunday 31st January: New Federation Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 31st January: Honey Dew Melon Fairway Club

Sunday 31st January: The Faces + Steamhammer + Eclection Winter Gardens


Monday 1st February: Team Dokus George Hotel, Poole

Wednesday 3rd February: The Groundhogs + Hawkwind Poole College

Thursday 4th February: The Beachcombers Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 5th February: Spoonful Mudgees Place, Whincroft, Ferndown

Friday 5th February: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Friday 5th February: Alexis Korner + Duster Bennett + Karakorum Winter Gardens

Saturday 6th February: The John Gary Group White Buck, Burley

Saturday 6th February: Mustard Pot Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 6th February: Stevie Wonder + Martha Reeves and The Vandellas Winter Gardens

Sunday 7th February: Spencer Mac Chelsea Village

Sunday 7th February: The Onyx Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 7th February: Deep Purple + Hardin York Winter Gardens

Wednesday 10th February: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 13th February: Van Der Graff Generator + Genesis + Lindisfarne Winter Gardens

Saturday 13th February: Wishful Thinking White Buck, Burley

Saturday 13th February: Spoonful Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Sunday 14th February: The Beachcombers Fairway Club

Sunday 14th February: Leon Russell Winter Gardens

Sunday 14th February: Tobias Wragg Linden Sporting Club

Tuesday 16th February: Pete Franklin Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 19th February: Mad Apple White Buck, Burley

Friday 19th February: The Equals Chelsea Village

Saturday 20th February: The Tension White Buck, Burley

Saturday 20th February: Magnum Opus Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Sunday 21st February: Worth Linden Sporting Club

Friday 26th February: Johnny Johnson and The Bandwagon Chelsea Village

Friday 26th February: Pentangle Winter Gardens

Saturday 27th February: The Question Mark Parley Sports Club

Sunday 28th February: The Embers Parley Sports Club

Sunday 28th February: The Candy Choir Linden Sporting Club


Monday 1st March: Mustard Pot Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 2nd March: Free + Amazing Blondel Winter Gardens

Friday 5th March: Jethro Tull + Steeleye Span Winter Gardens

Friday 5th March: The Beachcombers Unity Club, Branksome

Friday 5th March: The Genies Fairway Club

Saturday 6th March: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 6th March: Mad Apple Fairway Club

Sunday 7th March: The Onyx Parley Sports Club

Sunday 7th March: Sons and Lovers Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 7th March: Magnum Opus Fairway Club

Wednesday 10th March: Yes + Johnathon Swift Winter Gardens

Friday 12th March: The Kinks Chelsea Village

Friday 12th March: Magnum Opus Mudgees Place, Whincroft, Ferndown

Saturday 13th March: War Horse The Hive

Saturday 13th March: The Carnival Fairway Club

Sunday 14th March: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Sunday 14th March: Wishful Thinking Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 14th March: The Gang Fairway Club

Thursday 18th March: Harmony Grass Chelsea Village

Friday 19th March: Tom Paxton Winter Gardens

Friday 19th March: Clive Lea and The Rockin’ Berries White Buck, Burley

Friday 19th March: The Night Riders Mudgees Place, Whincroft, Ferndown

Saturday 20th March: Chicken Shack The Hive

Sunday 21st March: Ashton, Gardner and Dyke Motown Club, Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 21st March: The Playground Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 21st March: The Web Parley Sports Club

Monday 22nd March: The John Gary Group Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 23rd March: Sinnermen and Sara Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 24th March: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 26th March: Hot Chocolate Chelsea Village

Friday 26th March: Just Us Mudgees Place, Whincroft, Ferndown

Saturday 27th March: Jackson Heights The Hive

Saturday 27th March: Spencer Mac + The Tension Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 27th March: Fairport Convention Winter Gardens

Sunday 28th March: Sir Washington Soul Show Motown Club, Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 28th March: Magnum Opus Fairway Club

Sunday 28th March: Sound of Time Linden Sporting Club

Tuesday 30th March: The Incredible String Band ‘Poole College Rag’ Winter Gardens


Thursday 1st April: The Beachcombers Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 2nd April: Eddie Floyd Chelsea Village

Friday 2nd April: Peter Bellamy Express Folk Club, Pembroke Arms

Saturday 3rd April: Mick Abrahams Band The Hive

Saturday 3rd April: Soul Machine + The Spice Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 3rd April: The Question Mark Parley Sports Club

Saturday 3rd April: Mike Silver + John St. Field + Roger Moss + Shelagh McDonald ‘Acoustic Night’, Poole College

Sunday 4th April: Georgie Fame and Alan Price + Zoot Money Winter Gardens

Sunday 4nd April: Mandarine Craze Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 4nd April: The Beachcombers Fairway Club

Tuesday 6th April: Emerson Lake and Palmer Winter Gardens

Saturday 10th April: John McFlare Band Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 11th April: Heatwave Chelsea Village

Sunday 11th April: The Candy Choir Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 11th April: Wild Country Cat & Fiddle, Hinton 

Sunday 11th April: Satisfaction Samantha’s

Monday 12th April: Peter Noone’s Herman’s Hermits Chelsea Village

Monday 12th April: Magnum Opus Fairway Club

Monday 12th April: The Tension Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Friday 16th April: Mott the Hoople + Bronco Winter Gardens

Friday 16th April: Marmalade Chelsea Village

Saturday 17th April: Mungo Jerry + Comus Winter Gardens

Saturday 17th April: Origin The Hive

Saturday 17th April: Heatwave Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 18th April: McArthur Park Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 19th April: Cincinnati Hog Farm Neptune Bars

Sunday 19th April: The Question Mark Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 20th April: Electric Light Orchestra Winter Gardens

Wednesday 21st April: Caravan + Barclay James Harvest + Gringo Winter Gardens

Friday 23rd April: Root and Jenny Jackson Chelsea Village

Friday 23rd April: Wishful Thinking White Buck, Burley

Friday 23rd April: The Soft Machine Winter Gardens

Saturday 24th April: The Groundhogs The Hive

Saturday 24th April: Brownhills Stamp Duty Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 24th April: Just Us Parley Sports Club

Sunday 25th April: The Embers Linden Sporting Club

Thursday 29th April: The Houseshakers The Hive

Friday 30th April: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Friday 30th April: The Foundations Chelsea Village

Friday 30th April: Taurus Old Harry, Poole


Saturday 1st May: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 1st May: Dave and Ansill Collins Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 1st May: Black Sabbath The Hive

Saturday1st May: Karen Young White Buck, Burley

Sunday 2nd May: The New Federation Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 2nd May: Hurricane Smith Chelsea Village

Monday 3rd May: The Question Mark Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Monday 3rd May: Cincinnati Hog Farm Neptune Bar

Wednesday 5th May: The Alan Bown Samantha’s

Thursday 6th May: The Magic Rock Band The Hive

Friday 7th May: The Embers White Buck, Burley

Friday 7th May: The Question Mark Parley Sports Club

Friday 7th May: Jimmy James and The Vagabonds Chelsea Village

Saturday 8th May: Del Roy Williams Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 8th May: Wishful Thinking Linden Sporting Club

Saturday 8th May: May Blitz The Hive

Sunday 9th May: T Rex Winter Gardens

Thursday 13th May: The Wild Angels The Hive

Friday 14th May: The Tremeloes Chelsea Village

Friday 14th May: Chicken Shack The Hive

Friday 14th May: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Saturday 15th May: Aquarius Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 15th May: Brinsley Schwartz The Hive

Sunday 16th May: The Image Chelsea Village

Sunday 16th May: Tobias Wragg Linden Sporting Club

Friday 21st May: Uriah Heep The Hive

Friday 21st May: Cat Stevens+ Tir Na Nog Winter Gardens

Saturday 22nd May: Edison Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 23rd May: Spinning Wheel Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 23rd May: The Gang Palmerston

Monday 24th May: Mustard Pot Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Monday 24th May: Cincinnati Hog Farm Neptune Bar

Tuesday 25th May: Rod McKuen Winter Gardens

Wednesday 26th May: The Faces + Atomic Rooster Winter Gardens

Friday 28th May: Sebastian Palmerston

Friday 28th May: Roy Young Band The Hive

Friday 28th May: The Sweet Chelsea Village

Friday 28th May: Judith Durham Winter Gardens

Friday 28th May: The Embers White Buck, Burley

Saturday 29th May: Fairground Parley Sports Club

Saturday 29th May: Bert Weedon White Buck, Burley

Sunday 30th May: Worth Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 30th May: Cinnamon Cat & Fiddle, Hinton 

Monday 31st May: The Alan Bown Samantha’s

Monday 31st May: Christie Chelsea Village


Tuesday 1st June: Cinnamon Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 2nd June: King Crimson + Roger Ruskin Spear and His Giant Kinetic Wardrobe Winter Gardens

Wednesday 2nd June: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 4th June: The Flirtations Chelsea Village

Friday 4th June: Aquarius Le Cardinal

Friday 4th June: Pete Franklin Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 4th June: Thin Lizzy The Hive

Saturday 5th June: Worth Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 5th June: The Nightriders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Sunday 6th June: Golliwog Linden Sporting Club

Monday 7th June: Chairman of the Board Chelsea Village

Monday 7th June: Magnum Opus Le Cardinal

Monday 7th June: Cincinnati Hog Farm Neptune Bar

Friday 11th June: The Equals Chelsea Village

Friday 11th June: Pete Franklin Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 11th June: The Spice Le Cardinal

Saturday 12th June: The Sky White Buck, Burley

Saturday 12th June: The Question Mark Parley Sports Club

Saturday 12th June: The Montanas Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 13th June: Able Fletcher Linden Sporting Club

Monday 14th June: Ashton, Gardner and Dyke Chelsea Village

Thursday 17th June: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 18th June: The Pink Fairies The Hive

Friday 18th June: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Friday 18th June: The Fantastics Chelsea Village

Saturday 19th June: Bethany Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 19th June: Magic Alice White Buck, Burley

Sunday 20th June: J. J. Band Chelsea Village

Monday 21st June: Roy Young Band Chelsea Village

Tuesday 22nd June: Wild Country Richmond Room, Norfolk Hotel

Wednesday 23rd June: Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band The Hive

Wednesday 23rd June: The Beachcombers Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 25th June: Van Der Graaf Generator The Hive

Friday 25th June: Desmond Dekker and The Aces Chelsea Village

Friday 25th June: The John Gary Group White Buck, Burley

Saturday 26th June: The Foundations Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 26th June: Bethany The Hive

Sunday 27th June: The Candy Choir Linden Sporting Club

Monday 28th June: Tami Lynn Chelsea Village

Tuesday 29th June: Styva Manor Chelsea Village

Wednesday 30th June: Hot Chocolate The Hive


Thursday 1st July: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 2nd July: The Paper Dolls Chelsea Village

Friday 2nd July: The Rock ‘n’ Roll All Stars + White Rabbit Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 3rd July: The Hood White Buck, Burley

Saturday 3rd July: Fable Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 4th July: Cincinnati Hog Farm Quarterdeck, Bournemouth Promenade

Sunday 4th July: Sebastian Parley Sports Club

Monday 5th July: Mustard Pot Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 7th July: Cincinnati Hog Farm Old Harry, Poole

Wednesday 7th July: Middle of the Road The Hive

Thursday 8th July: The Toad Old Harry, Poole

Friday 9th July: Wishful Thinking White Buck, Burley

Friday 9th July: Johnny Johnson and The Bandwagon Chelsea Village

Friday 9th July: The Wild Angels Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 9th July: Sebastian Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 10th July: Genevieve White Buck, Burley

Saturday 10th July: Del Roy Williams Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 10th July: The Tension Parley Sports Club

Sunday 11th July: Wishful Thinking Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 11th July: The Gang Palmerston, Boscombe

Monday 12th July: Zimbalist Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 13th July: Desmond Dekker and The Aces The Hive

Tuesday 13th July: Wild Country Richmond Room, Norfolk Hotel

Wednesday 14th July: Heaven The Hive

Friday 16th July: The Fortunes Chelsea Village

Friday 16th July: Team Dokus Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 16th July: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Saturday 17th July: The Stack Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 18th July: Osibisa The Hive

Sunday 18th July: Jan’s Crowd Linden Sporting Club

Wednesday 21st July: Medicine Head The Hive

Thursday 22nd July: The Edgar Broughton Band + The Alan Bown ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms

Thursday 22nd July: The Sweet The Hive

Friday 23rd July: Van Der Graaf Generator Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 23rd July: Jimmy James and The Vagabonds Chelsea Village

Friday 23rd July: Taurus Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 24th July: Mungo Jerry Chelsea Village

Saturday 24th July: Cinnamon Cat & Fiddle, Hinton

Saturday 24th July: The Sky Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 25th July: The Embers Linden Sporting Club

Wednesday 28th July: The Fantastics The Hive

Thursday 29th July: Sand Old Harry, Poole

Thursday 29th July: The Groundhogs + Chicken Shack ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms

Friday 30th July: East of Eden The Hive

Friday 30th July: Spontaneous Combustion Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 30th July: The Beachcombers Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 31st July: Heatwave Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 31st July: Cincinnati Hog Farm Quarterdeck, Promenade


Sunday 1st August: Del Roy Williams Linden Sporting Club

Monday 2nd August: The Flirtations Chelsea Village

Wednesday 4th August: St Cecelia The Hive

Wednesday 4th August: Cincinnati Hog Farm Old Harry, Poole

Thursday 5th August: Colosseum + Jo Jammer ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms

Friday 6th August: The Sweet Chelsea Village

Friday 6th August: The Pretty Things Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 7th August: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 7th August: The Question Mark White Buck, Burley

Sunday 8th August: Black Velvet Chelsea Village

Sunday 8th August: Suspect Linden Sporting Club

Monday 9th August: Dave and Ansell Collins Chelsea Village

Monday 9th August: Slade The Hive

Tuesday 10th August: Cinnamon Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 11th August: The Foundations The Hive

Thursday 12th August: T Rex + Freedom ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms

Thursday 12th August: Team Dokus Old Harry, Poole

Friday 13th August: Quiver The Hive

Friday 13th August: White Plains Chelsea Village

Friday 13th August: Calendar Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 14th August: Mandarin Craze Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 15th August: The Onyx Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 15th August: The Crew Chelsea Village

Monday 16th August: Canned Heat + Thin Lizzy ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms

Monday 16th August: The Fascinations Chelsea Village

Wednesday 18th August: Johnny Johnson and The Bandwagon The Hive

Thursday 19th August: Status Quo + Danta ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms

Friday 20th August: Heaven The Hive

Friday 20th August: Bob and Marcia Chelsea Village

Friday 20th August: Cincinnati Hog Farm Quarterdeck

Saturday 21st August: Magnum Opus Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 21st August: Time Slide Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 22nd August: McArthur Park Linden Sporting Club

Monday 23rd August: St. Cecelia Chelsea Village

Monday 23rd August: The Pioneers The Hive

Wednesday 25th August: Mungo Jerry The Hive

Wednesday 25th August: The Truth Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 26th August: Fleetwood Mac + On ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms

Friday 27th August: Tir Na Nog The Hive

Friday 27th August: Greyhound Chelsea Village

Saturday 28th August: Just Us Parley Sports Club

Saturday 28th August: Wishful Thinking Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 29th August: Gentle Folk + Liz Biddle Cat & Fiddle, Hinton

Sunday 29th August: The Candy Choir Linden Sporting Club

Monday 30th August: Bethany Noise 71, Royal Ballrooms

Monday 30th August: Mustard Pot Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Monday 30th August: Slade Chelsea Village


Wednesday 1st September: The Beachcombers Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 2nd September: Mott The Hoople + Marble Orchard ‘Jump’ Royal Ballrooms

Friday 3rd September: Freedom The Hive

Friday 3rd September: Marmalade Chelsea Village

Saturday 4th September: The Spice Parley Sports Club

Saturday 4th September: Magnum Opus Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Sunday 5th September: Smiling Hard Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 5th September: The Crew Chelsea Village

Sunday 5th September: Cinnamon Cat & Fiddle, Hinton

Monday 6th September: The Pioneers Chelsea Village

Thursday 9th September: The Keef Hartley Band + Bullfrog ‘Jump’ Royal Ballrooms

Friday 10th September: The Equals Chelsea Village

Friday 10th September: Family + America Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 12th September: Kentucky Linden Sporting Club

Monday 13th September: Joyce Bond Chelsea Village

Thursday 16th September: Van Der Graaf Generator + The Catlin Band ‘Jump’ Royal Ballrooms

Friday 17th September: Johnny Johnson and The Bandwagon Chelsea Village

Friday 17th September: The Embers White Buck, Burley

Friday 17th September: Cincinnati Hog Farm Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 18th September: The Grapevine White Buck, Burley

Sunday 19th September: Sheephouse Linden Sporting Club

Monday 20th September: Christie Chelsea Village

Thursday 23rd September: Heads, Hands and Feet + Jerusalem ‘Jump’ Royal Ballrooms

Thursday 23rd September: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 24th September: The Sky White Buck, Burley

Friday 24th September: Wishbone Ash The Hive

Friday 24th September: Junction 77 Shipwrights, Poole

Saturday 25th September: The Sketch White Buck, Burley

Sunday 26th September: Hot Chocolate Chelsea Village

Tuesday 28th September: Barclay James Harvest + Paul Brett’s Sage ‘Fresher’s Ball’ Drill Hall

Wednesday 29th September: Deep Purple + Bullet Winter Gardens

Thursday 30th September: Kevin Ayers and the Whole World + Formerly Fat Harry Poole College

Thursday 30th September: The Onyx White Buck, Burley


Friday 1st October: The John Gary Group White Buck, Burley

Saturday 2nd October: Gene Pitney + Marvin, Welch and Farrar Winter Gardens

Saturday 2nd October: Cincinnati Hog Farm Fox Inn

Sunday 3rd October: Suspect Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 3rd October: Sugar and Spice Fox Inn

Sunday 3rd October: Cinnamon Cat & Fiddle, Hinton

Monday 4th October: The Bay City Rollers Chelsea Village

Wednesday 6th October: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 8th October: The Fortunes Chelsea Village

Friday 8th October: Wishful Thinking White Buck, Burley

Friday 8th October: Team Dokus Old Harry, Poole

Friday 8th October: The Faces + Thin Lizzy + Cochise ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms

Sunday 10th October: The Candy Choir Linden Sporting Club

Monday 11th October: Mustard Pot Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 13th October: White Plains Le Cardinal

Wednesday 13th October: The New Seekers Winter Gardens

Wednesday 13th October: The Beachcombers Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 15th October: The Embers White Buck, Burley

Friday 15th October: King Crimson Winter Gardens

Friday 15th October: Edwin Starr Chelsea Village

Saturday 16th October: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 16th October: Just Us Parley Sports Club

Saturday 16th October: Grant’s Tomb White Buck, Burley

Sunday 17th October: Body and Soul Linden Sporting Club

Tuesday 19th October: Mungo Jerry + Roger Ruskin Spear and His Giant Kinetic Wardrobe Pavilion Ballroom

Wednesday 20th October: Dave Berry Le Cardinal

Friday 22nd October: The Elgins Chelsea Village

Friday 22nd October: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Saturday 23rd October: Curved Air + Bunkers Winter Gardens

Saturday 23rd October: Wild Country Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 23rd October: Magic Alice White Buck, Burley

Saturday 23rd October: Cincinnati Hog Farm Potters Arms, Poole

Sunday 24th October: Chancery Lane Linden Sporting Club

Monday 25th October: Rock Circus Potters Arms, Poole

Tuesday 26th October: Magnum Opus Sandacres Hotel

Wednesday 27th October: Slade Le Cardinal

Wednesday 27th October: Steeleye Span + Al Stewart + Andy Roberts Winter Gardens

Thursday 28th October: Stoneground + Ron Geesin + Black Sun Poole College

Friday 29th October: The Tams Chelsea Village

Friday 29th October: Smiling Hard White Buck, Burley

Saturday 30th October: The Four Tops + Esther Marrow Winter Gardens

Saturday 30th October: The John Gary Group White Buck, Burley

Saturday 30th October: The Question Mark Parley Sports Club

Sunday 31st October: Chancery Lane Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 31st October: Cinnamon Cat & Fiddle, Hinton


Monday 1st November: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 3rd November: Wayne Fontana Le Cardinal

Wednesday 3rd November: Argent + Climax Chicago Blues Band + Duffy Power Winter Gardens

Thursday 4th November: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 5th November: Rock Circus White Buck, Burley

Friday 5th November: Assagai The Hive

Friday 5th November: The Hermits Chelsea Village

Saturday 6th November: The Question Mark Parley Sports Club

Saturday 6th November: The Pedlars + Pendulum Winter Gardens

Saturday 6th November: The Embers White Buck, Burley

Sunday 7th November: The Beachcombers Fairway Club

Sunday 7th November: John St. Field Express Folk Club, Pembroke Arms

Monday 8th November: Mustard Pot Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 9th November: Lindisfarne Le Cardinal

Wednesday 10th November: Memphis Slim Winter Gardens

Wednesday 10th November: Garden Odessey Le Cardinal

Friday 12th November: Little Richard + Winston Goovy Winter Gardens

Friday 12th November: Jimmy Ruffin Chelsea Village

Saturday 13th November: Moff White Buck, Burley

Saturday 13th November: Tom Paxton Winter Gardens

Sunday 14th November: East of Eden The Hive

Tuesday 16th November: Cinnamon Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 17th November: Marmalade Le Cardinal

Wednesday 17th November: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 18th November: Johnny Johnson and The Bandwagon + Bloodstone Chelsea Village

Friday 19th November: Worth Chelsea Village

Friday 19th November: Stumblebitch White Buck, Burley

Saturday 20th November: The Supremes + Labi Siffre Winter Gardens

Saturday 20th November: Patches White Buck, Burley

Sunday 21st November: Thumper Linden Sporting Club

Monday 22nd November: Uriah Heep + Hackensack + Pluto Poole College

Wednesday 24th November:  Cliff Richard + Marvin, Welch & Farrah Winter Gardens

Wednesday 24th November: The John Gary Group Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 26th November: Elton John Winter Gardens

Friday 26th November: Christie Chelsea Village

Saturday 27th November: The Love Affair White Buck, Burley

Saturday 28th November: Muscle Power Linden Sporting Club


Wednesday 1st December: Family + Help Yourself Winter Gardens

Wednesday 1st December: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 2nd December: Led Zeppelin ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms

Thursday 2nd December: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 3rd December: The Sweet Chelsea Village

Friday 3rd December: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Friday 3rd December: The Baron Knights Neptune Bars

Saturday 4th December: Bruce Ruffin and The Jab Jab Band The Hive

Saturday 4th December: Pebbles White Buck, Burley

Saturday 4th December: The Question Mark Parley Sports Club

Sunday 5th December: Honey Dew Melon Fairway Club

Sunday 5th December: Suspect Linden Sporting Club

Monday 6th December: Mustard Pot Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 7th December: Cincinnati Hog Farm Richmond Room, Norfolk Hotel

Wednesday 8th December: Sunset Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 10th December: Spontaneous Combustion + Green Steam + Bethany + Barquentine Poole College

Friday 10th December: Bay City Rollers Chelsea Village

Friday 10th December: The Foundations White Buck, Burley

Friday 10th December: White on Black Neptune Bars

Friday 10th December: Pete Franklin Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 10th December: Team Dokus Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 11th December: Finians Rainbow White Buck, Burley

Sunday 12th December: Magnum Opus Fairway Club

Monday 13th December: Rock Circus Potters Arms, Poole

Monday 13th December: Smith-Brodie Big Band Chelsea Village

Tuesday 14th December: Magnum Opus Sandacres

Wednesday 15th December: Armageddon Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 17th December: Johnny Johnson and The Bandwagon Chelsea Village

Friday 17th December: Dave Dee Neptune Bars

Friday 17th December: Magic Alice White Buck, Burley

Friday 17th December: The Oranges Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 18th December: The John Gary Group Parley Sports Club

Sunday 19th December: Worth Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 19th December: Cincinnati Hog Farm + Liz Biddle Cat & Fiddle, Hinton

Sunday 19th December: The Beachcombers Fairway Club

Sunday 19th December: The New Federation Chelsea Village

Thursday 23rd December: White Plains + Syd Fay Orchestra Pavilion Ballroom

Friday 24th December: The Flirtations ‘Christmas Eve’ Chelsea Village

Friday 24th December: Moff ‘Christmas Eve’ Old Harry, Poole

Sunday 26th December: Wild Country ‘Boxing Day’ Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Sunday 26th December: The Candy Choir ‘Boxing Day’ Linden Sporting Club

Monday 27th December: The Sidewinders Fairway Club

Tuesday 28th December: Cinnamon Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 31st December: Bloodstone ‘New Year’s Eve’ Chelsea Village

Friday 31st December: Rock Hard + Peter Gordon ‘New Year’s Eve’ Fairway Club

Friday 31st December: The Onyx ‘New Year’s Eve’ White Buck, Burley

Friday 31st December: Macaroni ‘New Year’s Eve’ Linden Sporting Club