Gigs 1972

A selective, but fairly exhaustive list of who played where and when in Bournemouth and the surrounding area in 1972

Each list is prefixed with a brief summary of some of the artists who made an impression in the UK music charts that year

Get your sequins and sparkly flares on, glam is upon us big time, T Rex, Gary Glitter, Slade, Mott the Hoople, Roxy Music and The Sweet were the flag bearers, making way for the all-conquering David Bowie. MoR pop was just as nauseating as ever with The New Seekers, Lieutenant Pigeon, Chicory Tip, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Hot Butter, Middle of the Road and Neil Reid (an eight year old kid from Scotland who won the talent show New Faces and then made all our mothers weep into their knitting with “Mother of Mine”) all lowering the tone. Odd spots of relief came from Rod Stewart, 10cc, Argent, Lindisfarne, Derek and the Dominos, Python Lee Jackson and The Faces and even though “Silver Machine” by Hawkwind was a racket, at least it was a glorious racket. The Americans didn’t help by foisting Donny, Jimmy and the rest of the Osmonds gang on us, plus David Cassidy and The Partridge Family and as for my “Ding a Ling”, what were you thinking Chuck. On the bright side they also gave us America, Al Green, Jackie Wilson, Paul Simon and Alice Cooper’s call to arms for kids of a certain age, “School’s Out”!


Saturday 1st January: Stumblebitch White Buck, Burley

Saturday 1st January: Sunset Fairway Club

Sunday 2nd January: West Coast Consortium Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 2nd January: Magnum Opus + Patches Fairway Club

Tuesday 4th January: Smith Brodie Big Band Chelsea Village

Thursday 6th January: Moff Old Harry, Poole

Friday 7th January: Marmalade Chelsea Village

Saturday 8th January: Armageddon Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 8th January: The Embers White Buck, Burley

Sunday 9th January: Madrigal Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 9th January: The Gang Fairway Club

Monday 10th January: Mustard Pot Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 11th January: Magnum Opus Sandacres

Tuesday 11th January: Cinnamon Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 12th January: Thumper Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 14th January: The Tremeloes Chelsea Village

Saturday 15th January: Rock Hard Fairway Club

Saturday 15th January: Patches White Buck, Burley

Saturday 15th January: The John Gary Group Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Sunday 16th January: McArthur Park Chelsea Village

Sunday 16th January: Wishful Thinking Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 16th January: The Caravan 5 Shipwright’s, Poole

Monday 17th January: The Beachombers Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 18th January: Wild Country Richmond Room, Norfolk Hotel

Friday 21st January: Electric Bath Old Harry, Poole

Friday 21st January: Mott the Hoople Chelsea Village

Saturday 22nd January: Pink Floyd Winter Gardens

Sunday 23rd January: Patches Fairway Club

Sunday 23rd January: The Escorts Linden Sporting Club

Monday 24th January: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 25th January: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 26th January: Gary Wright’s Wonderwheel + Jericho The Hive

Thursday 27th January: Magnum Opus Old Harry, Poole

Friday 28th January: The Onyx White Buck, Burley

Friday 28th January: Lindisfarne + Spreadeagle Winter Gardens

Friday 28th January: Curtis Mayfield Chelsea Village

Friday 28th January: Team Dokus Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 29th January: Patches Fairway Club

Saturday 29th January: The Stevie Wonder Revue Winter Gardens

Saturday 29th January: Moff White Buck, Burley

Saturday 29th January: St. Cecelia Chelsea Village

Sunday 30th January: Lysander Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 30th January: Magnum Opus Fairway Club


Wednesday 2nd February: Thumper Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 4th February: The Fantastics Chelsea Village

Friday 4th February: Zebedee Shipwright’s, Poole

Friday 4th February: Pete Franklin Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 5th February: The John Gary Group Fairway Club

Saturday 5th February: Armageddon White Buck, Burley

Sunday 6th February: Mandarine Craze Linden Sporting Club

Monday 7th February: Mustard Pot Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 8th February: Thin Lizzy + Arrival + Barrabas ‘Heads’ Chelsea Village

Tuesday 8th February: Cinnamon Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 8th February: Wild Country Richmond Room, Norfolk Hotel

Wednesday 9th February: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 11th February: Status Quo + Paul Brett’s Sage + Good Habit ‘Valentines Dance’ ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms

Friday 11th February: Black Sabbath + Wild Turkey Winter Gardens

Friday 11th February: Greyhound Chelsea Village

Friday 11th February: The Embers White Buck, Burley

Friday 11th February: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 12th February: The Love Affair + Stumblebitch White Buck, Burley

Sunday 13th February: Magnum Opus Fairway Club

Sunday 13th February: Portrait Linden Sporting Club

Tuesday 15th February: Christie + Worth + Edison Lighthouse Le Cardinal

Wednesday 16th February: Armageddon Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 17th February: Magnum Opus Old Harry, Poole

Thursday 17th February: Wild Country Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 18th February: Zebedee Shipwright’s, Poole

Friday 18th February: The Equals Chelsea Village

Friday 18th February: Team Dokus Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 19th February: Eddie Floyd Chelsea Village

Sunday 20th February: Wishbone Ash + Glencoe Winter Gardens

Monday 21st February: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 22nd February: Quiver + Fusion Orchestra ‘Heads’ Chelsea Village

Tuesday 22nd February: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 23rd January: The Beachcombers Fairway Club

Friday 25th February: Jimmy Ruffin Chelsea Village

Saturday 26th February: Wild Country Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 26th February: The John Gary Group White Buck, Burley

Saturday 26th February: Hot Chocolate Chelsea Village

Saturday 26th February: The Incredible String Band Winter Gardens

Tuesday 29th February: Wild Country Richmond Room, Norfolk Hotel

Tuesday 29th February: Manfred Mann’s Earthband ‘Heads’ Chelsea Village


Wednesday 1st March: Spencer Mac Westover Ice Rink

Wednesday 1st March: The Beachcombers Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 3rd March: Patches White Buck, Burley

Saturday 4th March: The Elgins Chelsea Village

Saturday 4th March: Cinnamon White Buck, Burley

Sunday 5th March: Spencer Mac Linden Sporting Club

Tuesday 7th March: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 7th March: Medicine Head + Focus ‘Heads’ Chelsea Village

Friday 10th March: Zebedee Shipwright’s, Poole

Friday 10th March: The Newbeats Chelsea Village

Friday 10th March: Bethany Old Harry, Poole

Friday 10th March: Sand White Buck, Burley

Friday 10th March: Jethro Tull + Tir Na Nog Winter Gardens

Saturday 11th March: Charade White Buck, Burley

Sunday 12th March: Magnum Opus Fairway Club

Sunday 12th March: Clive Woolf Free Express Folk Club, Pembroke Arms

Sunday 12th March: Pebbles Linden Sporting Club

Monday 13th March: Johnny Nash Chelsea Village

Tuesday 14th March: David Bowie and The Spiders from Mars Chelsea Village

Tuesday 14th March: Pete Franklin Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 14th March: Wild Country Richmond Room, Norfolk Hotel

Wednesday 15th March: Armageddon Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 17th March: Rory Gallagher + Byzantium Winter Gardens

Friday 17th March: The Sweet Chelsea Village

Friday 17th March: Team Dokus Old Harry, Poole

Friday 17th March: Procol Harum + Supertramp + Smiling Hard Pavilion Ballroom

Saturday 18th March: Magnum Opus Parley Sports Club

Saturday 18th March: The Nightriders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Sunday 19th March: Rock Circus Fairway Club

Tuesday 21st March: Skid Row + Fusion Orchestra ‘Heads’ Chelsea Village

Wednesday 22nd March: Spencer Mac Westover Ice Rink

Wednesday 22nd March: Mustard Pot Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 23rd March: T2 + Blonde on Blonde Poole College

Friday 24th March: The Paper Dolls Chelsea Village

Friday 24th March: Cincinnati Hog Farm Fox Inn

Friday 24th March: Bethany Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 25th March: Sugar n’ Spice Fox Inn

Saturday 25th February: Wild Country Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Sunday 26th March: De-Hems Linden Sporting Club

Tuesday 28th March: Heads, Hands and Feet ‘Heads’ Chelsea Village

Tuesday 28th March: Labi Siffre + The Flirtations Winter Gardens

Wednesday 29th March: Rock Circus Le Cardinal

Thursday 30th March: Private Number Chelsea Village

Friday 31st March: Electric Bath Old Harry, Poole


Saturday 1st April: K. J. Band The Hive

Saturday 1st April: Zebedee Parley Sports Club

Saturday 1st March: Electric Bath Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 1st April: The Beachcombers Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Sunday 2nd April: Montanas Chelsea Village

Sunday 2nd April: Cincinnati Hog Farm Cat and Fiddle, Hinton

Sunday 2nd April: Armageddon White Buck, Burley

Monday 3rd April: Slade Chelsea Village

Monday 3rd April: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 4th April: Wild Country Richmond Room, Norfolk Hotel

Wednesday 5th April: Thumper Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 5th April: John Mayall + Matching Mole Winter Gardens

Thursday 6th April: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 6th April: Donnie Elbert Chelsea Village

Sunday 9th April: The Beachcombers Old Harry, Poole

Sunday 9th April: Wild Country Cat and Fiddle, Hinton

Sunday 9th April: The New Seekers Winter Gardens

Tuesday 11th April: Van Der Graaf Generator Winter Gardens

Wednesday 12th April: The Temptations + Carla Thomas + Jimmy Helms Winter Gardens

Friday 14th April: Jimmy James and The Vagabonds Chelsea Village

Friday 14th April: Spice White Buck, Burley

Friday 14th April: Orange Old Harry, Poole

Friday 14th April: Rock Circus Halfway Hotel, Parkstone

Saturday 15th April: Cinnamon White Buck, Burley

Sunday 16th April: Lysander Linden Sporting Club

Monday 17th April: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 19th April: Cincinnati Hog Farm Fox Inn

Wednesday 19th April: Mustard Pot Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 21st April: Mungo Jerry Chelsea Village

Friday 21st April: Armageddon White Buck, Burley

Saturday 22nd April: Just Us Parley Sports Club

Sunday 23rd April: Red River Band Linden Sporting Club

Monday 24th April: Abel Cain Neptune Bar

Monday 24th April: Wild Country Richmond Room, Norfolk Hotel

Wednesday 26th April: Rock Circus Halfway Hotel, Parkstone

Wednesday 26th April: The Incredible String Band Winter Gardens

Thursday 27th April: Cincinnati Hog Farm Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 28th April: Desmond Dekker and The Aces Chelsea Village

Saturday 29th April: Curved Air + Gary Moore Band + Nick Pickett Winter Gardens

Saturday 29th April: Madrigal White Buck, Burley

Saturday 29th April: Bloodstone Chelsea Village

Sunday 30th May: Jungle Jim Linden Sporting Club


Monday 1st May: The Tension Neptune Bar

Tuesday 2nd May: Cinnamon Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 2nd May: Wild Country Richmond Room, Norfolk Hotel

Wednesday 3rd May: Cincinnati Hog Farm Fox Inn

Friday 5th May: The Strawbs + Quiver Winter Gardens

Friday 5th May: The Roy Young Band + Jericho Le Cardinal

Friday 5th May: The Pioneers Chelsea Village

Friday 5th May: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 5th May: Armageddon White Buck, Burley

Friday 5th May: Electric Bath Old Harry, Poole

Friday 5th May: Rock Circus Halfway Hotel, Parkstone

Saturday 6th May: Chicory Tip Chelsea Village

Saturday 6th May: Abel Cain White Buck, Burley

Sunday 7th May: Dr Marigold’s Prescription Linden Sporting Club

Monday 8th May: The Beachcombers Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Monday 8th May: Abel Cain Neptune Bar

Wednesday 10th May: Cincinnati Hog Farm Fox Inn

Wednesday 10th May: Thumper Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 11th May: Wild Country Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 11th May: Sugar ‘n’ Spice Fox Inn

Friday 12th May: Greyhound Chelsea Village

Saturday 13th May: The Love Affair White Buck, Burley

Saturday 13th May: Hot Chocolate Chelsea Village

Sunday 14th May: The Nashville Teens Linden Sporting Club

Tuesday 16th May: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 16th May: Kris Kristofferson + Rita Coolidge Winter Gardens

Thursday 18th May: Abel Cain + Rock Circus Potters Arms, Poole

Friday 19th May: Christie Chelsea Village

Friday 19th May: Team Dokus Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 20th May: Magnum Opus Parley Sports Club

Sunday 21st May: Marvin, Welch and Farrar Winter Gardens

Sunday 21st May: Lysander Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 21st May: Cincinnati Hog Farm Cat and Fiddle, Hinton

Tuesday 23rd May: ELO + Colin Blunstone + F.F.Z. Winter Gardens

Thursday 25th May: David Bowie and The Spiders from Mars Chelsea Village

Friday 26th May: Abel Cain White Buck, Burley

Friday 26th May: Uriah Heep + Mike Maran Winter Gardens

Friday 26th May: The Elgins Chelsea Village

Saturday 27th May: Aquarius White Buck, Burley

Saturday 27th May: Strange Brew Pandora’s

Sunday 28th May: Armageddon Chelsea Village

Sunday 28th May: Grand Stamp Linden Sporting Club

Monday 29th May: Wishful Thinking White Buck, Burley

Monday 29th May: Marmalade Chelsea Village

Tuesday 30th May: Wild Country Richmond Room, Norfolk Hotel


Thursday 1st June: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 2nd June: Abel Cain White Buck, Burley

Friday 2nd June: Lindisfarne + Capability Brown Winter Gardens

Friday 2nd June: Johnny Nash Chelsea Village

Friday 2nd June: Pete Franklin Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 2nd June: Team Dokus Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 3rd June: Donovan Winter Gardens

Saturday 3rd June: Arthur Conley Chelsea Village

Sunday 4th June: Roy Orbison Pavilion Theatre

Sunday 4th June: K. J. Band Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 4th June: Bourn Three Talbot Hotel

Monday 5th June: The Beachcombers Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 7th June: Cincinnati Hog Farm Fox Inn

Wednesday 7th June: Rock Circus Halfway Hotel, Parkstone

Wednesday 7th June: Stumblebitch Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 9th June: The Fantastics Chelsea Village

Friday 9th June: Mustard Pot Talbot Hotel

Saturday 10th June: Armageddon Chelsea Village

Saturday 10th June: Mosaic White Buck, Burley

Saturday 10th June: Strange Brew Pandora’s

Sunday 11th June: Wild Country Cat and Fiddle, Hinton

Sunday 11th June: Lysander Linden Sporting Club

Monday 12th June: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 15th June: Sugar ‘n’ Spice Fox Inn

Thursday 15th June: Double Eagle Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 16th June: The Fortunes Chelsea Village

Friday 16th June: Sarah Gordon and Little Free Rock + Max Merrit and M Le Cardinal

Friday 16th June: Aquarius Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 17th June: The Question Mark Parley Sports Club

Saturday 17th June: Roy Young Band + Streak Chelsea Concert Hall

Sunday 18th June: Cincinnati Hog Farm Cat and Fiddle, Hinton

Tuesday 20th June: Wild Country Richmond Room, Norfolk Hotel

Thursday 22nd June: Country Fayre Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 23rd June: Ashton, Gardener and Dyke Chelsea Concert Hall

Saturday 24th June: The Angelettes Chelsea Village

Saturday 24th June: Wishful Thinking White Buck, Burley

Sunday 25th June: Dave Collins Chelsea Village

Sunday 25th June: Wild Wally’s Silly Circus Linden Sporting Club

Tuesday 27th June: Cinnamon Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 30th June:  Chicory Tip Chelsea Village

Friday 30th June: Mustard Pot Talbot Hotel

Friday 30th June:  Abel Cain White Buck, Burley


Saturday 1st July: The Sweet + St Cecelia Chelsea Concert Hall

Saturday 1st July: Rock Circus Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 1st July: Smokin’ White Buck, Burley

Sunday 2nd July: Cincinnati Hog Farm Cat and Fiddle, Hinton

Sunday 2nd July: Cupid’s Inspiration Linden Sporting Club

Monday 3rd July: The Impressions Chelsea Village

Tuesday 4th July: Chicken Shack The Hive

Wednesday 5th July: The Love Affair The Hive

Thursday 6th July: Wild Country Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 7th July: Johnny Johnson and The Bandwagon Chelsea Village

Friday 7th July: Shirley and Dolly Collins Poole College

Friday 7th July: Pete Franklin Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 7th July: Rock Circus Halfway Hotel, Parkstone

Saturday 8th July: Just Us Parley Sports Club

Saturday 8th July: Cinnamon White Buck, Burley

Sunday 9th July: Team Dokus Sunday Beat Club’ Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 9th July: Smash Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 9th July: Wild Country Cat and Fiddle, Hinton

Monday 10th July: Greyhound Chelsea Village

Monday 10th July: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 11th July: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 12th July: The Pioneers The Hive

Wednesday 12th July: Sugar ‘n’ Spice Talbot Hotel

Wednesday 12th July: Mustard Pot Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 13th July: Rock Circus Wheelhouse

Thursday 13th July: Slade + Thin Lizzy ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms

Thursday 13th July: Double Eagle Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 14th July: The Tremeloes Chelsea Village

Friday 14th July: Wasp Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 15th July: The Beachcombers Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Sunday 16th July: Fragile ‘Sunday Beat Club’ Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 16th July: Reformation Cat and Fiddle, Hinton

Sunday 16th July: Mott The Hoople + Inside Out Chelsea Concert Hall

Sunday 16th July: Sugar ‘n’ Spice + Wild Country + Sundowners + Ballet Cats + Lynthorpe Players + Cincinnati Hog Farm Playhouse Theatre

Monday 17th July: Roy Young Band Chelsea Village

Tuesday 18th July: Tir Na Nog The Hive

Tuesday 18th July: Wild Country Richmond Room, Norfolk Hotel

Wednesday 19th July: Cincinnati Hog Farm Fox Inn

Thursday 20th July: Edgar Broughton Band + Mick Abrahams Band ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms

Friday 21st July: Jimmy James and The Vagabonds Chelsea Village

Friday 21st July: Pete Franklin Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 22nd July: Team Dokus Old Harry, Poole

Sunday 23rd July: Atomic Rooster + Iguana Chelsea Concert Hall

Sunday 23rd July: Abel Cain ‘Sunday Beat Club’ Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 23rd July: The Embers Linden Sporting Club

Monday 24th July: Mungo Jerry + Jericho Jones Chelsea Concert Hall

Monday 24th July: Mustard Pot Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 25th July: Juicy Lucy The Hive

Tuesday 25th July: Cincinnati Hog Farm Talbot Hotel

Tuesday 25th July: Julie Felix + Baby Whale Chelsea Concert Hall

Wednesday 26th July: The Wild Angels + Rock Circus Halfway Hotel, Parkstone

Wednesday 26th July: Bruce Ruffin The Hive

Thursday 27th July: Status Quo + Gary Wright’s Wonderwheel ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms

Friday 28th July: The Equals Chelsea Village

Saturday 29th July: Natural Gas Parley Sports Club

Sunday 30th July: Whispering Wind Linden Sporting Club

Sunday 30th July: Stone The Crows + Tennant and Morrison Chelsea Concert Hall

Sunday 30th July: The Cliff Beckett Band ‘Sunday Beat Club’ Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 30th July: Smiling Hard Old Harry, Poole


Tuesday 1st August: East of Eden The Hive

Tuesday 1st August: Christie Chelsea Village

Wednesday 2nd August Thumper Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 3rd August: The Kinks + David Blue ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms

Friday 4th August: Madrigal Linden Sporting Club

Friday 4th August: Pete Franklin Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 5th August: Johnny Johnson and The Bandwagon Chelsea Village

Saturday 5th August: Grandma Moses Halfway Hotel, Parkstone

Sunday 6th August: A. L. K. + Cliff Beckett Band Sunday Beat Club’ Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 6th August: Roxy Music + Mick Abrahams Band Chelsea Concert Hall

Monday 7th August: The Sweet Chelsea Village

Monday 7th August: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 8th August: Quintessence + Amazing Blondel Chelsea Concert Hall

Tuesday 8th August: Man The Hive

Tuesday 8th August: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 8th August: Wild Country Richmond Room, Norfolk Hotel

Thursday 10th August: Hawkwind ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms

Thursday 10th August: Country Fayre Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 11th August: Johnny Otis Chelsea Village

Saturday 12th August: Grandma Moses Halfway Hotel, Parkstone

Sunday 13th August: Roy Young Band + Iguana Chelsea Concert Hall

Sunday 13th August: Jasper Dodds Sunday Beat Club’ Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 13th August: Cincinnati Hog Farm Cat and Fiddle, Hinton

Sunday 13th August: Mama Bear Linden Sporting Club

Monday 14th August: Johnny Nash + Sons of the Jungle Chelsea Village

Tuesday 15th August: Fairport Convention + Linda Lewis Chelsea Concert Hall

Tuesday 15th August: Black Foot Sue The Hive

Wednesday 16th August: The Beachcombers Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 17th August Status Quo + Fraternity ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms

Friday 18th August: Jimmy James and The Vagabonds Chelsea Village

Saturday 19th August: Cincinnati Hog Farm Fox Inn

Saturday 19th August: Wild Country Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Sunday 20th August: Armageddon Sunday Beat Club’ Pavilion Ballroom

Sunday 20th August: The Strawbs + Thin Lizzy Chelsea Concert Hall

Monday 21st August: Mungo Jerry Chelsea Village

Tuesday 22nd August: UFO The Hive

Wednesday 23rd August: Gary Glitter + Rock Circus Le Cardinal

Wednesday 23rd August: Chicory Tip The Hive

Thursday 24th August: Uriah Heep ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms

Friday 25th August: The Equals Chelsea Village

Friday 25th August: Sand Mr Fred’s, The Avon, Ringwood

Sunday 27th August: Arthur Conley Chelsea Village

Monday 28th August: The Sweet Chelsea Village

Monday 28th August: Bob & Earl The Hive

Tuesday 29th August: The Pink Fairies The Hive

Wednesday 30th August: Thumper Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 31st August: David Bowie and The Spiders from Mars ‘Starkers’ Royal Ballrooms


Friday 1st September: Mary Wells Chelsea Village

Friday 1st September: Patches + Zebedee ‘Blinkers’, Royal Ballrooms

Saturday 2nd September: Rock Circus Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 2nd September: Magnum Opus Parley Sports Club

Saturday 2nd September: Daybreak Shipwrights, Poole

Sunday 3rd September: Wild Country Cat and Fiddle, Hinton

Sunday 3rd September: Genesis + Capability Brown Chelsea Concert Hall

Sunday 3rd September: Jasper Dodds ‘Sunday Beat Club’ Pavilion Ballroom

Monday 4th September: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 5th September: Wild Turkey The Hive

Tuesday 5th September: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 6th September: Rock Circus Halfway Hotel, Parkstone

Thursday 7th September: The Night Shift Poole, College

Thursday 7th September: Wild Country Mr Fred’s, The Avon, Ringwood

Friday 8th September: Core White Buck, Burley

Friday 8th September: Roy Young Band Chelsea Village

Saturday 9th September: Dragonfly Mr Fred’s, The Avon, Ringwood

Saturday 9th September: Jasper Dodds White Buck, Burley

Sunday 10th September: ELO + Bitch Chelsea Concert Hall

Sunday 10th September: Lysander Linden Sporting Club

Tuesday 12th September: Renaissance The Hive

Thursday 14th September: Moonshine Cranleigh

Friday 15th September: Marmalade Chelsea Village

Saturday 16th September: Natural Gas Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 16th September: The Beachcombers Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 16th September: Jasper Dodds White Buck, Burley

Sunday 17th September: Curved Air + Dave Lewis Chelsea Concert Hall

Sunday 17th September: Cincinnati Hog Farm Cat and Fiddle, Hinton

Tuesday 19th September: Sunset Potters Arms, Poole

Thursday 21st September: The Love Affair Barbarella’s, Poole

Thursday 21st September: Wild Country Mr Fred’s, The Avon, Ringwood

Friday 22nd September: Love Unlimited Chelsea Village

Friday 22nd September: Electric Bath Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 23rd September: Magic Earth Parley Sports Club

Tuesday 26th September: Smith-Perkins and Smith The Hive

Thursday 28th September: Blackfoot Sue Chelsea Village

Friday 29th September: Wishful Thinking White Buck, Burley

Friday 29th September: Johnny Johnson and The Bandwagon Chelsea Village

Saturday 30th September: Noah’s Hark Pandora’s

Saturday 30th September: Omega White Buck, Burley


Sunday 1st October: Vinegar Joe + Smith-Perkins and Smith Chelsea Bowl

Tuesday 3rd October: Savoy Brown The Hive

Tuesday 3rd October: Sunset Potters Arms, Poole

Tuesday 3rd October: The Night Riders Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 3rd October: Sugar ‘n’ Spice Starlight Club

Wednesday 4th October: The Everly Brothers Winter Gardens

Wednesday 4th October: Jungle Jim Barbarella’s, Poole

Wednesday 4th October: Rock Circus Halfway Hotel, Parkstone

Wednesday 4th October: Mustard Pot Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 5th October: Wild Country Mr Fred’s, The Avon, Ringwood

Thursday 5th October: Country Fayre Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 6th October: Dr Marigold’s Prescription Chelsea Village

Friday 6th October: Deep Purple Winter Gardens

Saturday 7th October: The Question Mark Parley Sports Club

Saturday 7th October: Spice Mr Fred’s, The Avon, Ringwood

Saturday 7th October: Blind Harvest Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 7th October: Noah’s Hark Pandora’s

Saturday 7th October: Sand White Buck, Burley

Sunday 8th October: Sandy Denny + Glencoe Chelsea Bowl  

Sunday 8th October: Pebbles + Orange Oblivion White Buck, Burley

Sunday 8th October: Cincinnati Hog Farm Cat and Fiddle, Hinton

Sunday 8th October: Lysander Linden Sporting Club

Tuesday 10th October: Thin Lizzy + Fusion Orchestra The Hive

Tuesday 10th October: Tom Paxton Winter Gardens

Tuesday 10th October: The Embers Barbarella’s, Poole

Tuesday 10th October: Wild Country Richmond Room, Norfolk Hotel

Wednesday 11th October: Reflections Fox Inn

Wednesday 11th October: Fanny Chelsea Bowl  

Wednesday 11th October: Pete Franklin Shipwrights, Poole

Wednesday 11th October: Rock Circus Halfway Hotel, Parkstone

Friday 13th October: Hot Chocolate Chelsea Village

Friday 13th October: Lindisfarne + Genesis + Rab Noakes Winter Gardens

Friday 13th October: Zebedee Shipwrights, Poole

Saturday 14th October: Worth Chelsea Village

Saturday 14th October: The Love Affair White Buck, Burley

Saturday 14th October: Daybreak Shipwrights, Poole

Saturday 14th October: Rock Circus Old Harry, Poole

Sunday 15th October: Alexis Korner’s Snape + D’Abo Chelsea Bowl

Wednesday 18th October: Smiling Hard Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 18th October: Armageddon Barbarella’s, Poole

Friday 20th October: Marmalade Chelsea Village

Saturday 21st October: Core Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 21st October: Carousel Pandora’s

Saturday 21st October: Worth Chelsea Village

Sunday 22nd October: Status Quo + Byzantium Chelsea Concert Hall

Sunday 22nd October: The Sundowners Mr Fred’s, The Avon, Ringwood

Friday 27th October: The Equals Chelsea Village

Friday 27th October: Wishful Thinking White Buck, Burley

Saturday 28th October: The Four Tops + Thelma Houston Winter Gardens

Saturday 28th October: Crimson Earth Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 28th October: Sand Mr Fred’s, The Avon, Ringwood

Saturday 28th October: The Casuals White Buck, Burley

Sunday 29th October: John St. Field + Alex Atterson Express Folk Club, Pembroke Arms

Monday 30th October: Consortium Barbarella’s, Poole

Tuesday 31st October: Rock Circus Old Harry, Poole


Wednesday 1st November: Mustard Pot Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 1st November: Cincinnati Hog Farm Fox Inn

Thursday 2nd November: Blue Banana Band Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 3rd November: Rock Circus Old Harry, Poole

Friday 3rd November: The Flirtations Chelsea Village

Friday 3rd November: Wild Country Mr Fred’s, The Avon, Ringwood

Saturday 4th November: Just Us Parley Sports Club

Saturday 4th November: Mustard White Buck, Burley

Saturday 4th November: Gladys Knight and The Pips + Desmond Dekker and The Aces + Carol Woods Winter Gardens

Sunday 5th November: The Pretty Things Chelsea Bowl

Monday 6th November: Blue Barbarella’s, Poole

Wednesday 8th November: Slade + Thin Lizzy + Susi Quatro Winter Gardens

Thursday 9th November: The Beachcombers Mr Fred’s, The Avon, Ringwood

Thursday 9th November: Consortium Barbarella’s, Poole

Friday 10th November: Emerson Lake and Palmer + Jimmy Stevens Winter Gardens

Friday 10th November: Roy Young Band Chelsea Village

Saturday 11th November: Electric Bath Old Harry, Poole

Sunday 12th November: Cincinnati Hog Farm Cat and Fiddle, Hinton

Sunday 12th November: Gilbert O’Sullivan Winter Gardens

Tuesday 14th November: Focus + Warlock Chelsea Bowl

Tuesday 14th November: Cinnamon Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 14th November: Wild Country Richmond Room, Norfolk Hotel

Wednesday 15th November: Argent + Bronco Winter Gardens

Wednesday 15th November: Sparks Chelsea Village

Thursday 16th November: Sugar ‘n’ Spice Fox Inn

Thursday 16th November: The Cliff Beckett Band Chelsea Village

Friday 17th November: Rescue Company No. 1 Barbarella’s, Poole

Saturday 18th November: Orange Oblivion White Buck, Burley

Saturday 18th November: Omega Parley Sports Club

Saturday 18th November: Foxey Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 18th November: The Cliff Beckett Band Georgian Club, Poole

Sunday 19th November: The Love Affair White Buck, Burley

Tuesday 21st November: Reflections Fox Inn

Wednesday 22nd November: Gary Glitter Chelsea Village

Wednesday 22nd November: The Flying Machine Barbarella’s, Poole

Wednesday 22nd November: Thumper Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Wednesday 22nd November: Cincinnati Hog Farm Fox Inn

Friday 24th November: The Pioneers Chelsea Village

Friday 24th November: The Cliff Beckett Band Lord Nelson, Poole

Saturday 25th November: Wishbone Ash + Curtiss Maldoon Winter Gardens

Saturday 25th November: Smith Lord Nelson, Poole

Saturday 25th November: The Mugwumps Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 25th November: The Mixtures White Buck, Burley

Sunday 26th November: Spontaneous Combustion + Electric Light Orchestra + Babe Ruth Hardrock, Chelsea Village

Sunday 26th November: King Crimson Winter Gardens

Thursday 30th November: Armageddon Chelsea Village

Thursday 30th November: Guinevere Barbarella’s, Poole


Friday 1st December: The Bay City Rollers Chelsea Village

Friday 1st December: The Sundowners Mr Fred’s, The Avon, Ringwood

Saturday 2nd December: Rock Circus Old Harry, Poole

Saturday 2nd December: The Question Mark Parley Sports Club

Sunday 3rd December: Hawkwind Hardrock, Chelsea Village

Sunday 3rd December: Wild Country Cat and Fiddle, Hinton

Tuesday 5th December: Dandy Livingstone Chelsea Village

Tuesday 5th December: Finnian’s Rainbow Barbarella’s, Poole

Wednesday 6th December: Cincinnati Hog Farm Fox Inn

Wednesday 6th December: The Beachcombers Mr Fred’s, The Avon, Ringwood

Thursday 7th December: Budgie + Cat Iron Poole College

Friday 8th December: The Groundhogs + Stray + Gentle Giant + Badger Winter Gardens

Friday 8th December: Cincinnati Hog Farm Georgian Club, Poole

Saturday 9th December: Albatross Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Saturday 9th December: Spice Mr Fred’s, The Avon, Ringwood

Sunday 10th December: Armageddon Chelsea Village

Sunday 10th December: Family + Linda Lewis Winter Gardens

Monday 11th December: Titino Max Barbarella’s, Poole

Tuesday 12th December: Cinnamon Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 12th December: Nice One Barbarella’s, Poole

Wednesday 13th December: Thumper Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Thursday 14th December: Sugar ‘n’ Spice Fox Inn

Friday 15th December: Len Barry Chelsea Village

Friday 15th December: Rock Circus Halfway Hotel, Parkstone

Sunday 17th December: Albatross + Cincinnati Hog Farm Cat and Fiddle, Hinton

Monday 18th December: Jimmy James and the Vagabonds Chelsea Village

Tuesday 19th December: Clear White Light Barbarella’s, Poole

Thursday 21st December: Rock Circus Badger Cellar Bar

Friday 22nd December: The Strawbs + Wheels Hardrock, Chelsea Village

Friday 22nd December: Jasper Dodd’s The Hive

Saturday 23rd December: The Sweet Chelsea Village

Saturday 23rd December: The Mugwumps Old Harry, Poole

Sunday 24th December: Edwin Starr ‘Christmas Eve’ Chelsea Village

Sunday 24th December: The Night Riders ‘Christmas Eve’ Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Tuesday 26th December: The Marvels ‘Boxing Day’ Chelsea Village

Thursday 28th December: The Blue Banana Band Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers

Friday 29th December: Hot Chocolate Chelsea Village

Friday 29th December: Shaft Barbarella’s, Poole

Saturday 30th December: Ben E. King Chelsea Village

Sunday 31st December: Crystal ‘New Year’s Eve’ Parley Sports Club

Sunday 31st December: The Wild Angels ‘New Year’s Eve’ Chelsea Village

Sunday 31st December: The Hell Raisers + Rock Circus ‘New Year’s Eve’ Halfway Hotel, Parkstone

Sunday 31st December: Cincinnati Hog Farm + Gerry Brown Jazz Men ‘New Year’s Eve’ Cat and Fiddle, Hinton

Sunday 31st December: The Pebbles ‘New Year’s Eve’ Barbarella’s, Poole