Le Disque A Go! Go!

Downstairs Club / Lansdown Club / Le Disque A Go! Go! / Papa’s / Adrianos / Glasshoppers, 9 Holdenhurst Road, Lansdowne, Bournemouth
Le Disque A Go! Go!, 9 Holdenhurst Road, Lansdowne, entry through the dark brown door on the right of the blue plaque (Photograph John Cherry)

The Downstairs Club at the the Lansdowne was the first dedicated jazz and rock ‘n’ roll club to open in Bournemouth. Sited under a greengrocer’s shop at 9 Holdenhurst Road, Lansdowne, the Downstairs Club opened its doors for the first time on Wednesday 3rd May 1961 with an appearance by Pedro Harris’s Pine City Stompers. The owner, Jerry Stooks, a tall, jazz loving, double bass player who drove around town in a large open top car which was unusual for the early-sixties, couldn’t help noticing the trend for trad jazz was waning and diversified the bill by hiring local pop and rock ‘n’ roll groups such as The Blackhawks, an Early Zoot Money combo and the first to play the club, and Zoot’s first version of the Big Roll Band, Johnny King and the Raiders, Johnny and the Giants and Dave Anthony and the Rebels. The club became a popular after-hours hangout for local musicians Zoot Money, Colin Allen, Andy Summers, Mike and Peter Giles, Chris ‘Fergie’ Ferguson, Jimmy ‘Warwick’ Shipstone and Al Stewart who mingled in the less than salubrious surroundings socialising and sussing out the opposition.

In April 1963 Jerry sold the club to partners Alessandro ‘Tony’ Silvestro, an amateur Italian impresario, and a pianist, Allan Azern, who renamed the premises the Lansdown Club (sic). In the summer the pair spent time and money revamping the old basement and trying to come up with a snappy name to attract a trendy clientele. After much deliberation, they decided to dump the mundane descriptive names of the past and went with a shot of pizzazz by christening the club Le Disque A Go! Go!. At weekends they introduced all nighters after the usual 8.00pm to 11.00pm sessions, where The Crispin Street Quintet, The Nite People then Dave Anthony and the Moods all held down residency’s from midnight through to six in the morning. The pair also employed an adventurous booking policy by upping the ante and bringing a string of up-and-coming r&b groups down to the south coast from London. Amongst the bands to make the one hundred mile journey to the south coast were The Pretty Things, The Graham Bond Organisation featuring future Cream bassist Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker, John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton on guitar, Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames, The Alex Harvey Soul Band, Alex would go on to form The Sensational Alex Harvey Band in 1972, The Animals, The Groundhogs, Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds, The Downliners Sect and the Mann Hugg Blues Brothers from Portsmouth who were soon to morph into the chart topping Manfred Mann. Other rock royalty in waiting to perform at the club included an early sighting of David Bowie with his short-lived band The Buzz, a jobbing vocalist from Highgate in London called Rod Stewart who was a regular visitor with The Soul Agents, The Cheynes with drummer Mick Fleetwood and Peter Bardens on keyboards who returned six months later in a new group called Peter B’s Looners with Peter Green on guitar, The Paramounts with Gary Brooker on keyboards and vocals, drummer B. J. Cole and Robin Trower on guitar, the nucleus of Procol Harum, The Artwoods with Ronnie Wood’s older brother Art on vocals, Jon Lord on organ and Keef Hartley on drums, plus guitarist Jeff Beck with one of his early professional outfits, The Tridents.

Dave Anthony and the Rebels posing at the Downstairs Club circa 1962, Left to Right: Al Kirtley, Tony ‘Dave Anthony’ Head, Pete Giles & Michael Giles, despite what it says on the bass drum (Photograph courtesy of Al Kirtley)

On 3rd March 1965 The Who thrilled a packed crowd with a repertoire stuffed full of James Brown, Motown and blues covers, plus their latest single “I Can’t Explain”, which was riding high in the charts. Their hell raising drummer, Keith Moon, spotted local girl Kim Kerrigan, a sixteen-year old model, in the audience and began a stormy, long-distance relationship while fighting off love rival Rod ‘The Mod’ Stewart (Rod’s band the Soul Agents played the following night on 4th March and it is said Stewart also took a shine to Kim). Although the liaison eventually ended in a doomed marriage, during their courtship Keith became a regular visitor to the town staying at the Kerrigans family home in Michaelgrove Road in Boscombe. He would hang out at the Disque where on 12th May 1965 he sat in with the London based Mod band The Action and on another occasion he joined The Nite People for a couple of numbers.

Keith Moon far left, with ‘Fergie’ (next to Keith) and Jimmy Shipstone (sat on the stairs) of The Nite People, plus friends, at Le Disque A Go! Go! 1965 (Photograph courtesy of ‘Fergie’ Ferguson)

Access to the club caused problems for bands with a Hammond organ, the de rigueur of any self-respecting r&b outfit. Negotiating the twists and turns of the narrow staircase took a feat of great strength and stamina, as group members desperately tried not to drop two hundred and fifty pounds of well-crafted musical equipment down into the low-ceilinged basement below. After setting up on the small stage, the exhausted musicians would retire to the Metropole (now the Christopher Creeke) over the road, or the nearby Lansdowne Hotel (O’Neils) for a well-earned pint as the club didn’t hold an alcohol licence. On a good night the walls would run with condensation and the air would be thick with the fug of cigarette smoke as the place rocked to the latest rhythm and blues and soul sounds favoured by the appreciative crowd.

Like all good things, the fun came to an end as Le Disque succumbed to the discothèque craze, partly brought on by the absence of one of the owners, Allan Azern, as he was otherwise engaged travelling the length and breadth of the country playing keyboards with Michael and Peter Giles in Trendsetters Ltd. The ownership of the club was taken over in October 1966 by Adriano Rossi, originally from Menaggio in Italy. Rossi was the former manager of the first discothèque in Bournemouth, Le Kilt, which opened its doors in 1963 by Edna and Jack Ashworth, the owners of the Swiss Restaurant situated next door. Adriano saw Le Disque A Go! Go! as a perfect opportunity to branch out on his own and after another refurbishment, he opened a new club called Papa’s on 11th March 1967. For a while he carried on booking bands at the weekends, but that stopped when he rebranded to Adrianos.

In the mid to late seventies the venue changed name yet again and traded as Glasshoppers until finally closing its doors for good in the early eighties. The windowless basement has now resorted back to its original function as a storage room for the shops above and is still in use today, although the greengrocer’s has long gone. As of today, number 9 is a branch of the T4 Taiwanese bubble tea shop franchise.

The blue plaque unveiled by Zoot Money in September 2014 (Photograph John Cherry)

On Sunday 14th September 2014, in recognition of the importance placed on the club by local musicians Al Kirtley, Colin Saunders, Keith Collins and Ed Roberts, there was an unveiling of a blue plaque above the door of number 9. Many old faces from the bygone music scene put in an appearance including Michael Giles (Trendsetters Ltd., Giles, Giles & Fripp and King Crimson), Chris ‘Fergie’ Ferguson (The Nite People and Sands Combo), Pat ‘Pee Wee’ Sheehan (The Blackhawks and Sands Combo), Graham ‘Wes’ Douglas (Johnny King and the Raiders and The Trackmarks), John ‘Jet’ Berryman (Dave Anthony and the Raiders), John Penhale (The Stormers and Johnny and the Giants), Nigel Street (Crispin Street Quintet), Nick Newall (Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band), Paul Spencer MacCallum (Soul Foundation, The Zoo, Spencer Mac and The Wombles), Annie Christopher (Sinnermen and Sara and Sugar ‘n’ Spice) plus the former owner Allan Azern, the Mayor of Bournemouth Chris Mayne, local author Nick Churchill and Al Kirtley, whose idea it was. Andy Summers was scheduled to appear but was detained in Germany while on tour and missed the occasion, although he did send an email, part of which read, “Without the Downstairs club it is quite possible that none of it, in my case would ever have happened. The dark little cellar is where Zoot and I met, and where we knew we had to brave the big time in London”, he finished with “In a way it was home and a cradle and a perfect beginning to a life of music. I’ll see you Downstairs”. Mr Money, the Zoot in question, had a few tales to tell. About how he kept a milk bottle on his keyboard full of neat vodka and tell the crowd “it was a little water for his throat” and how he would take willing young ladies upstairs to Stook’s flat for the night after a gig. Then, after insulating the crowd by saying they kinda look the same only upside down because of the amount of bald heads and beards on display, he had the honour of pulling the cord for the grand unveiling whilst desperately trying to minimise the amount of expletives in his speech plus, to the great relief of the assembled dignitary’s, the former ‘Flamingo Flasher’ managed to keep his trousers on.

If you have any memories you would like to share of the Le Disque A Go! Go!, please use the contact box at the bottom of this page.

Al Kirtley on the left and John Cherry blue plaque unveiling (Photograph John Cherry)
Michael Giles and Me at the blue plaque unveiling 2014 (Photograph John Cherry)
Me and Zoot at the blue plaque unveiling September 2014 (Photograph John Cherry)
Below is a selective list of gigs at The Downstairs Club / The Lansdown Club / Le Disque A Go! Go! and Papa’s from May 1961 to December 1967. Were you there? Have I missed out any name bands? Please let me know. For an extensive list refer to the individual gig pages.


The Downstairs Club was opened by Jerry Stooks on the 3rd May 1961.

Wednesday 3rd May: Pedro Harris’s Pine City Stompers

Thursday 4th May: Ronnie Horler Big Band with Shirley Alexandre

Friday 5th May: Tony Roberts Afro-Cubans

Saturday 6th May: The Blackhawks + Teensville Sound

Sunday 7th May: Johnny King and The Raiders

Monday 8th May: The Statesmen

Tuesday 9th May: Dave Elliott Jazzmen

Monday 22nd May: Pedro Harris and His Pine City Stompers + Bourne Valley Jazzmen + Keith Miller Quartet + The Purbeck Folk Group

Tuesday 23rd May: Southern City Jazzmen

Tuesday 30th May: Bourne Valley Jazzmen

Saturday 10th June: The Blackhawks

Sunday 11th June: Johnny King and The Raiders

Tuesday 20th June: Gerry Brown Jazzmen

Monday 3rd July: Johnny and The Giants

Friday 7th July: The Dowland Brothers and The Drovers

Friday 25th August: Dave Anthony and The Rebels

Monday 25th September: The G Men

Sunday 23rd December: Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band with Dave Anthony & Sandy Laine

Tuesday 26th December: Johnny and The Giants + The G Men + The Ragtimers

Saturday 30th December: The Dowland Brothers and The Soundtracks

Sunday 31st December: Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band with Sandy Laine + Johnny and The Giants


Wednesday 10th January: Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band  

Friday 2nd February: Johnny and the Giants 

Saturday 3rd February: Ronnie Bond and the Bostons 

Sunday 11th February: Jackie Lynton + Bob Zavier and the Jury

Sunday 18th February: Paul Raven

Saturday 24th February: Danny Davis

Saturday 3rd March: Nick Troy and the Trojans

Friday 9th March: Dave Dee and the Bostons

Saturday 10th March: The Ravens

In April the premises were sold to Alessandro ‘Tony’ Silvestro and Allan Azern who renamed the venue The Lansdown Club

Saturday 16th June: The Quintones + The Jazztet 

Sunday 17th June: The Sands Combo

Saturday 23rd June: The Vulcans

Saturday 30th June: The Strangers 

Friday 6th July: Mike Allard and the Tremors 

Saturday 7th July: The Four Specs

Wednesday 11th July: Dave and the Nightriders

Sunday 29th July: The Don Fay Four 

Saturday 4th August: The G Men 

Sunday 19th August: The Tremors 

Wednesday 14th November: Jenny and Her Group

Friday 16th November: Bob and the K. D. C

Saturday 1st December: The Nightflyers 

Saturday 8th December: Tony, Howard and the Dictators

Thursday 13th December:  Group 5

Sunday 16th December: Johnny Shane and the Stormers with Big Bill Damon 

Monday 31st December: Mick, Tony and the Tycoons


Saturday 5th January: Bob and the K. D. C.

Sunday 6th January: The Nightflyers + The Montones 

Thursday 11th January: Teddy Valour and the Valiants 

Friday 12th January: Mike Allard and the Tremors

Saturday 13th January: Zoot Money and Dave Anthony with the Sands Combo

Sunday 10th February: The Tremors

Sunday 24th February: Joe E. Martin and the Crescendoes 

Saturday 2nd March: The G Men

Sunday 3rd March: Big Ben and the Chimes

Friday 8th March: Teddy Valour and the Valiants + The Big Six Combo

Saturday 16th March: The Vulcans

Sunday 17th March: Dave La Kaz and the G Men

Friday 22nd March: Johnny Quantrose 5 

After a refurbishment the venue reopened as Le Disque A Go! Go!

12th April: Dave La Kaz and the G Men

Saturday 20th April: The Vulcans

Sunday 21st April: Dave La Kaz and the G

Monday 22nd April: Lennie Wright Sextet

Saturday 27th April: Crispin Street Quintet 

Wednesday 1st May: The Mann Hugg Blues Brothers

Saturday 4th May: The Tallmen

Sunday 5th May: Teddy Valour and the Valiants 

Saturday 11th May: Dave Anthony and Zoot Money with the Sands Combo

Sunday 12th May: Bob and the K. D. C.

Wednesday 15th May: The Mann Hugg Blues Brothers

Wednesday 22nd May: The Mann Hugg Blues Brothers

Thursday 23rd May: Lennie Lee Quintet

Monday 27th May: Tony Roberts 

Wednesday 29th May: The Mann Hugg Blues Brothers

Saturday 1st June: Mike Devon and the Diplomats + Johnny Quantrose 5 

Wednesday 5th June: The Mann Hugg Blues Brothers

Monday 10th June: The Rhythm Section 

Wednesday 19th June: The Mann Hugg Blues Brothers

Saturday 22nd June: The Transatlantic 7

Sunday 23rd June: Tony, Howard and the Dictators 

 Tuesday 2nd July: Minibeat + The Trappers

Wednesday 3rd July: The Mann Hugg Blues Brothers

Sunday 7th July: The Dowlands and the Soundtracks 

Thursday 11th July: Teddy Valour and the Valiants 

Friday 12th July: Anita Starr 

Sunday 21st July: Terry Franks and the Avalons

Thursday 25th July: Johnny Quantrose 5

Friday 26th July: The Crispin Street Quintet + The Trinidad Steel Band

Friday 2nd August: Tony Rivers and the Castaways

Sunday 4th August: Johnny Fortune and the Nightflyers

Tuesday 6th August: The Trappers

Thursday 8th August: Dave La Kaz and the G Men

Sunday 18th August: The Interns 

Sunday 25th August: Neil Christian and the Crusaders

Wednesday 28th August: Manfred Mann

Saturday 31st August: The Sandstorms

Sunday 1st September: Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames 

Wednesday 4th September: Manfred Mann 

Wednesday 11th September: Manfred Mann 

Saturday 14th September: The Nightflyers

Wednesday 18th September: Manfred Mann

Sunday 22nd September: Tony Saturn and the Planets 

Wednesday 2nd October: Manfred Mann

Saturday 5th October: The Andy Somers Quartet 

Sunday 6th October: The Roulettes + Johnny Quantrose 5

Saturday 12th October: The Nevitt Brothers

Monday 14th October: The Dudley Hymes Quartet

Saturday 2nd November: The Interns + The Tallmen

Sunday 3rd November: Dave Dee and the Bostons

Saturday 9th November: The Concordes

Monday 11th November: Tony and the Tycoons 

Thursday 14th November: Johnny, Mike and the Shades

Sunday 24th November: Terry Franks and the Avalons

Saturday 30th November: Johnny Fortune and the Soundsmen + Big John Damon

Wednesday 11th December: Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames

Saturday 14th December: Lee Peterson and the Defenders 

Sunday 15th December: Tony Saturn and the Planets

Wednesday 18th December: Manfred Mann

Saturday 21st December: The Rivals

Saturday 28th December: The Merseysounds

Sunday 29th December: The Diplomats 


Wednesday 1st January: Jimmy Powell and the Five Dimensions 

Saturday 4th January: The Interns

Sunday 5th January: The Johnny Quantrose 5

Monday 6th January: Tubby Hayes + Lennie Wright Trio

Saturday 11th January: Dave Davani and the D Men 

Sunday 12th January: Tony Howard and the Pack-A-Beats

Monday 13th January: Ronnie Ross + Lennie Wright Trio

Monday 20th January: Don Rendell + Lennie Wright Trio 

Sunday 26th January: Tony Sheveton and the Shevelles

Sunday 2nd February: Johnny Fortune and the Soundsmen

Monday 3rd February: Dick Morrissey Band

 Wednesday 5th February: The Graham Bond Organisation

Saturday 8th February: Wes Minster 5 

Sunday 9th February: Tony Saturn and the Planets

Wednesday 12th February: The Alex Harvey Soul Band 

Saturday 15th February: John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers 

Wednesday 19th February: The Alex Harvey Soul Band  

Saturday 22nd February: Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds

Sunday 23rd February: The Dowlands and the Soundtracks

Wednesday 26th February: The Alex Harvey Soul Band

Sunday 1st March: The Soundsmen

Wednesday 4th March: The Graham Bond Organisation

Saturday 7th March: Dave Davani and the D-Men 

Wednesday 11th March: The Alex Harvey Soul Band

Sunday 15th March: The Sunspots

Wednesday 18th March: The Alex Harvey Soul Band

Saturday 21st March: Kenny Vick Quartet + George Shervington

Friday 27th March: The South Coast 5ive 

Saturday 28th March: Steve Lane Combo

Sunday 29th March: Mickey Finn and the Bluebeats 

Tuesday 31st March: Mike Devon and the Diplomats 

Wednesday 1st April: The Animals 

Thursday 2nd April: The Tubby Hayes Quintet

Saturday 4th April: John Lee’s Groundhogs

Sunday 5th April: The Nite People 

Wednesday 8th April: Jimmy Powell and the Five Dimensions 

Saturday 11th April: The Wild Ones 

Wednesday 15th April: John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers 

Sunday 19th April: The Interns

Wednesday 22nd April: The Graham Bond Organisation

Saturday 25th April: Jimmy Powell and the Five Dimensions

Monday 27th April: Trendsetters Ltd.

Wednesday 29th April: The Downliners Sect

Wednesday 6th May: John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers

Saturday 9th May: The Sheffields + The Nite People

Wednesday 13th May: The Alex Harvey Soul Band 

Sunday 17th May: Jack the Ripper’s Soundsmen

Saturday 23rd May: Dave Davini and the D Men

Monday 25th May: Dave La Kaz and the G Men

Wednesday 27th May: The Alex Harvey Soul Band

Saturday 30th May: Jimmy Powell and the Five Dimensions 

Wednesday 10th June: The Sheffield’s

Wednesday 17th June: John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers

Saturday 20th June: Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds 

Wednesday 24th June: Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band

Saturday 27th June: Dave Davini and the D Men

Wednesday 1st July: The Pretty Things

Saturday 4th July: Dave Davini and the D Men + The Nite People

Saturday 11th July: Tony Sheveton and the Shevelles 

Saturday 11th July: Dave Davini and the D Men

Sunday 12th July: Unit 4 

Tuesday 14th July: The Nite People

Wednesday 15th July: John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers

Wednesday 15th July: The Downliners Sect

Wednesday 22nd July: John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers 

Sunday 26th July: The Valiants 

Wednesday 29th July: The Beetroots 

Saturday 1st August: The Cheynes

Saturday 8th August: John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers + The Nite People 

Sunday 9th August: The Companions

Thursday 13th August: The Soul Agents

Saturday 15th August: The Tridents

Sunday 16th August: The Dolphins

Wednesday 19th August: The Habits 

Saturday 22nd August: The Fingernails + The Nite People

Wednesday 26th August: The Classics

Friday 28th August: Guess Who

Saturday 29th August: The Tridents + The Nite People 

Sunday 30th August: The Trackmarks

Wednesday 2nd September: Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band

Saturday 5th September: The Impulsions 

Wednesday 9th September: The Classics

Saturday 12th September: The Tridents + The Nite People 

Sunday 13th September: The Soundsmen

Saturday 19th September: Marvil Right R. B. + Trendsetters Ltd.

Sunday 20th September: Tony, Howard and the Dictators

Saturday 26th September: Brian Knight Blues Band 

Saturday 3rd October: The Habits + The Nite People

Wednesday 7th October: Ronnie Jones and the Night-Timers

Saturday 10th October: The Shevelles + The Nite People

Wednesday 14th October: The Cheynes 

Saturday 17th October: The Chessman + The Nite People

Monday 19th October: The Soul Agents

Saturday 24th October: The Tridents + The Nite People

Wednesday 28th October: Shorty and Them 

Saturday 31st October: The Topics + The Nite People

Wednesday 4th November: The Cheynes

Saturday 7th November: The Wild Ones + The Nite People

Wednesday 11th November: The Impulsions 

Saturday 14th November: Tony Colton and the Crawdaddies + The Nite People 

Sunday 15th November: The Dolphins

Wednesday 18th November: The Sheffields 

Sunday 22nd November: The Companions 

Wednesday 25th November: Shorty and Them

Saturday 28th November: The Habits

Wednesday 2nd December: Jimmy Powell and the Five Dimensions + The Nite People

Saturday 5th December: The Classics + The Nite People 

Wednesday 9th December: Ronnie Jones and the Night-Timers

Saturday 12th December: The Rumbles + The Nite People

Wednesday 16th December: The Cheynes

Sunday 20th December: The Trackmarks

Thursday 24th December: Tony Colton and the Crawdaddies + The Nite People

Saturday 26th December: Errol Dixon and His Band 

Tuesday 29th December: The Diplomats

Thursday 31st December: John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers


Saturday 2nd January: The Shevelles + The Nite People

Tuesday 5th January: Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band

Thursday 7th January: The Washington D. C’s 

Friday 8th January: J. Crow Combo 

Saturday 9th January: John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers + The Nite People 

Tuesday 12th January: Tony Colton and the Crawdaddies

Saturday 16th January: Tony Knights Chessman + The Nite People 

Saturday 23rd January: Rambles Soul Band

Sunday 31st January: Dave Davini and the D Men + The Nite People 

Tuesday 2nd February: The Unknown Ones

Wednesday 3rd February: The Habits

Wednesday 10th February: The Classics

Saturday 13th February: Errol Dixon Band + The Nite People 

Sunday 14th February: The Trackmarks 

Wednesday 24th February: Ronnie Jones and the Night-Timers 

Wednesday 3rd March: The Who

Thursday 4th March: The Soul Agents with Rod Stewart

Saturday 6th March: The Topics + The Nite People 

Wednesday 10th March: The Alex Harvey Soul Band

Saturday 13th March: Errol Dixon Band + Trendsetters Ltd.

Saturday 20th March: The Rambles Blues Movement + The Nite People

Sunday 21st March: Bob Michael’s Band

Wednesday 24th March: The Soul Agents with Rod Stewart

Sunday 28th March: The Classmates 

Wednesday 31st March: Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band

Saturday 3rd April: Jimmy Powell and the Five Dimensions + The Nite People 

Wednesday 7th April: Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds 

Saturday 10th April: Trendsetters Ltd. + The Nite People

Wednesday 14th April: The Clique

Saturday 17th April: The Topics + The Nite People

Sunday 18th April: Steve Benbow 

Wednesday 21st AprilThe Graham Bond Organisation

Saturday 24th April: Ken Lepard Blues Movement + The Nite People

Wednesday 28th April: Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band 

Saturday 8th May: Mark Leeman Five + The Nite People

Wednesday 12th May: The Action

Saturday 15th May: The Shevelles + The Nite People 

Saturday 22nd May: The Blues Movement + The Nite People 

Wednesday 26th May: Jimmy Powell and the Five Dimensions

Saturday 29th May: Dave Davini and the D Men + The Nite People

Wednesday 2nd June: Herbie Goins and the Night-Timers

Saturday 5th June: Kiko Six + The Early Birds

Monday 7th June: The Soul Agents with Rod Stewart

Wednesday 16th June: Ronnie Jones and the Blackjays 

Saturday 19th June: The Stormville Shakers + Bob Michael’s Band

Wednesday 23rd June: Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band

Friday 25th June: The Paramounts + Bob Michael’s Band

Wednesday 30th June: The In Crowd 

Wednesday 7th July: The Stormville Shakers 

Saturday 17th July: Tony Knight and the Chessmen + Bob Michael’s Band 

Wednesday 1st September: The Persuasions

Wednesday 8th September: The Majority 

Wednesday 15th September: The Action

Wednesday 22nd September: Jimmy James and the Vagabonds

Wednesday 29th September: Gary Farr and the T-Bones

Saturday 2nd October: TC’s Big Boss Band

Wednesday 6th October: Mark Leeman 5

Saturday 9th October: Boz and the Boz People

Wednesday 13th October: Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds 

Saturday 16th October: The Action

Saturday 23rd October: Gary Farr and the T Bones

Wednesday 27th October: John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers

Saturday 13th November: The Action

Wednesday 17th November: Jimmy James and the Vagabonds

Wednesday 24th November: The Anzaks 

Wednesday 1st December: Tony Knight’s Chessmen

Saturday 4th December: The Soul Agents + The Nite People

Wednesday 8th December: Jimmy Powell and the Five Dimensions

Monday 13th December: The Biddles

Wednesday 15th December: Herbie Goins and the Nigh-Timers

Wednesday 22nd December: The Shevelles

Friday 24th December: The Souls Agents + The Nite People 

Wednesday 29th December: Peter B’s Looners

Friday 31st December: The Soul Agents + The Anzaks


Saturday 1st January: The Soul Agents + The Nite People

Sunday 2nd January: The Trackmarks 

Wednesday 5th January: The Paramounts 

Wednesday 12th January: Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band 

Saturday 15th January: High Society 

Wednesday 19th January: Dave Anthony’s Moods

Wednesday 26th January: The Action

Saturday 29th January: The Soul Agents 

Wednesday 2nd February: The Motivation

Saturday 5th February: The Clique

Wednesday 9th February: The Shevelles 

Wednesday 16th February: The Hotsprings 

Wednesday 23rd February: Jimmy Powell and the Five Dimensions

Saturday 26th February: The Nite People 

Saturday 12th March: The Soul Agents 

Saturday 2nd April: The Anzaks

Wednesday 6th April: Les Fleur De Lys

Saturday 9th April: Simon Dupree and the Big Sound

Wednesday 13th April: The Meddy Evils 

Saturday 16th April: The Soul Agents 

Sunday 17th April: The Palmer James Group

Wednesday 20th April: Sounds Unique 

Saturday 23rd April: The Errol Dixon Band

Wednesday 27th April: Soul Society

Saturday 30th April: James Royal and the Hawks 

Saturday 14th May: Simon Dupree and the Big Sound 

Saturday 21st May: Sounds Unique 

Saturday 4th June: The Nocturnals 

Saturday 11th June: D. J. Blues 

Saturday 25th June: The Brian Hugg Fraternity 

Saturday 16th July: The Beat Merchants 

Wednesday 20th July: Simon Dupree and the Big Sound

Saturday 23rd July: The Trackmarks + The Noblemen

Saturday 30th July: The Alex Lean Group

Tuesday 16th August: Cops & Robbers

Wednesday 17th August: The Bo Street Runners

Saturday 27th August: Sounds Unique 

Friday 2nd September: The Stormville Shakers

Wednesday 7th September: M. I. Five 

Saturday 29th October: Simon Dupree and the Big Sound

Saturday 5th November: Mozzeltoff 

Saturday 12th November: David Bowie and the Buzz

Saturday 19th November: The Longboatmen 

Saturday 26th November: Simon Dupree and the Big Sound


The ownership of the club was taken over in October 1966 by Adriano Rossi who revamped and opened the venue as Papa’s on 11th March 1967.

Friday 7th April: Nite People

Wednesday 19th April: The Palmer James Group 

Friday 21st April: John L. Watson and the Web

Saturday 22nd April: The Little Joe Set

Wednesday 26th April: The Quik 

Friday 28th April: The Nite People

Friday 12th May: John L. Watson and the Web

Friday 19th May: Moon’s Train

Saturday 27th May: Derek Savage

Sunday 28th May: The Timebox

Monday 29th May: Felder’s Orioles

Friday 22nd September: John L. Watson and the Web

Saturday 23rd September: Idle Race

Friday 29th September: The Mickey Finn

Saturday 30th September: The Cymbaline 

Saturday 6th October: Jo Jo Cooke + The Rackets

Sunday 7th October: Sight and Sound

Saturday 14th October: Wellington Kitch Jump Band

Saturday 21st October: The Shevelles

Saturday 28th October: Moon’s Train

Saturday 11th November: The Monopoly 

Saturday 18th November: The Honeybus 

Saturday 25th November: Frugal Sound 

Saturday 2nd December: The Light

Saturday 9th December: Idle Race

Saturday 16th December: The White Rabbit

Saturday 23rd December: The Lemon Tree

Saturday 30th December: The Maze

Sunday 31st December: The Honeybus

6 thoughts on “Le Disque A Go! Go!

    1. Hi Tim, and a Happy New Year to you. You are right, how could I overlook the DAM’s, I’ll add them to the list right now, John


      1. Amen to that Tim, I have my first jab tomorrow so there is some light at the end of the tunnel. John


  1. I was as a student in bournemouth in 1967 68 ! I used to go at Papa s to dance ! I still have the members card ! Herei met Martlne , ! We married in 1971 and are still together ! We had a wonderfull time in bournemouth wich is a wonderfull town ! I used to live in northbourne 18 persley road ! Our school was crosby house school ! Does it still existing ? My land lords weres joycy and frank luscombe ! Love to you ! Flower power !


    1. Hi Georges, thank you for getting in touch. Really nice to hear how much you enjoyed your time in Bournemouth and that you met your future wife here, what a great story. I grew up about a mile away from where you lived in Northbourne in the East Howe area. As for Crosby House School, I’m afraid it doesn’t exist anymore, although I believe the building is still standing and is occupied by the Richard Language College. John


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