Southern Groups

This page is dedicated to groups from the south central part of England that played in the Bournemouth area during the sixties. Within a radius of roughly forty miles from the resort town of Weymouth and the county town of Dorchester to the west, to the port cities of Southampton and Portsmouth to the east and Salisbury and Winchester to the north, the area was brimming over with amateur musicians either out for a bit of fun, or trying to make their mark in an overcrowded market place. The A and B roads of Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire would have been busy with Thames Trader’s, Commer’s, Morris J2’s, Bedford’s or the ultimate bandwagons, Ford Transit’s, trundling from town to town, club to hotel to village hall for a few quid a night. Some of those listed only played in the Bournemouth area once or twice, while others were regular visitors to the town becoming mainstays on the scene along with the local groups.

Most of the bands listed below would of been forgotten if wasn’t for the diligent work of David St. John whose excellent Southampton based website, and the just as extensive, collated by Mick Cooper in Portsmouth, had not been created. A big thank you goes out to them for keeping the bands in the public eye and for giving me permission to upload the majority of the photographs on this web page.

Honorary Members of the ‘Bournemouth Beat Boom Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame’

007’s: Totton
4 Hits and a Miss: Hythe
The Abdo-Men: Southampton
The Addix: Weymouth
Aquarius: Southampton
Barrie James and the Strangers with Pattie Knight: Southampton
The Barrie James 4: Southampton
Barry and the Strollers: Portsmouth
The Big T Sound: Eastleigh
Bethany: Weymouth
The Blackjacks: Southampton
The Blackout: Portsmouth
The Blue Stars: Southampton
The Blue Chords: Southampton
Brian Fisher and the Raiders: Southampton
Brian Fisher and the Melody Makers: Southampton
Brian Moon and the Satellites / The Satellites: Weymouth
The Brook Brother: Winchester
Brother Bung: Southampton
The Brothers Scarlett with Gary & Lee: Portsmouth
Brownhills Stamp Duty: Southampton
The Cellars of Sound: Southampton
The Challengers: Portsmouth
The Change: Southampton
Cherry Smash: Portsmouth
The Chicago Shames: Weymouth
Chris Ryder and the Southern Sounds: Portsmouth
Chris Shakespeare and the Globe Show: Southampton
The Chris Shakespeare Movement: Southampton
The Classics: Gosport
Clive Shane, Ricky Lewis and the Avengers: Salisbury
Combustion: Southampton
The Companions: Southampton
The Countdowns: Southampton
The Crescendoes: Weymouth
The Crestas: Southampton
Coconut Mushroom: Portsmouth
The Courtelles: Portsmouth
The Daisies: Southampton
Danny and the Detonators: Salisbury
 Danny Storm and the Strollers: Southampton
Dave Dee and the Bostons: Salisbury
Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich: Salisbury
Del Rio Four: Southampton
Denise Scott and the Soundsmen: Weymouth
The Diplomats: Portsmouth
Dishley Grange: Weymouth
The Downbeats: Portsmouth
The Dynachords: Portsmouth
The Dynamos: Portsmouth
The Earth Angels: Southampton
The Electrons: Portsmouth
England: Portsmouth
The Federals: Fareham
The Five Degrees: Weymouth
The Fleetwoods: Portsmouth
Forbidden Fruit: Southampton
Frank Kelly and the Crestas: Portsmouth
Frank Kelly and the Hunters: Portsmouth
The Frenzy: Portsmouth
The Four Specs: Salisbury
Gary & Lee and the Paramounts: Portsmouth
Generation: Portsmouth
Glen Dale and the Strollers: Southampton
Gold Dust: Portsmouth
The Graduates:  Southampton
The Groovy Kind: Portsmouth
Harlem Speakeasy: Portsmouth
Heaven: Portsmouth
The Hi-Fi’s: Southampton
The Hobos: Southampton
The Hunters: Dorchester
The Hustlers: Southampton
Image: Portsmouth
The Inflatable Toy: Southampton
The Infereds: Eastleigh
The Inspiration: Portsmouth
The Jaguars: Portsmouth
J Crow Combo: Portsmouth
Jigsaw: Southampton
Johnny Dee and the Falcons: Southampton
Johnny Fortune and the Nightflyers: Weymouth
Johnny Keeping and the Lonely Ones: Southampton
Johnny Rush and the Raiders: Southampton
Johnny Shane and the Stormers with Big John Damon: Dorchester
Just Us: Salisbury
Karl and the Rapiers: Bishops Waltham
Kevin Scott and the Kinsmen: Eastleigh
The King Bees: Weymouth
Lace: Portsmouth
The Lonely Ones: Southampton
Lord Maurice: Eastleigh
Life: Portsmouth
The Mark Barrie 4: Portsmouth
Mark Twain and the Saxons: Southampton
The Meddy Evils: Southampton
The Memphis Four: Portsmouth
Mike Devon and the Diplomats: Portsmouth
The Midnighters: Portsmouth
The Missing Links: Southampton
The Modern Trend: Weymouth
The Moonrakers: Salisbury
Nelsons Column: Southampton
The Mundanes: Salisbury
The Nevitt Brothers and the Jaguars: Southampton
Nick Troy and the Trojans: Southampton
The Nightriders: Southampton
The Nightshift: Weymouth
The Nightflyers: Weymouth
The Outer Limits: Portsmouth
The Package Deal: Weymouth
Pete Stroller and the Drifters: Portsmouth
The Planets: Eastleigh
The Quik: Southampton
The Rampant: Portsmouth
The Ray Mandeville Group: Southampton
Ricky and the Hi-Lites: Southampton
Ricky Vernon and the Pathfinders: Salisbury
Rob Chance and the Chances R: Southampton
Ruby Spoon: Weymouth
The Sapphires: Portsmouth
The Satellites: Salisbury
The Scheme: Portsmouth
The Senators: Southampton
The Skylanes: Southampton
The Sleepwalkers: Southampton
Shades of Blue: Portsmouth
Sherlock and the Saints: Portsmouth
Simon Dupree and the Big Sounds: Portsmouth
The Sons of Man: Portsmouth
The Soul Agents: Southampton
The Soul Society: Portsmouth
The Soundsmen: Weymouth
Southern Sounds: Portsmouth
St Louis Checks: Portsmouth
The Strangers: Southampton
The Strollers: Weymouth
Smiling Hard: Portsmouth
The Talismen: Portsmouth
The Tea Pots: Portsmouth
Tex Roberg and the Dynamos: Southampton
Tex Roberg and the Semitones: Southampton
That Group: Southampton
Third Dimension: Portsmouth
The Time: Southampton
Tony Benson and the Skylanes: Southampton
Tony Wyell and the Classics: Portsmouth
Tony Wyell and the For-Tunes: Portsmouth
Tony Temple and the Deacons: Eastleigh
The Transatlantics: Southampton
The Tremors: Portsmouth
Trend 65 / 66 / 67 / 68: Weymouth
The Tritons: Weymouth
The Unforgiven: Southampton
The Violin Shoppe: Weymouth
The Vision: Eastleigh
Wanted: Portsmouth
William and the Conquerors / The Conquerors: Weymouth
Wedgewood Wing: Weymouth
Wishful Thinking: Southampton
Whiskey River: Portsmouth
Wrong Direction: Portsmouth
The X-ITS: Portsmouth

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