The Winter Gardens

The Winter Gardens, Exeter Road, Bournemouth

Opened on 16th January 1877 by the MP Sir Henry Drummond Wolf, the original Crystal Palace and Winter Gardens was an enormous glass structure that housed a wide variety of shrubs and floral displays interspersed with exhibition space and areas for public entertainments. The first concert to take place in the venue was performed by Dan Godfrey and his thirty strong Municipal Military Band in 1893 to an audience of over 5,000 people. Two years later Godfrey was chosen to lead the new Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra, at the time it was one of the few permanent, fully salaried symphony orchestras in the country, along with Manchester’s Halle Orchestra. Over the years Edward Elgar, Jean Sibelius, Hubert Parry, Vaughan Williams, Henry Wood, William Walton, Thomas Beecham and Gustav Holst all visited the town as guest conductors and in November 1913 the orchestra released its first 78rpm recording on the HMV label.

Above and Below: The original glass Crystal Palace and Winter Gardens constructed in 1875
The Interior of the Crystal Palace and Winter Gardens planted with shrubs and flowers
The Crystal Palace and Winter Gardens circa 1893 with the stage set for the concert orchestra

In 1929 the Municipal Orchestra moved across the lower gardens to the recently completed Pavilion, six years before the original glass Winter Garden was demolished. It was rebuilt using a steel skeleton enclosed with brick and a timber roof at a cost of £30,000, as a state-of-the art indoor bowling green, after much lobbying from the Bournemouth Indoor Bowling Club. The official opening by the current mayor, Alderman Thomas Rebbeck, occurred on 4th November 1937. Two years later, at the outbreak of the war, it was requisitioned by the Air Ministry and handed over to the Canadian Air Force who were stationed in the town.

The newly constructed brick built Winter Gardens shortly after opening on 4th November 1937
The Winter Gardens in 1938, built specifically for the Bournemouth Indoor Bowling Club

After the hostilities had ceased, the Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra expanded to sixty plus musicians, however, they were unhappy with the acoustic properties of the Pavilion Theatre and having to play second fiddle to stage productions, pantomimes and variety shows. As a remedy, it was agreed that the bowling green would be converted into a concert hall, much to the consternation of the bowling club members. When the council took back control of the building in 1946 they gave the go-ahead to erect a stage and install eighteen hundred seats. A concert was arranged for the opening night on Saturday 18th October 1947 by the Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra conducted by their new leader, Rudolf Schwarz. The concert was a huge success and to the relief of the gathered throng and particularly the musicians and Schwarz, the hall’s acoustic qualities were rated second to none. In 1954, the Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra was renamed the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Charles Groves.

Construction workers begin to lay the brick foundations for the new stage, circa 1947
The pristine, completed auditorium before the opening night on Saturday 18th October 1947
The Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra with conductor Rudolf Schwarz on the opening night

Apart from orchestral recitals, over the years the hall promoted countless shows featuring international stars such as Bob Hope, Burl Ives, Ella Fitzgerald, Paul Robeson, Count Basie, Maurice Chevalier, Perry Como, Duke Ellington, Stephane Grappelli, Victor Borge and Brenda Lee. A whole plethora of home-grown talent also appeared in concerts, variety shows and summer extravaganzas. During its lifetime the venue was utilised as a cinema, a circus, a conference hall and an arena for wrestling and boxing bouts. During the sixties, hundreds of culturally deprived school kids were bused in from the outlying suburbs for an annual concert by the BSO. After much catcalling and abuse shouted across the aisles between opposing schools, the pupils would settle down to a two-hour recital of well-known selections from say Holst’s “Planets Suite”, or possibly the rousing final movement of Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture”, under the watchful eye of frazzled teachers desperately trying to pinpoint who was responsible for the thunderous fart during the quiet passage.    

By the late fifties the Winter Gardens became a regular stop-off on the package tour merry-go-round. Transient stars of the short-lived skiffle craze, anaemic British rock ‘n’ roll singers and the occasional American big name, would pass through as part of protracted jaunts around the provinces. However, by the early sixties it was all change as the bills became increasingly stuffed with beat merchants riding the Beat Boom. By the time the Fab Four arrived in November 1963, Beatlemania was at fever pitch, prompting three rival American television networks, NBC, CBS and ABC to descend on the Winter Gardens and film news items on the new phenomenon. A short snippet of the group performing “From Me to You” was the first sighting America got of the Liverpudlian foursome when it was aired on The Huntley-Brinkley Report on 18th November 1963, pre-empting their Ed Sullivan Show debut on Sunday February 9th 1964 by nearly three months. Over the next three years virtually every beat group worth its salt came to the Gardens including The Rolling Stones, The Searchers, the Dave Clarke Five, The Hollies, The Troggs, Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich, Manfred Mann, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Kinks, Freddie and the Dreamers and The Yardbirds, plus a surfeit of lesser one-hit wonders and no hopers.

In March 1965 a stellar Tamla Motown revue with The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Martha Reeves and The Vandellas and Smokey Robinson and The Miracles came to town. Incredibly, the tour was struggling to pull in the punters with half-full theatres outside of London, particularly for the first houses. To boost ticket sales, the promoters drafted in Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames who were riding high in the charts with “Yeah Yeah”. Apparently Mary Wilson of The Supremes remembers the acts referring to the UK trek as the “ghost tour”, while Georgie Fame is still incredulous to this day that he was drafted in to try to save a bill stuffed with such exceptional talent.

By 1967 the age of multi-group packages was winding down, although one of the last, starring the Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Move, The Nice, Amen Corner and Pink Floyd, proved to be one of the most memorable. It wasn’t the first time Hendrix had been to Bournemouth; he had visited six months earlier low down on an incongruous bill featuring the Walker Brother, Cat Stevens and special guest Engelbert Humperdinck. When Jimi returned he was headlining on the back of four top twenty singles and a ground-breaking debut album, Are You Experienced. Hendrix pulled out all the stops in his forty-minute slot, playing with his teeth, behind his head and while lying on his back. He covered the hits “Hey Joe”, “Purple Haze” and “The Wind Cries Mary” and finished with “Wild Thing”, the song he climaxed his set with at the ‘Monterey Pop Festival’ five months earlier. At Monterey, he cremated his guitar buy dousing it in lighter fuel and throwing matches on it, but in Bournemouth the Swan Vestas remained firmly in his pocket.   

Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, the Winter Gardens 10th March 1972

The night John Mayall brought his new all acoustic configuration to the Gardens in 1970, the PA malfunctioned towards the end of his set. Unperturbed, Mayall, bass player Alex Dmochowski and guitarist Jon Mark improvised an instrumental using just their back line amplifiers, while Johnny Almond stood on the lip of the stage blowing into his tenor sax. The acoustics in the auditorium did the rest, captivating the audience as the notes cascaded around the hall. The same year all three members of Cream passed through within six weeks of each other in differing guises. In October Eric Clapton tried sneaking in undetected using the alias of Derek with his new band the Dominos. A month later Ginger Baker negotiated a bumpy landing with his Airforce. They were late arriving and ran into the theatre through the main entrance, clambered onto the stage and proceeded to perform an under-rehearsed, shambolic mess of a set, albeit a highly entertaining shambloic mess. Finally, Jack Bruce arrived ten days later with Tony Williams Lifetime, an extraordinarily talented jazz / rock fusion super-group with John McLaughlin on guitar and Larry Williams on keyboards. The only problem being that the band bludgeoned the small audience into submission with excessive volume.

David Gilmour and Dave Mason of Pink Floyd performing at the Winter Gardens, 22nd January 1972

In January 1972 Pink Floyd returned to air their magnum opus Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety for only the second time, the first performance being the night before at the Portsmouth Guildhall. It was a totally different experience to the show five years previous on the Jimi Hendrix tour. Back in 1967 they were allotted seventeen minutes in which to impress the audience, choosing to air truncated versions of “Take up Thy Stethoscope and Walk” and “Interstellar Overdrive” instead of their recent hits “Arnold Layne” and “See Emily Play”. Unfortunately their guitarist Syd Barrett was in bad shape, suffering from early onset schizophrenia brought on by an over indulgence in LSD and the stresses and strains of fronting a successful band. It’s believed on at least one occasion Davy O’List of the Nice stood in for Syd, as he was unfit to perform. Fast forward to 1972 and with Dave Gilmore in for Barrett, the Floyd were on top form promoting their latest album Meddle, however, the set was dominated by Dark Side of the Moon which didn’t appear on vinyl until fifteen months later.    

On the 15th May 1973, Paul McCartney pulled into town with his new group Wings, followed by David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars ten days later. Bowie was filmed backstage and performing to the sell-out crowd for BBC’s Nationwide. The condescending voice over by Bernard Falk, describes Bowie as a “bizarre, self-constructed freak” and his band as “Yorkshire lads with down-to-earth accents whose appearance mainly seems to be moulded to fit into the Bowie image”. I wonder what Falk would have made of Queen’s outrageously camp Freddie Mercury who appeared three times, first in support of Mott the Hoople, then twice as the main event in 1974 and 1975.      

Freddie Mercury and Brian May of Queen, performing at the Winter Gardens, 23rd November 1975

As the seventies progressed, rock bands were well-represented by Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Thin Lizzy, Status Quo, Bad Company, Humble Pie, Motorhead and Deep Purple, as was the progressive side of the spectrum with Genesis, King Crimson, Family, Focus, Yes, Jethro Tull, The Soft Machine and the acronymic ELO and ELP. On a quieter note, the gentle strumming of singer / songwriters Cat Stevens, Kris Kristofferson and Tom Paxton plus the hippy drippy Melanie, Incredible String Band and Donovan suited the delicate acoustics of the hall perfectly. The Americans kept their end up with Canned Heat, Flock, Lynyrd Skynryd, Blue Oyster Cult, Journey, Black Oak Arkansas, Montrose, The Beach Boys, Santana and Hall and Oates. On the pop side, when The Bay City Rollers rolled into town at the height of ‘Rollermania’ in November 1974, there were scenes reminiscent of The Beatles visit eleven years earlier as fans ran riot outside the theatre and in the auditorium. A few plucky souls even managed to scale a drainpipe onto the roof in a vain attempt to gain access to their idols before being enticed down by harassed Bobbies and members of staff.

Strummer, Jones and Simonon. The Clash whip up a riot in the Winter Gardens in November 1977

With the onslaught of punk and new wave, bands such as The Clash, Joy Division, The Buzzcocks and The Undertones made it to Exeter Road, although to be honest, they would have been better suited taking their rebellious thrash to the standing only Stateside Centre across the lower gardens. A case in point being the visit of The Clash in November 1977, which ended with a number of seats in the stalls being trashed and thrown on to the stage. Because of the damage a concert by the BSO the following night had to be cancelled. The band ended up footing the bill. As for Joy Division, their support slot with The Buzzcocks came to an abrupt end when singer Ian Cutis suffered an epileptic fit on stage and fell into the drum kit. He was carried off by roadies and taken to Boscombe hospital in an ambulance. Six months later the troubled singer, who suffered from depression as well seizures, hung himself with a washing line at his home in Macclesfield.  

Fans of AFC Bournemouth pack the Winter Gardens in 1997 to raise cash for the ailing club

The first death knell sounded for the Winter Gardens in 1979 when the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra upped sticks and moved to the neighbouring Poole Arts Centre, although there was never any suggestion of a name change to fit their new locale. An even bigger blow was struck with the opening of the brand-new Bournemouth International Centre in 1984. Overnight the Winter Gardens became redundant and staff were laid off after the final night of that year’s Summer Season starring Ken Dodd on 22nd September. Overnight the Winter Gardens became a ghostly shell of its former self, as concerts were relocated a couple of hundred yards up the road to the 4,000 capacity BIC. For the next twenty years, the venue gradually fell into decline and disrepair and was only utilised sporadically for the odd concert and famously, in 1997, as a meeting place for AFC Bournemouth supporters who rallied round the ailing football club by throwing thousands of pounds into buckets to save the club from extinction. In 2001, in excess of 25,000 people signed a petition to save the hall, and in 2002 the BSO gave a final concert at the venue to help raise much-needed cash. However, after much wrangling between the Bournemouth council and pressure groups who tried to save it, the Winter Gardens and all its wonderful memories were bulldozed in May 2006 to make way for a car park.

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Above and Below: The crumbling Winter Gardens shortly before demolition in May 2006
The original ticket office, the last remnant of the Winter Gardens still standing
Below is a list of package tours and concerts at the Winter Gardens from 1961 to the day it closed as a fully operational theatre on Saturday 22nd September 1984. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestral recitals, light orchestral concerts and variety shows, barring summer shows, have been excluded. If you can fill in the gaps, please contact me using the box below.


Saturday 22nd April: Monty Sunshine + Robin Hall & Jimme McGregor + Memphis Slim

Commencing Monday 5th June: ‘Summer Show’ Max Bygraves + Benson Dulay + Maureen Evans + Ted Durante + Ossie Morris + Judy Moxon

Commencing Monday 12th June: ‘Summer Show’ Billy Cotton and His Band

Commencing Monday 19th June: ‘Summer Show‘ Hughie Green with ‘Double Your Money’ & ‘Opportunity Knocks’

Commencing Monday 3rd July to Saturday 9th September: ‘Summer Show‘ The Beverley Sisters + Dickie Henderson + The Three Monarchs

Sunday 23rd July: Petula Clark + Valetta Lacopi + Ronald Hill + Jack Byfield + Max Jaffa + Reginald Kilbey

Sunday 6th August: Adam Faith + Red Price and His Group + The Brook Brothers + Maureen Evans + Mike Preston + Wilf Todd and His Trio

Sunday 13th August: The Shadows

Sunday 20th August: Tommy Steele + The Brook Brothers

Sunday 27th August: Mark Wynter + John Leyton + Eden Kane + Mike Preston + Red Price and His Group

Saturday 30th September: Helen Shapiro + Robin Hall & Jimmie MacGregor with The Galliards + The Viscounts + Colin Day + Red Price and His Combo + Compere Dave Allen

Sunday 8th October: Chris Barber Jazz Band + Ottilie Patterson

Sunday 3rd December: The Kenny Ball Jazzmen

Saturday 30th December: Acker Bilk and His Paramount Jazz Men


Saturday 27th January: Frankie Vaughan + Billy Trent and His Orchestra

Sunday 25th February: Bobby Vee + Tony Orlando + Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry + The Springfields + Suzy Cope + Jimmy Crawford + The Ravens + Compere Billy Burdon

Saturday 10th March: Helen Shapiro + The Four Jays + The Brook Bothers + Red Price and His Combo + The Dale Sisters + Colin Day + Compere Dave Allen

Saturday 28th April: Gary “US” Bonds + Johnny Burnette + The Fabulous Flee-Rekkers + The Four Kestrels + Rolly Daniels + Gene McDaniels + The Condors + Danny Rivers + Compere Mark Wynter

Commencing Monday 11th June to Sunday 24th June : ‘Summer Show‘ Max Bygraves + Eddie Gordon and Nancy + Roger Carne + Roy Stevens + Jack Simpson + Gillian and June + The Burt Twins

Wednesday 26th September: Del Shannon + Dion + Joe Brown and the Bruvvers + Buzz Clifford + The Allisons + Peppi + The New York Twisters + Wallace and Duval + Suzy Cope

Saturday 13th October: The Shadows + Chas McDevitt and Shirley Douglas + The Dale Sisters + The Trebletones + The Belltones + Compere Dave Allen

Saturday 27th October: Everly Brothers + Frank Ifield + Ketty Lester + Dean Rogers + Terry Young Five + Vernon Girls + Compere Norman Collier

Saturday 10th November: Bobby Vee + The Crickets + Ronnie Carroll + Russ Sainty and the Nu-Notes + Frank Kelly and the Hunters + Johnny De Little + Compere Frank Berry

Saturday 1st December: Helen Shapiro + Eden Kane + Vernon Girls + The Kestrels + Red Price and His Orchestra + Rhet Stoller and the Dynamics + Arthur Worsley with Charlie Brown + Comperes Billy Burden and Bobby Dennis


Saturday 9th February: Brian Hyland + Little Eva + The Brook Brothers + The Chariots + Johnny Temple + Rhythm and Blues Quintet Plus One + Compere Dave Reid

Saturday 16th March: Joe Brown and the Bruvvers + Susan Maughan + The Tornados + Eden Kane + Shane Fenton and the Fentones + Jess Conrad + Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers + Daryl Quist + Peter Lodge + Mike & Tony Nevitt + Rolf Harris and the Diggeroos + Compere Al Paige

Sunday 24th March: Frank Ifield + Maureen Evans and the Dallas Boys + The Lana Sisters + Arthur Worsley and Charlie Brown + Tommy Wallis and Beryl + The Johnny Hawkins Four + Compere Ted Rogers

Saturday 30th March: Brenda Lee + Mike Berry and the Outlaws + Tony Sheridan + The Bachelors + Steve Perry + Sounds Incorporated + Compere Bob Bain 

Saturday 20th April: Del Shannon + Johnny Tillotson + The Springfields + Kenny Lynch + Peppi + The Eagles + Jerry Stevens + Rey Anton + Compere Ray Bennett

Saturday 11th May: Jerry Lee Lewis + Gene Vincent + Heinz and the Outlaws + Andy Cavell and the Saints + Mickie Most + Dev Douglas + Brad Newman + Compere Chris Carlsen

Saturday 18th May: John Leyton + Mike Sarne + Billie Davis + Jet Harris and Tony Meehan + Mike Berry and the Innocents + Duffy Power + Billy Doyle + The X-L Five + Compere Don Spencer

Commencing Monday 3rd June to Saturday 21st September:Summer Show‘ Winifred Atwell + Lance Percival + Ronnie Carroll + Antonio Vargas and his Spanish Dancers + Toni Ross + Des Lane + Gerard Sety + The Mistins + The Don Robb Group

Sunday 4th August: Billy Fury + The Tornados + Bert Weedon + Jackie Trent + The Hollies + Eric Delaney and his Easy Beat Band 

Sunday 11th August: Jet Harris and Tony Meehan + The Springfields + Mark Wynter + Jan and Kelly + The Hollies + Eric Delaney and his Easy Beat Band

Sunday 18th August: Billy Fury + The Tornados + Bert Weedon + Jan and Kelly + The Bell-Tones + Eric Delaney and his Easy Beat Band 

1st September: Shirly Bassey

Sunday 8th September: Aker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band

Sunday 29th September: Frank Ifield + The Raindrops + Ted Rogers

Sunday 13th October: Tommy Roe + Freddie and the Dreamers + The Searchers + Ian Crawford and the Boomerangs + Rob Charles Combo + Patrick Dane and the Quiet Five + Compere Ted King 

Sunday 20th October: Dee Dee Sharp + Johnny Kidd and the Pirates + Heinz and the Saints + Joe Brown and the Bruvvers + Gerry and the Pacemakers + Vince Eager + Big Three + The Caravelles

Saturday 9th November: Billy Fury + Joe Brown and His Bruvvers + Karl Denver Trio + The Tornadoes + Marty Wilde + Daryl Quist + Dickie Pride + The Ramblers + Compere Larry Burns 

Saturday 16th November: The Beatles + The Brook Brothers + Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers + Vernon Girls + The Kestrels + The Rhythm and Blues Quartet + Compere Frank Berry

Saturday 23rd November: Duane Eddy + The Shirelles + Gene Vincent + Carter Lewis and the Southerners + Mickie Most + The Flintstones + The Roof Raisers + Compere Ray Cameron

Saturday 7th December: Bobby Rydell + Helen Shapiro + The Chants + The Harlems + The Spotnicks + The Trebletones + The Merseybeats + Compere Alan Field 


Tuesday 28th January: Steve Benbow + Cyril Tawney

Sunday 2nd February: The First Big Beat and Vocal Contest Barry and the Blue Stars + The Sandstorms + Tony, Howard and the Dictators + The Ragtimers + The Concordes + The Dominators + The Barbarians + The South Coast 5ive + The Initials Beat Combo + Lee Peterson and the Defenders + Bob and the K.D.C. + The Tallmen

Saturday 15th February: Gerry and the Pacemakers + Ben E King + The Fourmost + Tommy Quickly + The Dennisons + Sounds Incorporated + Compere Jimmy Tarbuck

Saturday 22nd February: John Leyton + Mike Sarne + The Rolling Stones + The Swinging Blues Jeans + Mike Berry and the Innocents + Eden Kane + Jet Harris + The LeRoys + Billie Davis + Compere Billy Boyle 

23rd February: Duke Ellington and his Orchestra

Saturday 29th February: Joe Brown and the Bruvvers + Manfred Mann + The Crystals + Johnny Kidd and the Pirates + Heinz and the Saints + Mike Preston + Daryl Quist + Compere Al Paige

Saturday 21st March: Bobby Vee + The Searchers + The Diamonds + Dusty Springfield + Big Dee Irwin + The Echoes + Suzy Cope + Alan Davison + Compere Tony Marsh

Saturday 4th April: The Bachelors + Bern Elliott and the Fenmen

Sunday 5th April:  Chris Barber’s Jazz Band + Ottilie Patterson

Saturday 11th April: Adam Faith + Brian Poole and the Tremoles

Sunday 12th April: ‘The Big Beat Concert Trendsetters Ltd. + Dave La Kaz and the G Men + Tony, Howard and the Dictators + The Initials  

Saturday 25th April: Dave Clark Five + The Hollies + The Kinks + The Mojos + Mark Wynter + The Trebletones + The Mojos + Compere Frank Berry

Sunday 3rd May: Roy Orbison + Freddie and the Dreamers + Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders + Tony Sheridan and the Bobby Patrick Six + Chris Sandford and the Coronets + Three Quarters + The Federals 

Monday 11th May: The Rolling Stones + Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers + Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers + Julie Grant + Keith Powel and the Valets + Compere Chris Carlsen

Saturday 16th May: Chuck Berry + Carl Perkins + King Size Taylor and the Dominos + The Animals + The Swinging Blue Jeans + The Nashville Teens + The Other Two + Compere Larry Burns

Commencing June to September:Summer Show‘ Matt Monro + The Three Monarchs + Derek Dene + Shelia Buxton + The Dallas Boys

Sunday 16th August: The Dave Clark Five + The Migil Five

Saturday 3rd October: Manfred Mann + Bill Haley and the Comets + The Nashville Teens + Rockin’ Berries + Untamed Four + Bobby Patrick Big Six + Compere Bob Bain

Saturday 24th October: Erroll Garner

Sunday 25th October: The Second Big Beat and Vocal Contest The Cortinas + Maureen Garrett + The Hunters + The Bunch + The Surfin Gremmies + The Tallmen + Systems Go + The Conquerors + The Stool Pigeons + Tony Temple and the Deacons + Peter and the Wolves + Wendy Stanley

Saturday 31st October: The Searchers + Dionne Warwick + The Isley Brothers + The Zombies + Alan Elsdon and the Voodoos + Tony Sheveton + Comperes Syd and Eddie

Saturday 7th November: Gene Vincent + Lulu and the Luvvers + The Applejacks + Millie + The Honeycombs + Daryl Quist + The Puppets + The Beat Merchants + The Shouts + Compere Freddie Earl 

Sunday 15th November: The Animals + Carl Perkins + Tommy Tucker + Elkie Brooks + The Nashville Teens + The Quotations + The Plebs + Compere Ray Cameron 

Sunday 22nd November: Cilla Black

Saturday 28th November: Gene Pitney + Gerry and the Pacemakers + The Kinks + Marianne Faithfull + Mike Cotton Sound + Bobby Shafto and the Roofraisers + Kim Weston and the Earl Van Dyke Quartet + Compere Bryan Burdon


Saturday 20th February: Duke Ellington and his Orchestra

Saturday 27th February: Adam Faith and the Roulettes + Sandie Shaw + Duke D’Mond and the Baron Knights + The Paramounts + Patrick Kerr + Compere Freddie Earl

Saturday 27th March: The Supremes + Stevie Wonder + Martha and The Vandellas + Smokey Robinson and The Miracles + Earl Van Dyke Six + Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames + Compere Tony Marsh 

Saturday 15th May: The Yardbirds + The Kinks + Goldie and the Gingerbreads + The Riot Squad + Val McKenna + Jeff and Jon + Mickey Finn + Compere Bob Bain

 Sunday 23rd May: Donovan + New Faces + The Pretty Things + Unit 4 Plus 2 + John L. Watson and the Hummelflugs + Compere Chris Carlson

Commencing Saturday 5th June to Saturday 17th July:Summer Show‘ Russ Conway + Ray Fell + The Gale Boys + Kathy Kirby + The Dancing Debs + The Music Men + Compere Joan Davis

Commencing Monday 19th July to Saturday 28th August:Summer Show‘ Russ Conway + Ray Fell + The Gale Boys + Dusty Springfield + The Dancing Debs + The Music Men + Compere Joan Davis

Sunday 15th August: The Bachelors + The Maydells + Frankie Holmes + Peter Maxwell + The Johnny Wiltshire Orchestra

Sunday 22nd August: Frank Ifield + Don Arrol + Johnny Wiltshire and the Trebletones + Zona + Take Five + Rick & Sandy + Jack Douglas

Sunday 29th August: Frankie Vaughan and the V Group + Mrs. Mills + David and Marianne Dalmour + The Paramounts + Denny Piercy

Commencing Monday 30th August to Saturday 25th September:Summer Show‘ Russ Conway + Ray Fell + The Gale Boys + Adele Leigh + The Dancing Debs + The Music Men + Compere Joan Davis

2nd October: Peter, Paul and Mary

Saturday 9th October: P. J. Proby + The Walker Brothers + The Zombies + Elkie Brooks + Boz and the Boz People + The Matadors + Compere Denny Piercy 

Saturday 23rd October: The Everly Brothers + Cilla Black + Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas + Lionel Blair and the Kick Dancers + Paddy, Klaus and Gibson + The Marionettes + The Alan Elsdon Band + Compere Pete Brady 

27th October: Julian Bream

Saturday 6th November: Gene Pitney + The Rockin’ Berries + Peter and Gordon + Lulu and the Luvvers + The Quiet Five + Mike Cotton Sound + Comperes Syd & Eddie

Sunday 21st November: Herman’s Hermits + Wayne Fontana + The Fortunes + Billy Fury and the Gamblers + The Country Gents + Little Frankie + Compere Ray Cameron

Sunday 28th November: Aker Bilk and his Paramount Jazzmen


Saturday 2nd April: The Seekers + The Honeycombs + Carrie MacDonald with the Marge Lewis Pattern + Compere Dave Allen

Saturday 30th April: Roy Orbison + The Walker Brothers + Lulu and the Luvvers + The Marionettes + Kim D and the Del Five + Quotations + Compere Ray Cameron 

Commencing Saturday 16th July to September:Summer Show‘ Morecombe and Wise + Susan Maughan + Ivor Emmanuel + Eric Delaney and his Band + Arthur Worsley with Charlie Brown + The Aristons + Valerie Shelton + Marvo

Sunday 7th August: Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames + Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds + Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band + The Alan Price Set + Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band + The Train + Compere Dave Cash

Sunday 14th August: Frankie Vaughan and the V Group

Sunday 28th August: The Beverley Sisters + Roy Hudd + The Baron Knights + Tony Rivers and the Castaways + The Trebletones + The Johnny Wiltshire Orchestra

Friday 12th September: The Shadows + Eric Delaney and his Band + Derek Dene + Compere George Martin 

Wednesday 28th September: Dusty Springfield with The Echoes + The Alan Price Set + The Settlers + Episode 6 + Dave Berry + David and Johnathan + Boz and His Group + Compere Jeff Lenner

Sunday 16th October: The Modern Jazz Quartet

Saturday 12th November: The Walker Brothers + The Troggs + Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich + The Montanas + The Quotations + Clodagh Rogers + Compere Don Crockett 


Friday 17th March: Gene Pitney + The Troggs + David Garrick + Normie Rowe and the Playboys + The Loot + The Vision + Sounds Incorporated + Compere Bryan Burdon

Sunday 19th March: Duke Ellington and his Orchestra

Saturday 1st April: Roy Orbison + The Small Faces + Paul and Barry Ryan + The Settlers + Sonny Childe and the T.N.T. + The Rob Storme Group + P. P. Arnold + Compere Ray Cameron

Saturday 29th April: The Walker Brothers + Cat Stevens + Engelbert Humperdink + The Jimi Hendrix Experience + The Californians + The Quotations + Compere Nicky Jones

Tuesday 9th May: Jesse Fuller + Champion Jack Dupree + Alexis Korner and Long John Baldry 

27th May: Donovan

Commencing Monday 19th June to Saturday 22nd July: ‘Summer Show‘ The Seekers + Ted Rogers + Peter Maxwell

Commencing Wednesday 26th July to September:Summer Show‘ Frankie Vaughan and the Vee Men + Tommy Cooper + The Rockin’ Berries + Mrs Mills + Edmundson and Elliott

Sunday 6th August: Charlie Drake + Joe ‘Mr. Piano’ Henderson + Eric Delaney and his Band

Sunday 13th August: Charlie Drake + Marie Peters and Michael Knights + Eric Delaney and his Band

Sunday 20th August: Harry Secombe

Sunday 27th August: The Shadows + Honky Von Tonk + The O’Connor Sisters + The Four Kinsman + The Eric Delaney Band 

Saturday 4th November: Gladys Knight and the Pips

Wednesday 15th November: The Jimi Hendrix Experience + The Move + Pink Floyd + The Nice + Amen Corner + Eire Apparent + The Outer Limits + Compere Pete Drummond 


Saturday 20th April: Gene Pitney + Don Partridge + Status Quo + Amen Corner + Simon Dupree and the Big Sound

Saturday 27th April: The Kinks + The Herd + Gary Walker and the Rain + The Tremeloes + Ola and the Janglers + The Life ‘n’ Soul + Compere Ray Cameron

Saturday 25th May: Julie Felix

Monday 3rd June: The Seekers + Russ Conway

Commencing Friday 7th June to Saturday 3rd August: Summer Show‘ Tom Jones + The Squires + Ted Heath and his Orchestra + Roy Castle + The Jeff Saunders Trio + The Barry Lee Show + Gary Stevens + The Rita King Dancers

Commencing Tuesday 6th August to Monday 26th September:Summer Show‘ Frank Ifield + Michael Bentine + Terry Scott and Hugh Lloyd + Semprini + The New Faces + The Rita King Dancers + Eric Delaney and his Orchestra

Saturday 23rd November: Pentangle


Saturday 22nd February: Sinnermen and Sara + Karpaty Polish Dancers

Friday 28th February Renaissance

Saturday 1st March: Marian Montgomery + Humphrey Littleton and his Band

Saturday 15th March: Englebert Humperdink + Mary Hopkin + Ted Rogers

Thursday 27th March: Nana Mouskouri and the Athenians

Tuesday 8th April: Nina and Fredrick

Saturday 19th April: Herman’s Hermits + The Love Affair + Dave Berry and the Sponge + The Parking Lot + Compere Johnnie Walker

Commencing Saturday 7th June to Wednesday 23rd July: Summer Show‘ Anita Harris + Joe ‘Mr. Piano’ Henderson + Edmund Hockridge + Eric Delaney and his Band

Commencing Friday 25th July to September:Summer Show‘ Ken Dodd + Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson + The Grumbleweeds + Rudy Cardenas + Eric Delaney and his Band

Sunday 10th August: Frank Ifield

Sunday 17th August: Harry Secombe + Leslie Crowther + Terri Stevens + Audrey Jeans + Johnny Hawkins and his Orchestra

Sunday 24th August: Morecambe and Wise + Ray Alan with Lord Charles + Chris and Eileen O’Connor + Tony Evans and his Orchestra

Sunday 31st August: The Bachelors + Ray Alan with Lord Charles + Stan Stennett + Chris and Eileen O’Connor + Tony Evans and his Orchestra

Sunday 16thNovemver: Rolf Harris + The Pattersons

Saturday 22nd November: John Mayall

Sunday 30th November: Duke Ellington


Saturday 24th January: Canned Heat + Renaissance

Friday 6th February: The Nice

Sunday 15th February: The New Seekers

Sunday 12th April: Gene Pitney + Badfinger + Johnny Hackett + Satisfaction + Clodagh Rodgers

Saturday 18th April: The Flock + The Spirit of John Morgan

Saturday 2nd May: Taj Mahal + Rare Bird

Wednesday 13th May: Johnny Cash

Saturday 16th May: John Mayall + Duster Bennett

Sunday 17th May: Roy Orbison + Karen Young + Arrival + The Art Movement + Compere Jimmy Marshall

Saturday 23rd May: Tom Paxton

Friday 5th June: The Keef Hartley Big Band

Commencing July to September:Summer Show‘ Max Bygraves + Tony Cawley + Ric Benny + The Selmas + Rostal and Schaefer + John Steed and his Orchestra

Sunday 30th August: Vince Hill

Wednesday 7th October: Derek and the Dominos + Bret Marvin and The Thunderbolts

Tuesday 20th October: Emerson Lake and Palmer + Spontaneous Combustion

Sunday 25th October: Adge Cutler and the Wurzels

Friday 30th October: Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee + Sister Rosetta Tharpe + Bukka White + Champion Jack Dupree + Willie Dixon’s Chicago Blues All-Stars with Shakey Horton, Lafayette Leak, Clifton James and Lee Jackson The American Folk, Blues & Gospel Festival ’70

Wednesday 4th November: Ginger Baker’s Air Force

Friday 6th November: Deep Purple

Saturday 7th November: Shirley Bassey

Sunday 15th November: Tony Williams Lifetime with Jack Bruce, John McLaughlin and Larry Young

Friday 20th November: Cliff Richard + Marvin, Welch & Farrar

Saturday 21st November: Family

Friday 27th November: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Friday 28th November: Woody Herman and his Orchestra

Wednesday 2nd December: Englebert Humperdink

Saturday 12th December: The Beach Boys + The Flame


Saturday 30th January: Julie Felix with Danny Thompson

Sunday 31st January: The Faces + Steamhammer + Eclection

Friday 5th February: Alexis Korner and Peter Thurup + Duster Bennett + Karakorum

Saturday 6th February: Stevie Wonder + Martha Reeves and the Vandellas

Sunday 7th February: Deep Purple + Hardin York

Saturday 13th February: Van Der Graff Generator + Genesis + Lindisfarne

Sunday 14th February: Leon Russell

Friday 26th February: Pentangle

Tuesday 2nd March: Free + Amazing Blondel

Friday 5th March: Jethro Tull + Steeleye Span

Wednesday 10th March: Yes + Johnathon Swift

Friday 19th March: Tom Paxton

Wednesday 24th March: The Glen Miller Orchestra

Saturday 27th March: Fairport Convention

Tuesday 30th March: The Incredible String Band

Sunday 4th April: Georgie Fame and Alan Price + Zoot Money

Tuesday 6th April: Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Friday 16th April: Mott the Hoople + Bronco

Saturday 17th April: Mungo Jerry + Comus

Tuesday 20th April: Electric Light Orchestra

Wednesday 21st April: Caravan + Barclay James Harvest + Gringo

Friday 23rd April: The Soft Machine

Sunday 9th May: T Rex

Friday 21st May: Cat Stevens + Tir Na Nog

Tuesday 25th May: Rod McKuen

Wednesday 26th May: The Faces + Atomic Rooster

Friday 28th May: Judith Durham

Wednesday 2nd June: King Crimson + Roger Ruskin Spear and his Giant Kinetic Wardrobe

Commencing Wednesday 30th June to September:Summer Show‘ Bruce Forsyth + Moira Anderson + Ray Alan with Lord Charles + Heathmore + Eric Winstone and his Orchestra

Wednesday 29th September: Deep Purple + Bullet

Saturday 2nd October: Gene Pitney + Marvin, Welch & Farrar

Friday 8th October: The Jacques Loussier Trio

Wednesday 13th October: The New Seekers

Friday 15th October: King Crimson

Wednesday 20th October: Duke Ellington and his Orchestra

Saturday 23rd October: Curved Air + Bunkers

Wednesday 27th October: Steeleye Span + Al Stewart + Andy Roberts Band

Saturday 30th October: The Four Tops + Esther Marrow

Wednesday 3rd November: Argent + Climax Chicago Blues Band + Duffy Power

Saturday 6th November: The Pedlars + Pendulum

Wednesday 10th November: Memphis Slim

Friday 12th November: Little Richard + Winston Goovy

Saturday 13th November: Tom Paxton

Saturday 20th November: The Supremes + Labi Siffre

Wednesday 24th November:  Cliff Richard + Marvin, Welch & Farrah

Friday 26th November: Elton John

Wednesday 1st December: Family + Help Yourself


Saturday 22nd January: Pink Floyd

Friday 28th January: Lindisfarne + Spreadeagle

Saturday 29th January: The Stevie Wonder Revue

Friday 11th February: Black Sabbath + Wild Turkey

Sunday 20th February: Wishbone Ash + Glencoe

Saturday 26th February: The Incredible String Band

Friday 10th March: Jethro Tull + Tir Na Nog

Saturday 11th March: Sacha Distel

Friday 17th March: Rory Gallagher + Byzantium

Tuesday 28th March: Labi Siffre + The Flirtations

Wednesday 5th April: John Mayall + Matching Mole

Sunday 9th April: The New Seekers

Tuesday 11th April: Van Der Graaf Generator

Wednesday 12th April: The Temptations + Carla Thomas + Jimmy Helms

Wednesday 26th April: The Incredible String Band

Saturday 29th April: Curved Air + Gary Moore Band + Nick Pickett

Friday 5th May: The Strawbs + Quiver

Tuesday 16th May: Kris Kristofferson + Rita Coolidge

Sunday 21st May: Marvin, Welch and Farrar

Tuesday 23rd May: Electric Light Orchestra + Colin Blunstone + F.F.Z.

Friday 26th May: Uriah Heep + Mike Maran

Friday 2nd June: Lindisfarne + Capability Brown

Saturday 3rd June: Donovan

Sunday 4th June: Roy Orbison

Commencing Saturday 10th June to September:Summer Show‘ Val Doonican + Dailey and Wayne + Mike Newman + Des Lane + Shelia Southern + The Roger Richards Quartet + The Triangle + Geoff Alderson and his Orchestra

Sunday 6th August: Mike and Bernie Winters

Sunday 13th August: The Max Bygraves Show

Sunday 20th August: Clodagh Rogers + Charlie Williams

Sunday 27th August: The Jimmy Tarbuck Show

Wednesday 4th October: The Everly Brothers

Friday 6th October: Deep Purple

Tuesday 10th October: Tom Paxton

Friday 13th October: Lindisfarne + Genesis + Rab Noakes

Saturday 28th October: The Four Tops + Thelma Houston

Saturday 4th November: Gladys Knight and the Pips + Desmond Dekker and the Aces + Carol Woods

Wednesday 8th November: Slade + Thin Lizzy + Susi Quatro

Friday 10th November: Emerson, Lake and Palmer + Jimmy Stevens

Sunday 12th November: Gilbert O’Sullivan

Wednesday 15th November: Argent + Bronco

Saturday 25th November: Wishbone Ash + Curtiss Muldoon

Sunday 26th November: King Crimson

Wednesday 29th November: Cat Stevens

Friday 8th December: Groundhogs + Stray + Gentle Giant

Sunday 10th December: Family + Linda Lewis  


Friday 12th January: Uriah Heep + Maldoon

Wednesday 7th February: Rory Gallagher + Greenslade

Saturday 24th February: Deep Purple + Nazareth

Tuesday 6th March: The Strawbs

Thursday 15th March: Black Sabbath + Necromandus + Badger

Saturday 17th March: Elton John + Longdancer

Saturday 24th March: King Crimson + Claire Hamill

Friday 30th March: Petula Clark

Sunday 8th April: The New Seekers

Friday 13th April: Roxy Music + Sharks

Saturday 28th April: Curved Air + Nick Pickett

Sunday  29th April: Glen Campbell

Saturday 5th May: Fats Domino

Wednesday 9th May: Ralph McTell + Hunter Muskett

Friday 11th May: Barclay James Harvest + Bridget St John

Tuesday 15th May: Paul McCartney and Wings + Brinsley Schwarz

Wednesday 23rd May: Nana Mouskouri and the Athenians

Friday 25th May: David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars

Saturday 26th May: Gilbert O’Sullivan

Wednesday 31st May: Cilla Black

Commencing Saturday 9th June to Saturday 29th September:Summer Show‘ Dick Emery + Mark Wynter + The Dallas Boys + Janie Marden + Francis Van Dyke + John Quayle

Sunday 5th August: The Mike and Bernie Winters Show + Peter Maxwell + Jack Beckitt + Lynne Stanley + David Konyot + Eric Delaney and his Band

Sunday 12th August: Anita Harris + Bobby Crush + Lionel Blair + David Konyot + Eric Delaney and his Band

Sunday 19th August: Rolf Harris

Sunday 26th August: Jimmy Tarbuck + Rostal & Schaefer + The Two Jays + Kenny Lynch + Johnny Wiltshire and his Orchestra

Friday 5th October: Cliff Richard

Friday 12th October: Genesis + Ron Geesin

Tuesday 16th October: Don McLean

Tuesday 23rd October: Daryll Way’s Wolf + Hemlock + Pete Brown

Tuesday 6th November: Roxy Music + Leo Sayer

Wednesday 7th November: The Groundhogs + Jonesy

Saturday 10th November: Uriah Heep + The Heavy Metal Kids

Tuesday 13th November: Tom Paxton

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th November: Yes

Wednesday 21st November: Rory Gallagher + Strider

Saturday 24th November: Hudson Ford

Friday 30th November: Mott the Hoople + Queen

Wednesday 19th December: The Faces + Long John Baldry

Sunday 23rd December: Hudson Ford


Friday 11th January: George Melly and his Feetwarmers

Saturday 19th January: Hawkwind + Andy Dunkley + Lens Liquid Lights

Tuesday 26th February: The Carpenters

Wednesday 27th February: Manitas De Plata

Sunday 3rd March: Wizzard + Raymond Froggat

Saturday 23rd March: Glen Campbell

Tuesday 26th March: The New Seekers

Wednesday 27th March: Mott The Hoople + Judi Pulver

Friday 29th March: Gentle Giant + String Driven Thing

Saturday 20th April: Jose Feliciano

Sunday 22nd April: Alvin Stardust

Tuesday 23rd April: Slade + Beckett

Wednesday 24th April: Mick Ronson Band

Friday 26th April: Sweet + Jook

Sunday 5th May: Andy Williams + Michel Legrand

Wednesday 8th May: The Strawbs + Colin Scott & Friends

Friday 10th May: Status Quo + Montrose

Monday 17th May: John Renbourn + Jacqui McShee

Sunday 19th May: Deep Purple + Elf

Wednesday 29th May: Steeleye Span + Gryphon

Friday 31st May: Black Sabbath + Black Oak Arkansas

Saturday 1st June: The Hollies + James Griffin

Commencing Saturday 8th June to September:Summer Show‘ Lulu + Roy Hudd + Freddie Garrity + Little and Large + Second Generation + Les Dougall’s

Thursday 3rd October: Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass

Saturday 5th October: McGuiness Flint

Tuesday 8th October: Uriah Heep + Peter Frampton

Thursday 10th October: Status Quo

Sunday 13th & Monday 14th October: Roxy Music + Jess Roden Band

Sunday 20th October: Suzie Quatro + Cozy Powell

Monday 21st October: Manfred Mann’s Earth Band + Jackie Lynton

Friday 25th October: Mud

Wednesday 30th October: Jack Jones

Tuesday 5th November: Humble Pie + McGuiness Flint

Wednesday 13th November: Queen + Hustler

Friday 15th November: The Bay City Rollers

Monday 18th November: David Essex + Merlin

Wednesday 20th November: Victor Borge

Friday 22nd November: Argent

Tuesday 26th November: Sparks + Mott the Hoople

Saturday 30th November: Cliff Richard

Sunday 1st December: Golden Earring + Lynyrd Synyrd

Friday 6th December: The Faces + Strider

Monday 9th December: Supertramp + Chris De Burgh

Wednesday 11th December: Hot Chocolate

Friday 13th December: Uriah Heep

Monday 16th December: Bad Company + Duster Bennett

Wednesday 18th December: Showaddywaddy


Saturday 11th January: Hawkwind

Saturday 2nd March: The Spinners

Sunday 16th March: Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel + Sailor

Monday 17th March: Ralph McTell + Terry and Gay Woods

Saturday 22nd March: 10CC + Fancy

Friday 28th March: Oscar Peterson

Tuesday 1st April: Demis Rousso

Wednesday 2nd April: Perry Como

Friday 18th April: Slade + Bunny

Friday 2nd May: Planet Gong + Global Village Trucking Company

Friday 16th May: Don Mclean

Saturday 17th May: The Bay City Rollers

Wednesday 21st May: The Shadows

Friday 23rd May: Mud

Tuesday 27th May: The Glitter Band

Monday 2nd June: Donovan

Commencing July to September:Summer Show‘ Rolf Harris + Cannon and Ball + The Dallas Boys + Johnny Hutch’s Halfwits + The Geoff Alderson Orchestra

Sunday 31st August: Lena Zavaroni + Freddie Tira + Al Paige + Stella and Bambos + The Johnny Wiltshire Orchestra

Sunday 7th September: Kraftwerk + AJ Webber

Monday 29th September: Budgie

Wednesday 1st October: Leo Sayer

Thursday 2nd October: Dianne Solomon

Friday 3rd October: Melanie

Monday 6th October: David Essex

Tuesday 14th October: Roger Whitaker + Saffron

Wednesday 15th October: Los Paraguayos

Wednesday 29th October: Ella Fitzgerald + Count Basie and his Orchestra

Thursday 30th October: The Chieftans

Saturday 8th November: Cliff Richard

Wednesday 19th November: Supertramp + Joan Armatrading + The Movies

Sunday 23rd November: Queen + Mr Big

Wednesday 26th November: Justin Hayward & John Lodge Blue Jays + AJ Webber


Wednesday 18th February: Sailor

Friday 20th February: T Rex

Monday 8th March: Thin Lizzy + Graham Parker and the Rumour

Tuesday 9th March: The Kinks + Splinter

Friday 12th March: Hawkwind

Wednesday 17th March: Procol Harum

Monday 29th March: Focus + Charlie

Tuesday 30th March: Camel + Hazzard and Barnes

Thursday 3rd April: Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons + R & J Stone

Sunday 6th April: Johnny Mathis

Monday 12th April: Rick Wakeman

Tuesday 13th April: Leo Sayer

Wednesday 14th April: Diana Ross

Wednesday 12th May: The Supremes

Saturday 15th May: Chuck Berry

Friday 21st May: The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Wednesday 2nd June: Average White Band + Kokomo

Commencing Saturday 12th June to Saturday 2nd October: Summer Show‘ Freddie Starr + Lyn Paul + Jack O’Reilly and Jeorge + Mike Burton + Paul Ridgeway + The Geoff Alderson Orchestra

Tuesday 5th October: Marvin Gaye

Friday 8th October: Hot Chocolate + Caledonia

Sunday 10th October: The Four Tops

Monday 11th October: Mott the Hoople + Lone Star

Wednesday 20th October: Sutherland Brothers and Quiver + Moon

Wednesday 27th October: Barclay James Harvest + Easy Street

Friday 29th October: Sailor + Smith and D’Abo

Sunday 2nd November: Curved Air

Monday 8th November: Santana + Journey

Friday 12th November: The Jess Roden Band

Tuesday 2nd December: Roxy Music

Wednesday 3rd December: Steeleye Span

Sunday 12th December: Hawkwind


Friday 21st January: Daryl Hall and John Oates

Wednesday 2nd February: Bryan Ferry

Monday 7th February: John Miles

Saturday 12th February: Chris De Burgh + Phillip Goodhand Tait

Sunday 13th February: Rory Gallagher

Monday 14th February: Emmylou Harris and the Hot Band

Wednesday 16th February: Be Bop De Luxe + The Doctors of Madness

Sunday 16th March: Can

Tuesday 29th March: Graham Parker and The Rumour + Southside Johnny and the Ashbury Jukes

Wednesday 30th March: Roy Orbison

Thursday 10th April: Frankie Miller’s Full House

Saturday 19th April: John Cale + The Boys + The Count Bishops

Tuesday 29th April: Carl Perkins + The Dillards + Billie Jo Spears

Monday 2nd May: Slade

Tuesday 13th May: The Shadows

June to September: Summer Show‘ Peters and Lee + Stu Francis + Jodie Grey + Dailey and Wayne + Roger De Courcey and Nookie Bear + Mike Alexander and his Orchestra

Sunday 7th August: Vince Hill

Sunday 14th August: Tommy Cooper + Linda Myers + Peter Hudson + Los Zafiros + The Johnny Wiltshire Orchestra

Sunday 21st August: Leslie Crowther + Bernie Flint + Ray Alan and Lord Charles + Jim Davidson + The Johnny Wiltshire Orchestra

Sunday 28th August: Tommy Cooper + Linda Myers + Peter Hudson + Los Zafiros + The Johnny Wiltshire Orchestra

Monday 17th October: Joan Armatrading + Richard Digance

Wednesday 19th October: Dr Feelgood + Mink DeVille

Monday 7th November: Supertramp + Chris De Burgh

Tuesday 8th November: Showaddywaddy

Wednesday 9th November: The Clash + Richard Hell and the Voidoids + The Lous

Wednesday 30th November: Thin Lizzy + The Radiators


Saturday 11th February: George Melly and the Feetwarmers + Marian Montgomery

Tuesday 7th March: Steeleye Span

Tuesday 21st March: Tom Robinson Band

Wednesday 22nd March: John Miles + John ‘Cougar’ Mellencamp

Wednesday 12th April: Hot Chocolate

Friday 21st April: Frankie Laine

Saturday 22nd April: Showaddywaddy

Sunday 23rd April: Carl Perkins + Bo Diddley + Matchbox

Tuesday 2nd May: Fairport Convention

Monday 15th May: Ian Dury and The Blockheads + Whirlwind + Matumbi

Tuesday 16th May: Darts + The Late Show

Saturday 20th May: The Yetties

Monday 22nd May: Dave Brubeck Quartet

Thursday 25th May: Johnathon Richman

Friday 26th May: Elkie Brooks

Tuesday 30th May: Bonnie Tyler

Wednesday 31st May: Maddy Prior + Andy Desmond

Saturday 3rd June: Blue Oyster Cult + Japan

Commencing June to July: Max Bygraves + The Kays + Johnny Lister

July to September: Summer Show‘ Mike Yarwood + Dianne Solomon + The Trendsetters + Pavlov’s Puppets + John Bouchier + Brian Marshall + Ivan Dozin and his Orchestra

Sunday 6th August: Lulu + Jess & Geoff + Del Derrick + Joe Longthorne + Johnny Wiltshire Orchestra

Sunday 13th August: Ronnie Corbett + Dawson Chance + Les Wilson + Trilogy + Johnny Wiltshire Orchestra

Sunday 20th August: Vice Hill + Los Zafiros

Sunday 28th August: Lennie Bennett + Jerry Stevens + Neil Martin

Sunday 17th September: Lena Zavaroni + Tony Evans + The Sunshine Girls

Sunday 24th September: Tom O’Connor + Bert Weedon

Sunday 1st October: The Shadows

Wednesday 4th October: Jack Jones

Friday 6th October: Smokie

Monday 16th October: Bernie Flint

Tuesday 17th October: Squeeze

Wednesday 18th October: Dr Feelgood

Monday 23rd October: The Real Thing + Cissie Stone

Monday 30th October: Wishbone Ash

Monday 6th November: Whitesnake + Magnum

Tuesday 7th November: Buzzcocks + Subway Sect

Friday 10th November: Mary O’Hara

Wednesday 15th November: Judas Priest

Saturday 18th November: Showaddywaddy

Wednesday 22nd November: Demis Roussos

Tuesday 5th December: Fairport Convention

Friday 8th December: Motorhead


Wednesday 10th January: Rory Gallagher

Friday 2nd February: Osibisa

Tuesday 13th February: Chris De Burgh

Saturday 3rd March: The Three Degrees

Friday 9th March: Uriah Heep + Bram Tchaikovsky

Saturday 10th March: Bill Haley and the Comets + Freddie Cannon

Saturday 7th April: Thin Lizzy + The Vipers

Wednesday 11th April: Boxcar Willie

Friday 27th April: John Miles

Monday 7th May: Burl Ives

Sunday 20th May: Squeeze

Saturday 9th June to September: Summer Show‘ Cilla Black + Don Maclean + Peter Goodwright + The Trendsetters + Koffee & Kreme

Tuesday 2nd & Wednesday 3rd October: Hot Chocolate

Thursday 4th October: Manhattan Transfer

Friday 5th October: Chic

Friday 12th October: Sky

Wednesday 17th October: Elkie Brooks

Thursday 18th October: Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames

Sunday 21st October: Gladys Knight

Friday 26th October: The Undertones + Ten Pole Tudor

Monday 29th October: Darts

Friday 2nd November: The Buzzcocks + Joy Division

Monday 5th November: The Skids + Fingerprintz

Wednesday 21st November: Lone Star

Friday 23rd November: Gallagher and Lyle + Judy Tzuke

Sunday 25th November: Tammy Wynette + The Duffy Brothers

Sunday 9th December: Motorhead + Thunderhead

Monday 10th December: Showaddywaddy

Wednesday 12th December: Richard Digance

Sunday 16th December: Leo Sayer


Friday 1st February: Suzi Quatro

Wednesday 13th February: Wishbone Ash

Monday 10th March: Mezzoforte

Wednesday 14th March: John Martyn + The Outsiders

Wednesday 26th March: Genesis

Friday 4th April: Roy Orbison

Wednesday 16th April: Judie Tzuke

Sunday 27th April: The Undertones + The Moondogs

Tuesday 6th May: Mike Oldfield

Monday 12th & Tuesday 13th May: Johnny Mathis

July to September:Summer Show’ Little and Large + Michael Barrymore + Norman Colliers + Johnny Hutch and the Halfwits + Pepe and his Disco Friends

Tuesday 30th September: Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band

Wednesday 1st October: Leo Sayer

Wednesday 8th October: Atomic Rooster

Saturday 18th October: Mary O’Hara

Sunday 19th October: Loudon Wainwright lll

Monday 20th October: The Blues Band

Friday 24th October: Louie Bellson Big Band Explosion

Saturday 25th October: The Shadows

Sunday 26th October: Joe Jackson Band

Saturday 15th November: Elkie Brooks

Sunday 16th November: The Yetties

Wednesday 19th November: Barbara Dickson

Saturday 22nd November: The Spinners

Friday 28th November: Jon Anderson and his New Life Band

Saturday 29th November: Hot Chocolate

Monday 1st December: Slade


Monday 16th February: Saga

Wednesday 18th February: Camel

Sunday 1st March: Iron Maiden

Monday 2nd March: Ian Gillan + Dedringer

Saturday 14th March: Rose Royce

Sunday 26th April: Tygers of Pan Tang + Magnum

Sunday 3rd May: Girlschool

Sunday 31st May: Hot Gossip

Saturday 6th June to Saturday 16th September: Summer Show’ Jim Davidson + Janet Brown + Keith Harris + The Trendsetters + Paul Ridgeway

Sunday 9th August: Danny La Rue + Wayne King + David Ellen + Jacquie Toye + The Lavelle Twins     

Sunday 16th August: Danny La Rue   + Wayne King + David Ellen + Jacquie Toye + The Lavelle Twins     

Sunday 23rd August: Danny La Rue  + Wayne King + David Ellen + Jacquie Toye + The Lavelle Twins     

Sunday 30th August: Danny La Rue  + Wayne King + David Ellen + Jacquie Toye + The Lavelle Twins     

Sunday 25th October: The Greg Lake Band

Sunday 15th November: Sheena Easton

Tuesday 15th December: Slade


Sunday 21st February: Showaddywaddy + Roman Holiday

Saturday 27th February: Tony Bennett

Saturday 6th March: The Dubliners

Monday 29th March: Nine Below Zero

Saturday 10th April: Spandau Ballet

Monday 19th April: Sky

Commencing Saturday 5th June to Saturday 25th September: Summer Show’ Cannon and Ball + Peter Saint + Franklyn James + The Stutz Bear Cats + The Alan Harding Dancers + The Mike Ryal Orchestra

Saturday 23rd October: Chris De Burgh

Sunday 24th October: Kim Wilde

Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th December: Elton John

Wednesday 15th December: Slade

Sunday 19th December: The Kinks + Cold Chisel


Saturday 15th January: Showaddywaddy

Sunday 16th February: Sky

Tuesday 15th March: Van Morrison

Wednesday 23rd March: The Undertones

Sunday 27th March: Marillion + Peter Hamill

Friday 8th April: Bucks Fizz

Sunday 17th April: John Martyn

Friday 22nd April: Joan Armatrading

Friday 29th April: Alvin Stardust

Monday 16th May: Dionne Warwick

Tuesday 17th May: Howard Keel

Saturday 4th June to September:Summer Show’ Mike Yarwood + The Brotherhood of Man + Brian Marshall + Teddy Peiro and Patrico + The Irving Dancers

Sunday 7th August: Max Bygraves

Sunday 14th August: The Black and White Minstrel Show

Sunday 21st August: Little and Large

Sunday 28th August: Max Bygraves

Sunday 4th September: Little and Large

Sunday 11th September: Jimmy Tarbuck

Saturday 1st October: The Spinners

Sunday 2nd October: Billie Jo Spears + Lonnie Donegan

Wednesday 5th October: Nana Mouskouri and the Athenians

Saturday 15th October: 10cc

Friday 21st October: Andy Williams

Sunday 23rd October: The Shadows

Monday 24th October: Foster & Allen

Thursday 27th October: K C and the Sunshine Band

Thursday 10th November: Shakin’ Stevens

Friday 2nd December: Toyah + Johnathan Perkins

Sunday 11th December: The Nolans

Friday 16th December: Dean Friedman


Friday 24th February: Vic Damone

Sunday 4th March: Manowar

Tuesday 13th March: Dead or Alive

Saturday 10th March: Mezzoforte

Tuesday 27th March: Spider + Truffle

Wednesday 28th March: Snowy White

Sunday 1st April: The Kinks + The Truth

Sunday 8th April: Iris Williams

Friday 20th April: Dionne Warwick

Saturday 21st April: Roger Whitaker

Friday 4th May: Don McLean

Tuesday 29th May: Sky

Thursday 31st May: The Nolans

Saturday 30th June to Saturday 1st September: Summer Show’ Jimmy Tarbuck + Aiden J. Harvey + Kenny Lynch + Michael Barrymore + The Johnny Wiltshire Orchestra

Sunday 5th August: Max Bygraves

Sunday 12th August: Max Bygraves

Sunday 19th August: Max Bygraves

Monday 3rd September to Saturday 22nd September: Summer Show’ Ken Dodd

11 thoughts on “The Winter Gardens

  1. Good morning, I think my parents saw Oscar Peterson and Ella Fitzgerald and possibly Count Basie at the Winter Gardens, Bournemouth in 1977. Please could you confirm this event happened. Many thanks and kind regards
    Jane Starmer


    1. Hi Janey, Going back through the records I have found Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie playing the Winter Gardens on 29th October 1975.I have found nothing on Oscar Peterson, although that doesn’t mean he didn’t play the Gardens at some point in the past. Hope this helps, John


  2. Hello! Really appreciate the site and the names and dates certainly bring back some memories. I believe the Undertones in October 1979 was my last gig and probably Wishbone Ash the band I saw the most at the venue. I now work with numerous musicians who played there, including Horace of Darts who is General Secretary of the Musicians’ Union!


    1. Glad you’re enjoying it Keith, the Winter Gardens was a special place throughout the seventies, saw loads of excellent gigs there. Shame that the Bournemouth council saw fit to tear it down. John


      1. Hi. And do you know a person with name Jane Wright, she worked in Winter Gardens in the 60… i have an autograph book of this person with many autographs of rock…


  3. Hi. And do you know a person with name Jane Wright, she worked in Winter Gardens in the 60… i have an autograph book of this person with many autographs of rock.


    1. I’m afraid I don’t Tizano, but a great book to have by the sounds of it though. Be intrigued to know which bands signed it John


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